Khizr Khan and Ghazala Khan Made No Sacrifice

I don’t often weigh in on American politics. However, I am disgusted by the manner in which Khizr Khan and his wife are being used by Hillary Clinton. The Khan’s son, Captain Humayun Khan is absolutely a hero, and every American owes him a debt of gratitude. After all, he died challenging a suicide bomber and in the process saved many lives. Therefore, any honor given him for his selfless act was definitely merited.

But this blog posting is not about Captain Khan. Instead, it is about his parents and about Hillary Clinton.

They are using Captain Khan’s death to further a political agenda. And while I have the utmost sympathy for his parents, there is a larger and undeniable truth here. The only sacrifice made was made by Captain Humayun Khan. Despite how cold the “politically correct” will paint my commentary, Khizr Khan and Ghazala Khan made no sacrifice.

Khizr Khan
Captain Humayun Khan

Khizr Khan sacrificed nothing. He is simply basking in the glow of celebrity as he takes credit for the honor of his own son. This is an honor that does not belong to the father.

According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, a “sacrifice” is “An act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy“. Obviously, within that definition, it is assumed that the thing given up is given up voluntarily. Otherwise, it would not be a sacrifice.

Here is reality concerning the tragic death of Captain Humayun Khan.

The father is actually dishonoring the memory of his son by using his son’s tragic death to glorify himself and to achieve a political agenda. It is absolutely disgusting and I have grown more and more sickened with each interview the father gives. Finally, I could no longer hold my tongue. Therefore, here is the real truth.

  • Khizr Khan did not join the military. The son did.
  • Khizr Khan did not fight the war. The son did.
  • Khizr Khan did not confront the suicide bombers. The son did.
  • Khizr Khan did not sacrifice his life or his son’s life. The son sacrificed his own life.
  • Khizr Khan did not earn glory in a war. The son did.

It takes a special kind of cold heart to use the death of an American soldier to advance your own personal agenda

So, shame on Hillary Clinton. She is using the grief of the Khan family and the death of their son for her own political agenda. And shame on Khizr Khan. Obviously, he is an intelligent man having graduated from Harvard Law School. Therefore, he seems a willing victim of Hillary’s chicanery. They are both stealing from Captain Humayun Khan, a true American hero. For Hillary, this is par for the course. However, for a father to steal from his son is unfathomable and inexcusable.

Almost every nation has a cemetery or memorial dedicated to the memory of its fallen warriors, but no nation bestows the same honor on the parents of its fallen soldiers. There is a reason for that. That reason is that the honor, the glory and the respect belong to the soldiers, not to the parents.


Khizr Khan
A Twitter conversation I had with Khizr Khan after initially posting this blog. The conversation makes it absolutely clear that Mr. Khan does not grasp the situation, and therefore, is being manipulated by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.


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  1. Everything you have said in this column is undeniably true. The parents suffered a horrific loss that they will always carry with them, but they did not make a sacrifice.

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