Lisa Helps No Longer Needs Medical Pot Shops Now

Lisa Helps' Unrealistic View of Medical Pot Shops
Lisa Helps' Unrealistic View of Medical Pot Shops

In previous blog posts I have spoken about the need for a non-criminal distribution system for medical pot. I have also been staunchly opposed to the thirty or so pot shops that currently mar Victoria’s streets. Lisa Helps no longer needs medical pot shops now.  This is because two major, Canadian drug store chains have expressed an interest in distributing medical pot.

This development is huge. It will tell us whether Lisa Helps is sincere or not. Does she really want medical pot shops or does she just want pot shops?

If Lisa Helps is sincere about her stated desire to have medical pot available to those who need it, having it sold through these drug store chains will assure MAXIMUM AVAILABILITY

We all know that it is just a matter of time before Trudeau legalizes marijuana. Therefore, there is no need for Lisa Helps to continue her activist position. In fact, licensing any of the existing pot shops could be a deterrent to London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart becoming involved. With the drug chains on board there will be no more shops buying pot from the Devils Army.

Accordingly, if Lisa Helps continues with her licensing agenda, it is obvious that her real interests are not in medical marijuana, as she states, but in ANY marijuana. Let’s do a side by side comparison between the reality of a wise plan and Lisa Helps’ unrealistic and dangerous plan

Medical pot shop plan comparison, by Hal Hannon
The Difference Between Lisa Helps’ Dangerous Plan and a Plan That Works

Many B.C. liquor stores have also expressed an interest in selling pot

This brings us to exactly what I have been saying for months now. Victoria does not need pot shops. Without the pot shops medical marijuana will be more available than under Lisa Helps’ plan.

The stars are aligned, despite what the Times Colonist says

Now, we wait and see which way Lisa Helps goes on this. Is she sincere about making medical marijuana available with no script scam? Does she quit acting like an impatient child bent on getting his/her way? Does she keep inviting biker gangs like the Devils Army from Langford to Victoria? Or does she smarten up and do what is right for Victoria?  She needs to close all the pot shops and wait for legalization. Legitimate businesses want aboard the marijuana train. Mayor, the tent city venture was and is a fiasco. Don’t blow this one too!

These pot shops need to be closed before Canada legalizes pot in order to avoid mass law suits against the City of Victoria



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