Lindsay Buziak Murder Yields A Confession

Lindsay Buziak and Ross Addicott

It happened in 2008.  A local realtor, Lindsay Buziak, was brutally stabbed to death.  She had been lured to a Saanich house, supposedly to show it to buyers.  Subsequently, her body was found by her boyfriend, Jason Zailo, in a second floor bedroom within minutes of her death.

Jason Zailo has heavy connections within the dope dealing world.  Additionally, it is said that Lindsay was breaking off their relationship.  Therefore, it is widely believed that Zailo was somehow involved in the murder.

UPDATE: 01/13/2018

After reading and understanding the alleged players in the murder of Lindsay Buziak, then be certain to read the update at the end.  In it, Ross Addicott claims that a third party wrote the confession trying to implicate him in the Buziak murder.

To be clear, Addicott’s denial was not sent to me by Addicott.  But was given to me by a mutual acquaintance.

Ross Addicott who confessed to the Lindsay Buziak murder
Ross Addicott as pictured in

Ross Addicott confesses to the Lindsay Buziak murder

Despite a cast of characters right of a drug dealer movie, nobody has ever been charged in the death of Lindsay Buziak.  Now suddenly, there is a confession by a local scumbag, Ross Addicott.

Additionally, while Addicott confessed, he did so with a dare to police to prove it.  But not only did he dare police, he also accused them of corruption.

Moreover, he took the opportunity to insult Lindsay Buziak and her memory and to taunt Lindsay’s father, Jeff Buziak.  Addicott is a total degenerate, perhaps even evil.  And “evil” is not a word I use loosely.  The only other person I have called “evil” is the murderer, Wyatt Prince.

Addicott has multiple convictions for various types of assaults, including assault with a weapon.  Additionally, stolen property has a way of ending up in his hands.  He is a brutal thug.

Addicott’s Facebook page used to say he was employed at Galaxy Motors.  Then, only two days after his confession, he lists himself as a “consultant” for Dodge.  Actually though, he lists himself as a “cosultant“.

So, he can’t say at which Dodge dealer he supposedly works and can’t spell what he supposedly does for them.  Hmm!  Do you really believe Dodge needs this steroid clown to give them advice?  On what?

Therefore, I think he probably lost his job and is now pretending to be employed.  Oh well, he can make plenty of money slinging dope with his dope dealer buddies.

Let’s look at the the other players/dealers/scum mentioned in Addicott’s Lindsay Buziak murder confession.  First though, here is that confession

Self image of Ross Addicott who confessed to the murder of Lindsay Buziak
Ross Addicott as he posted self image on Facebook

Ross Addicott:I killed Lindsey and stupid cops will never prove it so you all got nothin. Ask jay z and sandy delcaxar they know. Vid and medardo involved too. No one gives a shit anymore anyhow except her crybaby dad. Even her fakey girlfriends have washed it away. Typical loser chicks. Sanich cops dropped it cause they can’t solve shit and were told to drop it. Chief downie has been owned for years. He had to obey so he cut the phoney investigation. It’s done. Go home losers. Forget about her. The street always rules. Bitches die every day.

Re: Liondsay Buzial murder, Jason and Shirley Zailo
The Zailos, Jason and his mother Shirley

Jay-Z [Jason Zailo]

I do know a downtown Victoria dealer that goes by the moniker “Jay-Z.  But I assume that this reference is to Jason Zailo.

As stated in the first paragraph, above, Zailo was Lindsay’s boyfriend at the time of her death.  He was involved in real estate along with his mother Shirley.

In fact, they are each widely believed to have been laundering drug money through their real estate.  Perhaps not coincidentally, property she/they have owned has been involved in police files regarding the dope business.

Edwardson Sandy Delcazar
Edwardson Sandy Delalcazar

Edwardson Sandy Delalcazar [He was referred to as “sandy delcaxar” in Ross Addicott’s confession]

Sandy is one of the infamous Delalcazar brothers.  Sandy has no criminal record that I am aware of at this time.  However, the same cannot be said for his brothers, Eldriegson and Jefferson.  Each of them have extensive arrests and convictions involving dope, beating women, and other crimes.

Besides, having no record often simply means that you haven’t been caught yet.  So, I’ll take Addicott’s word that Sandy was involved.  You decide for yourself.

Accused in the Linsay Buziak murder Edgar Ovidio Acevedo, aka: Vid
Edgar Ovidio Acevedo, aka: Vid

Edgar Ovidio Acevedo, aka: Vid

This is a 42 year old Langford gangsta.  He runs with the likes of Ali Ziaee, Ziggy Matheson and the Delalcazar brothers.

I have long believed that Ziggy and Ziaee played a part in the Lindsay Buziak murder.  Anyhow, each of those two are currently in jail for a huge drug bust a few years ago in Gangford.

If they were not part of that murder, it is almost assured that they know exactly who paid for it and who did it.

Vid’s criminal record is what you would expect.  He has been convicted of “assault causing bodily harm” and is currently accused of drug trafficking.

Medardo Rivas, accused by Ross Addicott in the Lindsay Buziak murder
Medardo Rivas, accused by Ross Addicott in the Lindsay Buziak murder

Medardo Rivas

I couldn’t dig up his criminal record.  However, judging from the company he keeps you don’t want him around your family.

When you are linked to the likes of Charbel Hage, the Delalcazars, Ziggy, Ziaee and their ilk, you have some issues in your life.

After this rant by Addicott I am certain Medardo will not be appreciative of being accused in a murder conspiracy.  After all, the fact that I could find nothing on him says he likes to keep a low profile.

This accusation is the exact opposite of a low profile.

saanich police logoRoss Addicott just made some powerful enemies

Addicott just accused the “whose who” of the Langford drug scene of murder.  Accordingly, he probably has more trouble than he imagined.

Furthermore, he issued a dare to to the Saanich Police.  Additionally, he insulted the integrity of its former chief and the entire department.  Consequently, my advice to Ross is that instead of lying about working for Dodge, that he get the hell out of Dodge.

This murder needs to be solved

There is almost no doubt that if Addicott didn’t do the murder that he or somebody within the group accused by Addicott knows who did do this murder.  Additionally, there is no doubt that whoever goes to the police with information will need “witness protection”.

Addicott stirred up a hornets nest with his big mouth.  Consequently, I now believe that this murder is closer to being solved that it ever has been in the past.

Therefore, if you know anything or even think you might know something, report it. Your anonymity can be assured.


——–Addicott denies confession——–


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  1. This is ridiculous….It was probably posted by some loser that hates his guts, which isn’t a huge stretch because a lot of people do!

  2. Shirley and Jason are definitely behind this. The reason they went back inside when they saw Jason is because then they’re putting him in a position of being a witness to a clear view of the suspect when asked that’s why he drove around the corner and waited for them to leave without him so he can go to the door and pretend like he just showed up that’s a dead giveaway

  3. If her boyfriend was so rich, then maybe he paid someone to do a crappy job of an investigation. Plus what about that lady who owned a blonde wig (I forgot her name) but why don’t they question her? Wouldn’t she be a suspect?

  4. 1) Every pre-paid cell phone I have owned was typically activated by a credit card. How did the caller who set up the appointment on the throwaway phone “activate the phone on the internet” without a credit card.

    2) The phone was activated 6? weeks before the crime and there was no other activity other than call to the victim.

    3) Did the killer request a specific agent to show the house?

    4) Some witnesses talked about a colorful dress. The boyfriend who pulled up with a buddy said he noticed a few shadowy figures through the door glass. The killers presumably used a vehicle to arrive. Why no mention of a car.

    • 1.) There are things called “Vanilla” credit cards that don’t care what name you register the card under, or for that matter, even if you register it. The phone thing can easily be done is multiple ways.

      2.) Every criminal worth his salt has one or two activated, but unused sim cards laying around.

      3.) The police know, but I do not. I will call her dad to see if he knows.

      4.) I don’t believe a damn thing the boyfriend says. Jason Zailo – -is a scumbag. (Follow the provided link and the other links about Zailo and crew contained within it

    • There are certainly strong suspicions that run that direction. That said, believing something to be true or even knowing in your heart that it is true does not meet the burden proof required by the law.

  5. You should watch ur mouth dude who the fuck are you to write Such nonsense. Some goof who is in a fantasy . Expect civil action plus more.

    • I have no idea who you are, and I don’t care. If you want to point to a specific item in my post that was wrong, please do so. I will certainly look at it and consider your viewpoint to determine if it persuades me. If instead, you just want to run your mouth, I have allowed your comment so you can have your few moments of fame, as opposed to the infamy to which you are probably more entitled and more accustomed.

      Now, toddle along and go hire your lawyer. Then I will know who you are and will able to do a special blog all about you and your criminal record/activities. By the way, “plus more” constitutes a physical threat which is another criminal charge you will have to deal with if you ever reveal your identity.

      • Addicott is super scary when on street drugs or off his medication. Family friends have stated {on record} early involvment with anger managment issues. Requested by his parents. Addicott assaulted his friend on jealousy issues that were false. The harm he caused his friend is awful. Beat for 3 minutes with a guitar. To his face. Scum of the earth.

    • Maybe they will find him a nice warm jail cell and three squares a day if he tells them what he knows? Whether he actually knows something is somewhat up in the air, but he certainly who the Langford/Gangford players are.

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