The Lamontagne, K. Timothy, Veterans MC Connection

The Lamontagne, K.Timothy, Veterans MC Connection

In recent postings I have written about Kurtis Timothy terrorizing Nanaimo. I have also written about Colin Lamontagne murdering Shaun McGregor in Victoria. What you don’t know yet is that Colin Lamontagne is connected  to the Veterans MC of Duncan. So, here is the Lamontagne, K. Timothy, Veterans MC connection.

The Lamontagne, K.Timothy, Veterans MC Connection
Kurtis Timothy

First, the good news

I researched the CSO website and discovered that Kurtis Timothy had been arrested.  It took a month long manhunt, but they got him. He is the punk who menaced Nanaimo with his violence and lack of any conscience.

Knowing the RCMP got him wasn’t enough for me though. I wanted to know how they got him. So I went to the street to find out the circumstances of the arrest. The street always knows.

According to the street, when arrested on May 4 or May 5 Timothy had been hiding out at a young lady’s house. He had forced her to hide him after he fled from his previous hiding place. Supposedly, that previous hiding place was the home of Colin Lamontagne. Apparently, Timothy was forced to flee when Lamontagne was arrested by the Nanaimo RCMP for the murder of Shaun Alexander.

Here is the Lamontagne, K. Timothy, Veterans MC connection

Look at the record of Lamontagne.  Notice that in the past he had been arrested for the manufacture of illegal drugs. Then realize this. There are basically three common drugs which are often manufactured here in Canada rather than imported. They are Crystal Meth, GHB, date rape drug, and Fentanyl.

The Lamontagne, K.Timothy, Veterans MC Connection
Colin Lamontagne

When Timothy was arrested, he was in possession of a large amount of GHB. This fact is born out by his additional charge of “possession” after his arrest. I have also confirmed through multiple sources that Timothy’s GHB source was Lamontagne. This makes sense since Lamontagne was hiding Timothy.

Manufacturing drugs requires financial resources. It also requires criminal contacts.

The manufacture of drugs is rarely a “lone wolf” operation. This is because people rarely manufacture for personal use. The cooking process creates strong odors. The odors will alert the neighbors.

Thus, multiple family dwellings such as condos are unsuitable. Accordingly, single family homes, separated from neighbors are preferred. Generally only criminal organizations can afford to dedicate the financial resources to maintain a drug lab. Additionally, buying the regulated chemicals in a large enough supply to “manufacture for sale” requires contacts and financing.

The Lamontagne, K.Timothy, Veterans MC Connection
Former Veterans MC president with Colin Lamontagne

Outlaw motorcycle clubs and gangs love to make their own drugs.

Making their own drugs is far cheaper than importing them. It is also far less risky than smuggling them into the country. This is why the outlaw motorcycle clubs are deeply involved in drug manufacturing. Also, it is why they run illegal grow ops like the one discovered in Langford.


  • First, recall that Lamontagne had been charged with manufacturing.
  • Second, remember that Lamontagne supplied GHB to Timothy.
  • Third, don’t let it escape you that Lamontagne was connected with the Veterans MC. Look at the picture.
  • Finally, remember that outlaw motorcycle clubs prefer to manufacture drugs.

So, who do you think supplied Lamontagne with the GHB with which he supplied Timothy?

Victoria mayor Lisa Helps is inviting these conscienceless murderers, street scum and drug traffickers to Victoria. She is doing so with her reckless drive to license illegal pot shops.

There is a crime wave coming if Victoria continues with it current plans.

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  1. These are very interesting and seemingly intelligently written stories however one statement (linking illegal marijuana shops and these criminals) makes me question any credibility. Bummer.. too bad your uneducated and misinformed about marijuana..however informed about other crimes drugs , gangs, etc.

    • Question if you like, but I KNOW of what I speak. Some of these shops are controlled by bikers through surrogates. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Again you fail to prove a link to the Veterans MC. . Again the people you link were out of the club back in 2006.
    I read your book and its all the same..
    I’m glad I can review your book without the comments being deleted.

    Well done for false information agent k

    • Again, you choose to ignore the picture of Colin Lamontagne with the then president of the Veterans MC. (By the way, the only comment of yours which I did not post was the very long, entirely redundant and threatening one you sent me.) I must say that I find it extremely interesting that you can look at a random picture and seemingly identify the year in which it was taken. One can only gather that you were/are deeply involved with the Veterans MC, and thus, a criminally connected yourself, hmmm. Agent k? A Dennis Watson reader too?

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