Lisa Helps says, “New Pot Regulatory Regime” cartoon by Hal Hannon
New Tourism Reality for Victoria?

It is always easier to create a problem than to fix it. That’s because problems are created through thoughtlessness and rash actions. On the other hand, solutions require rational thinking, painstaking planning and careful execution. This is why I have consistently detailed a solution to Lisa Helps’ pot shops while speaking loudly against them. She needs to understand that pot shops will bring outlaw bikers.

Over the last six months, I have blogged relentlessly about the pot shops. They are everywhere in Victoria and are having a detrimental effects on our beautiful little city. As of Monday night, January 18, it appears that Mayor Helps might be hearing your voices and mine. She tweeted me about creating a new pot regulatory regime. Although it seemed like an excuse in many ways as she said, “it takes time to create a whole new regulatory regime!


5h5 hours ago

We are in the process of creating a regulatory regime to fix the issue.


6h6 hours ago

We are trying to do what we can, but it takes time to create a whole new regulatory regime!

The future of tourism in Victoria until the pot store dilemma is cured

As with tent city, Lisa Helps’ activist actions are the only reasons need of a “new regulatory regime“. Her pot shops have brought bikers and violence to Victoria. And her tent city has brought U.S. prison gang, Nortenos.

Lisa Helps created this debacle by allowing pot shops and the home invasions and armed robberies they have generated. Without her, Victoria would not be under pressure to develop solutions to deal with the added crime and the sure to come tourism backlash. This is why I accused her of blackmailing the city.

Bikers and other criminals must be removed from the marijuana distribution chain before criminality is removed from distributing marijuana.
Bikers are currently involved in supplying pot shops

There is a way out of this mess which Lisa Helps created. It starts with realizing that you must clean out the old system before you bring in a new one. It starts with understanding, no matter your viewpoint on the future legalization of pot, that all pot shops are run by criminals and supplied by criminal gangs. Here are some simple, yet undeniable, facts.

  1. All current pot shops are illegal under federal law.
  2. As all current pot shops are illegal, all people running them are criminals who knowingly entered into criminal activity. To protect their profits, they will continue to flaunt their criminality under the guise of activism.
  3. No pot shop owners or employees have had criminal background checks by police to determine any other possible criminality.
  4. All pot shop owners, with the exception of four which Lisa Helps says are licensed to dispense medical advice, are licensed only for the sale of paraphernalia. Thus all are violating their city business license as well as federal law.
  5. None of the pot shop owners are in the business for altruistic reasons. They have each decided to sell pot in violation of federal laws and in violation of city bylaws in order to make a profit.
  6. All pot shop owners have been making illegal profits since the day each opened.
  7. All pot shop owners are buying at least some of their supplies from criminal grow operations, many controlled by motorcycle gangs.

Mayor Helps should not license pot shops. I profoundly disagree with Victoria allowing pot shops in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada. Nevertheless, should she do so, here are some absolute prerequisites for any “regulatory regime”.

  • Determine how many shops will be allowed. Then institute strict signage, strict zoning regulations and strict product display regulations.
  • Consult with the Downtown Victoria Business Association, the Victoria Police Department and Tourism Victoria in the creation of these regulations.
  • Require potential licensees to submit an application to open a pot store. Perhaps have a “license award” process that is done by lottery once any application has been approved for inclusion in that lottery.
    Without rules and laws there is only chaos
  • Demand a criminal record check on owners and employees before any submission is allowed for inclusion in the lottery.
  • Mandate a yearly followup criminal record check on employees and owners.
  • Forbid current pot shop owners or employees from entering that lottery. These owners and employees have already proven that they have zero regard for the federal laws about marijuana. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that they will have any regard for whatever guidelines the City of Victoria might impose. This is especially true since they are already acting outside of the scope of their current business license.
  • Create a license agreement with any licensee that establishes the fact that the business license is at the sole discretion of the City of Victoria. and without the right of the licensee to bring legal action, is revocable for what the City of Victoria considers to be any violation of its terms, or in the event that federal legislation is passed that mandates a different distribution system, or in the event that the City of Victoria should at any future date decide on an alternate distribution system
  • Impose a list of acceptable suppliers
Lisa Helps uses gamemanship to bring pot and bikers to Victoria
She’s got game

Frankly, I strongly suspect that the mayor’s tweets to me are nothing more than gamesmanship. She has become for renown that with the tent city she created in addition to the pot shops. Obviously, she has zero plans to do anything about the pot shops other than to pull some political maneuver. She wants them badly enough that she is ignoring the threat of bikers.

Do Criminals Have Master Keys To Your Door? 13There would be no justice in allowing current pot shop owners to continue on with their businesses once a “regulatory regime” is established. Doing so would allow those owners to benefit from their criminality over honest citizens who waited for the laws to change. Additionally, the fact that these illegal businesses would gain a head start on other honest business people has the potential to generate a rash of lawsuits against the City of Victoria. After all, the City of Victoria violated federal laws and city bylaws to create an unfair advantage for a select group of individuals.

Those are my opinions

What are yours?

You may post your comments below

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  1. There is nothing stopping the RCMP from busting the dope shops here in town, as they are all illegal under federal law, as you say. “Medical”? That’s a joke, just a convenient excuse, save for anecdotal evidence of those who suffer seizures, reduced by extract usage. Otherwise, the medical “uses” are a joke. Pain relief? Give me a break, as a former stoner a long time ago, um, NO. It is not a pain reliever. Take it for headaches? It only made my headaches even worse, as it raises blood pressure.
    As far as smoking dope, I’m a Libertarian, I really don’t care if people want to smoke their brains out, you are only hurting yourself (yeah, really stoners, you ARE). Pot destroys ambition to do anything, but get high. Its a culture unto itself, much like any other drug addiction.
    We know that Helpslisa has instructed her own city cops to ignore the dopehead shops, but the RCMP is well within its means to shut them all down. Dopers, and Helpslisa, you’re not fooling anybody here, this is just an excuse to incrementally legalize dope. If that does happen, god forbid, I hope ALL levels of government tax the bejeezus out of it, making it more costly than ever, and, voila, underground economy, nothing solved.
    Its not medicine, joke, joke, joke.

    • As much as I dislike any drug that enables running from reality and as much as I agree with your general sentiments about pot severely impacting ambition in a negative aspect, I truly believe that there exists a medicinal value when the CBD’s replace the THC’s. That being the case no respectable stoner would buy low THC weed. Medical pot is being misunderstood by stoners who preach its value so they can get high legally. It’s a shame because those stoners are harming the people who might actually benefit from it. As far as Lisa Helps goes, I am disgusted by her disingenuous political maneuvers. As far as the RCMP goes, they are caught between a rock and a hard place, not wanting to usurp the authority of VicPd by invading its territory. Thank you for your insight.

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