Living With a Ghost & Wyatt Prince, Killer

Living With a Ghost & Wyatt Prince, Killer 3

Wyatt Prince is due to be released from prison some time in late 2017. The world will become a more dangerous place at that point. What follows is part of the story of working as a Police Agent. I was part of an undercover operation against him for his home invasion and vicious murder of Paul Rouxel. During that undercover operation, an operation that lasted some eighteen months, I was living with a ghost and with a killer, Wyatt Prince. I needed to find justice for Paul.

“I once was lost, but now am found… I found my faith in thee…”

I have always, at least since my late teenage years, had a faith in God. During some periods in my life, faith may have been less evident to others and less important to me than at other times, but it was still there, if only in the background. It seems to me, that people turn to their faith in times of stress, and living with Prince, a confessed murderer and otherwise violent thug who had often threatened to kill me, could certainly be classified as stressful.

Is There A Spirit World?

With my faith comes a begrudging belief in the existence of things phantasmal that some might witness in this world, things such as apparitions or ghosts. I do not like to recognize the existence of such because if they are real, I feel somewhat threatened. I am not certain that I should, by my faith, attempt to discern their presence. I am certain though that I am not to attempt to communicate with said entities.

Living With a Ghost & Wyatt Prince, KillerCarlos Ruiz Zafón: “Those places where sadness and misery abound are favored settings for stories of ghosts and apparitions…”

Thus, I tell you what I am about to describe with a fear that telling you causes you to question my credibility. Nevertheless, it is part of the Wyatt Prince story. And friends have told me that I should relate this part of the story. Accordingly, with the foregoing disclaimer, you are about to hear of things beyond my comfort zone and beyond my complete understanding. You are about to hear of a ghost seeking justice.

Paul Rouxel Makes His Presence Known

A few days or so after Prince came to my door following the murder of Paul Rouxel, strange things began to happen. My roommate and Prince were sleeping on the floor one night with their heads pointed in the direction of the kitchen and the adjacent sliding glass door. I was sound asleep in my bed that was situated on the opposite end of the room near their feet. Then suddenly Prince bolted up, and looking my direction, yelled at me, “What da f**k; why did you f**king kick me in the head?

My roommate and I immediately shot upright from our sleep due to the loudness and suddenness of Prince’s angry outburst. Prince then turned to my roommate. He continued, “Hal just f**king kicked me in the head; he came out of the kitchen and f**king booted me.

Living With a Ghost & Wyatt Prince, KillerWyatt Prince Reacts

Prince began to stand up at that point. With his obvious rage my roommate and I instantly realized that he was doing so in order to exact revenge on me. The psycho actually believed that I had kicked him in the head from across the room.

As I was wrapping my fingers around the hilt of the large knife hidden under my pillow, my roommate quickly interceded. She pointed out the obvious to Prince. She reminded him that I was in bed, nowhere near the kitchen. She told him that I could not have gotten from the kitchen to the bed that quickly without stepping on them. The open space between the kitchen and my bed presented an extremely narrow passageway due to the fact that their bodies blocked what would normally be the path.

After about a minute of talking, my roommate was able to calm Prince. To my relief, Prince lay back down. He finally realized that I had done nothing. Prince then calmly said, “It was buddy; buddy followed me home; I knew he did.”

I asked who buddy was, and Wyatt Prince responded, “Paul; he followed me home after I killed him.”

Wyatt Prince in the gym
Wyatt Prince in the gym

The Risk Factors Of Living With Wyatt Prince

Although the point of this chapter is not to talk about the craziness and risks of living with Prince, it should not be lost on you that one can be laying peacefully asleep, with Prince also sleeping, and moments later might have to be concerned about fending off a violent attack by Prince. Had my roommate not been present at that time to calm Prince, I truly believe there would have been a knifing that night. I would have had no choice.

While I had a deep desire to free myself from Prince, to have gotten rid of him in a fatal act of violence was not what I wanted. For Prince to have died by my hand would have done nothing for Paul’s family. They needed to see their loved one’s killer face justice in a courtroom.

There were many, many times throughout the eighteen month wait for Prince’s arrest that thoughts of Paul’s family buoyed my courage enough to force upon me a second or a third effort to calm a situation, rather than to strike back out of a selfish fear for my life.

That Was Just The Beginning

Living With a Ghost & Wyatt Prince, KillerThere were more eerie instances too for which I have no explanation other than a ghostly presence. Being less than young, I could not make it through the night without needing some relief in the bathroom. Because there was no lamp or wall switch proximate my bed, it was my custom to turn off all the lights before I crawled in bed. I would then turn off my television, after having turned the volume to zero, making it the last light source I switched off.

At that point, I would place the remote control on the floor beside the head of my bed so that I could quickly switch the TV back on. I did this in case I needed its illumination to safely navigate my way to the bathroom when my inevitable nightly need arose.

A few days following the “kick in the head” incident, I awoke one night and began groping around for the remote control, but could not find it. I pulled myself up and sat on the edge of the bed. I was waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness so I could safely navigate my way to the bathroom. I didn’t want to step on my roommate’s or Prince’s feet which extended within inches of the foot of my bed.

As I was preparing to stand and attempt to feel my way through the darkness, I was startled when the television clicked and then flickered to life. I looked around the room and spotted the remote control sitting on the dinner table across the room from me. Either my roommate or Prince had obviously used it while I slept. They then neglected to place it back by my bed. I ask you, the reader, “Who turned on the TV?”

Living With a Ghost & Wyatt Prince, Killer, Did the ghost of killer Wyatt Prince's victim climb into my bed?Who Was In Bed With Me?

Over the approximate eighteen month period between Paul’s murder and Prince’s arrest, there were many other inexplicable episodes. It was as if I was being reminded of Paul’s need for me to stay the course in the hunt for justice. My roommate often reported seeing the sheets next to me moving about when I laying still and was sound asleep. Light switches would suddenly turn on or off by themselves. House guests reported to my roommate or me that they saw a figure in my hallway or in my kitchen. Added to these incidents is that fact that I habitually had the feeling that somebody else was lying in my bed next to me. I was sensing that presence from a sensation of a sinking of the mattress beside me.

Wyatt Prince Was The Only Person Who Felt Threatened

Neither did I, nor did anybody else who saw or encountered the ghost in my apartment, with the exception of Prince on the “kick in the head” night, feel or speak of any sense of trepidation or malevolence about its presence. Strangely, their reaction was ho-hum, like, “By the way, did you know there is a ghost standing in the blah, blah, blah?

When guests did bring it up, I poo-pooed its existence. I never spoke of it to individuals who had not encountered it. I could not talk about my growing belief that it might be real and that it was Paul because that would bring up the murder. To do so could have blown the investigation. I needed Prince to think that Paul’s death had been forgotten and chalked up as being an overdose death.

Wyatt Prince Goes To Jail And The Ghost DisappearsLiving With a Ghost & Wyatt Prince, Killer -Did the ghost of killer Wyatte Prince follow Prince to jail?

I can only assume, if Paul’s spirit was really in my home, that it departed after Prince’s arrest. In my mind, it was either because I had done what I had to do or because it wanted to follow Prince to Prince’s new housing at the Wilkinson Road jail.

I will never be certain about the mysterious happening in my home surrounding that ghostly presence. Despite the many instances that occurred, I am not certain that I am comfortable saying that there was a ghost in my home. I am sure each of you will make that determination for yourself based on your own convictions. Indeed, is how it should be.

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  1. 2 CORINTHIANS 5:10
    For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.

    HEBREWS 12:14
    Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord

    • Regarding 2 Corinthians 5:10, Indeed we will.

      Regarding Hebrews 12:14, Is that what Wyatt was doing when he beat cripples and women and murdered Paul, he was pursuing peace? Is that what you were doing when you hid your identity and told Sharon that simply communicating with me was dangerous, you were pursuing peace?

  2. Kind of strange that you should mention the ghost. I was friends with Wyatt’s parents when he was a child and lost contact with them. I was talking to another old friend recently and she told me about Wyatt being charged with murder. I was googling his name to read about what had happened and not knowing anything about Wyatt’s history, I was thinking that maybe it was an accident that Wyatt killed that man. Just as I was thinking that thought, my phone which had been sitting in the middle of a table lifted off the table and hit the floor!! I was pretty shocked! It must have been Paul! Interesting reading your blog. Thanks.

    • That phone thing is very weird. As you might imagine, Prince’s parents are less than enamored with me. Prince just got out of prison and some of his thugs are already threatening me. [I talk about his threats to me in a different posting herein.] I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Thank you for your comment and the compliment.

    • Hi Sharon my advice to you or anyone else reading Hal’s writings/postings or having any contact with Hal would be not to for your own safety. There is another side to him that is very dangerous.

      • Cathy, I allowed your post only so my readers can see the type of hate I endure from the criminal/dope world that I know so well and about which I write. The only damage I would ever do anybody is with typed truths herein unless they threaten or mess with those I love. Then the gloves are off, proverbially speaking, because I come with wrath and with cunning, not with fists.

        That is something I know you understand Cathy because your son used to regularly hit a young lady I had pledged to protect, as well as having introduced her to shooting up heroin.

        Perhaps in fairness to Sharon though you might have also told her that your son is Wyatt Prince and that your anger at me is based on the fact that I helped put him away for the senseless murder of somebody he was robbing.

        • It is interesting you allow certain posts and not others to me that shows fear of others opinions and manipulation…

          [Hal’s note: Yes indeed, I do decide which comments to post and which comments not to post. I make those choices based on several criteria, among those criteria, whether I think a particular comment might be of interest to the reader and whether it attacks innocent people. I have chosen to omit the body of this comment from Wyatt’s mother because it consisted of more vitriol toward me and attacked a victim. In the interest of fair disclosure though, it also accused me of being a dishonest witness. They say the proof is in the pudding, and the fact here is that the jury convicted Wyatt Prince, in an overwhelmingly large part, due to my testimony. If you, the reader, would like to know exactly what the judge in Wyatt’s trial had to say, you may visit this link

          A reckoning is coming you should take heed to the Scriptures I shared with you, for we will all stand accountable before Christ. [Hal’s note: Indeed we will, AMEN!]

        • Oh and to your comment about telling Sharon that Wyatt is my son, I will say that now, yes Wyatt is my son whom I love very much. Is he innocent of crime against others, no he is not. Are you innocent of crime against others, am I?
          Matthew 7 New King James Version (NKJV)
          Do Not Judge
          7 “Judge[a] not, that you be not judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. 3 And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?
          Wyatt thru a choice at a young age chose to use drugs and was led down a very hard tragic path, as did Paul and so many others. Am I proud of the things my son has done or been involved in, no I am not. But I am proud he is my son.

          • 1). Had there been a desire on your part to be forthcoming, you would have told her on the spot instead of waiting for me to have pointed out the disingenuousness of intentionally omitting the pertinent fact that Wyatt is your son.

            2). I do not want my readers to be misled by these often misunderstood verses which you quoted, Therefore, I will clarify matters. As you, who comes at me with bible verses, should know, the verses you quoted are a warning, not about not judging people [a fact that is often misunderstood], but instead, are a warning that one will be judged by the same yardstick by which he/she judges others. I am fine with that because I, as did a jury of Wyatt’s peers, judged him by his actions.

            3). You speak of Paul as though you knew him, but this is yet another misleading statement by you because you had never met Paul. Yes, there was a commonality between Paul and Wyatt in that each did drugs. The similarities ended there though as Paul was not a murderer, but was instead, Wyatt’s murder victim. Frankly, because of that fact I find your comparison of the two to be disgusting, to be disrespectful of the feelings of Paul’s family, and to show a certain disconnect with reality on your part.

            4). Wyatt murdered Paul. The drugs did not murder Paul. Being a drug addict is not a reason to murder, and it is not a legitimate excuse. There are thousands of drug addicts just in lower British Columbia, but very few murders. You need to stop making excuses for Wyatt.

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