Louise Dickson Wrong & Times Colonist Names Witnesses

Louise Dickson Wrong & Times Colonist Names Witnesses

louise dickson, bad journalismLouise Dickson and the Times Colonist refuse to correct her inaccurate story. Shame on them. They need to be more responsible.

Due to irresponsible reporting, Louise Dickson’s mistakes still haunt victims. Newspapers should report news, but they should do so with an eye to the safety of those about whom they are reporting. The Times Colonist fails this test. Additionally, it adds and editorial slant to hard news stories.

As of December 20, 2014, after 853 days, misinformation, along with the name of a confidential police informant and of two victims still remains on Times Colonist web site. Consequently, this is bad journalism.

Louise Dickson wrote the article and @timescolonist and @glacier_media published it. Please tweet them your displeasure and their shame. The Times Colonist finally pulled the article, but without a correction.

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