Kurtis Timothy Needs To Be Caught

Kurtis Timothy needs to be caught

Kurtis Timothy is one of the more dangerous slime on the streets of Nanaimo. Although from Nanaimo, he could be hiding anywhere on the island. He is 29 years old and weighs in at about 200 pounds. He is a big guy, approximately 6′ 2″ tall and has brown eyes and short brown hair. Kurtis Timothy needs to be caught and he needs to go to jail.

Kurtis Timothy needs to be caught. He is an extremely violent racist. Additionally, he is possibly armed which makes him even more dangerous.

  • This guy has zero conscience.
  • He beats women.
  • He takes people captive in their own homes. Then he forces them to hide him from police.
  • He will use whatever weapon he can put his hands on.
  • He has stabbed people and created so much fear with his violence that people won’t talk to the police.

If you see him, DO NOT approach him. Certainly DO NOT give him any indication that you might be looking at him.

If you see him, just get away from him. Then call the police (911) as soon as you are safe. If you are afraid to call the police or if you live by some creed that forbids you doing so, instead call Crime Stoppers. Their number is 1-800-222-8477. No matter who you are, THIS IS A CALL YOU WILL NEVER REGRET.

Calling the police would be better though as they can react quickly with a direct call. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how dangerous this guy is. Kurtis Timothy needs to be caught.

No matter who you are, putting this punk in jail will definitely earn you some great karma

The RCMP had him in custody a week or so ago. Sadly though, some bleeding heart, liberal BC judge released him.

Then the guy simply gave his parole officer a phony address and went on the lam again. Our judges have to stop letting criminals out and start protecting us.

Kurtis Timothy has no friends, only victims. And those victims pile up wherever he goes. If he likes your cell phone, then he’ll smash you in the face and take it. If he sees you flash cash, you are in trouble.

The weaker you are, the more trouble you are in. He loves victimizing the weak. That is what slimy cowards like him do.

If you are a heroin user, he will steal your “get well” fix.

He doesn’t care. He spends his days and nights ripping off anybody he can and hiding from the police. If he tries to rob you and finds you have nothing worth stealing, he will beat you because you had nothing. Let me say it again, Kurtis Timothy needs to be caught.

Kurtis Timothy’s charges go back to 2006 and include:

  • More breaches of conditions than I can count.
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking.
  • Weapons.
  • Theft.
  • Violence against women,
  • Uttering threats.
  • etc.

As you can imagine, the clown has no friends. He seems to care about nobody or anything other than his dope. He reminds me of Wyatt Prince. As with Prince, he will end up intentionally murdering somebody if he is not caught. I use the word “intentionally” because Kurtis Timothy is already responsible for one death. A friend of his was killed due to his reckless driving.

Driver gets 4 more months for fatality

NANAIMO — A 19-year-old Nanaimo man who was behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle in a May 5 crash on Hammond Bay Road that killed his friend has been sentenced to four more months in jail.

NANAIMO — “A 19-year-old Nanaimo man who was behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle in a May 5 crash on Hammond Bay Road that killed his friend has been sentenced to four more months in jail. [Author’s Note: My bold because I was astonished at the light sentence]

Kurtis Timothy pleaded guilty in provincial court this week to dangerous driving causing death. As well, he pleaded guilty to theft over $5,000. The early-morning crash at a sharp curve on Hammond Bay Road killed Daniel Hahto, 19. Timothy and a second passenger in the stolen vehicle, Jamelle Smith, were not seriously injured…”

I cannot wait until this guy is in jail where there is always somebody bigger and meaner.

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  1. What a load of shit Kurtis Timothy is not. Bad person he has been my good friend for slot of years so get a grip u don’t no him

    • Kurtis Timothy’s criminal record speaks for itself. Additionally, he used the “n” word to insult a black friend of mine.

      Therefore, I stand firmly behind every word I wrote. My advise to you would be to be far discerning in your choice of friends. Although, I do congratulate you on your loyalty, despite the fact that your choice of friends, as evidenced by your stated friendship with this miscreant,is suspect.

  2. some bold statements made here. I assume you must be someone with a personal connection or has been in contact with Kurtis at some point?

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