Mario Usseni: A Tale of Sociopathy, Child Abandonment and Betrayal

Mario Usseni, betyrayert
Mario Usseni betraying me after my cancer surgeries and abandoning his kids


I’ve known Mario Usseni and his family for over fifteen years now. During that period Mario asked for my financial help multiple times and I always came through for him. In fact, over the years I have done so to the tune of many thousands of dollars. I did so to ensure that his wife and kids had the necessities such as food, electricity, water, etc.

Sometimes I just stepped up without being asked because I knew there was a money problem that Mario couldn’t solve without my help. For instance, there was the time when Mario went into the hospital with a heart valve emergency a few years ago. So, with no money flowing because Mario was in the hospital, I bought approximately $600 worth of groceries and took them to his wife and kids. I wanted them to be secure and Mario to be able to focus on his health free from financial worries.

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Mario betrayed our friendship despite everything I did for him

A few years ago, I underwent two major cancer surgeries. That was the last time I actually saw Mario, his wife or any of his children because I moved to another province immediately afterward. In only a one week period before making that move though, specifically because I was moving away, I did the following for Mario:

  • paid him $600, cash up front, to use his basement suite for only a week or so as I prepared for that move,
  • spent close to $2,000 to fix his van so his wife would have dependable transportation for the kids and her,
  • forgave him over $2,500 in debts to me,
  • and graciously allowed him to use my car so that his wife and he would, at least temporarily, each have a car to get to and from their respective jobs.

The anatomy of a betrayal

A betrayer like Mario Usseni never was a friend

In spite of all of that, Mario decided to steal from me. It happened like this.

When I stayed in Mario’s basement for that week or so he knew that I was there only to prepare to make a permanent move to another province. After my move I would have emotional support to deal with my health issues which were dire because of my weak heart and my two very recent cancer surgeries (see picture of me, above).

Thus, with my prognosis, the probability of Mario ever seeing me again after my move was extremely remote. This circumstance presented Mario with a perfect opportunity to steal from me. After all, he could do so and likely never have to deal with the consequences of his actions.

It takes a real low-life to plot to screw over a friend because the friend is dying

Because I had packed my car in order to relocate, it was full with all my absolutely necessary belongings. Physically incapable of being able to drive during that brief stay in Mario’s basement due to my cancer surgeries though, I allowed Mario to unpack my car. This permitted him to use it to shuttle his kids around until I would need it again for my move.

One of the items Mario unpacked from my car was a very expensive ($700+) heater. It was manufactured to be directly hard-wired to a breaker box, but customized by me to circumvent the hard-wiring need by paying to have it retro-fitted with a UL® compliant, 30 foot, plug-in, 240 volt power cord. This modification made it portable and allowed it to be moved from house to house and from room to room within a house in order to eradicate bed bugs.

Additionally, I paid to have the “automatic thermostat shut-off” bypassed. This allowed the heater to quickly achieve and then maintain extremely high temperatures. Because it would no longer automatically shut off it could continuously put out in excess of 57℃. Therefore, it could bring every crevice of a fair size room to 37℃ within an hour or so. At that temperature bed bugs, including their eggs, dehydrate and die in fewer than 7 seconds.

Also, although not altered with that purpose in mind, its unique abilities to achieve and maintain extreme heat levels made it ideal for a marijuana grow-op. This fact probably did not escape Mario. Anyhow, since Mario had my permission, unpacking it and putting it in his garage while he borrowed my car was fine. What he did next was not fine.

Mario Usseni will plot against any friend
An appropriate description of Mario Usseni

Mario executes on his plan

When Mario repacked my belongings for my move he did not put my heater back. I only discovered it missing when I unpacked at my new place a few days after my move from Mario’s. So, I phoned Mario. He said that he must have accidentally forgotten to put it back in my car. He said that it was in his garage and that he would send it to me in a few days.

“A few days” lapsed into “a few years”. And over three years later, despite the fact that I continually asked Mario for it Mario somehow never got around to shipping it to me. Instead, all I got was excuses. Eventually, having run out of excuses and with it finally obvious to him that I was not just going to forget about my heater, Mario began denying that he still had it. He said he must have accidentally thrown it out mistaking it for a piece of junk.

The specific heater I purchased before modifications

A picture of the heater Mario Usseni stole from me
Having purchased my heater a few years earlier from a different re-seller, I paid less. Also, notice the advertisement states it is “hard-wired power”. That means that it has no power cord and was designed to be direct-wired to a breaker box. I had my heater modified to accept a 240 volt, plug-in, power cord, making it portable. Also, notice the statement about “automatic shutdown”, I also circumvented that through modifications

The obviously bullsh*t excuse started me thinking

That excuse was so clearly a load of crap that it was an insult. As a result it started me wondering though about what was really going on with my heater. Despite the fact that Mario’s garage was a total pigsty full of empty beer bottles and trash bags overflowing onto the floor it was just not possible to mistake a large, shiny, new looking, powder coated heater for a piece of junk.

Additionally, he could not have accidentally thrown it away. After all, it weighed 30 pounds and had a heavy duty, 240 volt, 30 foot power cord on it. Furthermore, I had been persistently asking about it and he had been constantly making excuses about it.

My anger driven inappropriate comments solicit a confession

Angry and frustrated that Mario, after all I had done for his family and for him, would treat me as he was treating me, I told him he was full of sh*t. Then I laid into him hard about screwing me over. In doing so I used some regrettable language. In response, I received this admission from Mario. “If it’s gonna make you hate more yes i stole that piece of junk from you.

No excuse better than bad excuse

Mario’s actions seem to reveal the theft was a plot by him

Although he denies it, Mario knew exactly how special the heater was because I had told him. In fact, he had been to my basement suite when it was being used to help my landlord deal with a bed bug problem.

Continuing on though, while making one of his many different excuses as to why he had yet to return my heater to me Mario let it slip that when he had unpacked my car that he had put my heater somewhere else in his garage separate from the rest of my things. Why segregate it from my other possessions?

There is one answer that seems obvious. He did so because he had no intention of returning it to me. So, he wanted it out of sight, and therefore, out of mind whenever I went to the garage, especially when I was climbing into my car to leave for my move.

Anyhow his excuses have run the gamut: it’s here somewhere; I just need to look for it. I thought it was junk. Jake must have taken it by mistake. I didn’t realize it was yours. I threw it out by accident. (Jake again) Jake absolutely threw it out by accident.

Finally, he said the only thing that made sense: “If it’s gonna make you hate more yes i [sic] stole that piece of junk from you.” He then affirmed that statement when he added: “I told you yes I stole your piece of shit heater do something.” Further confirming his intent to have stolen from me, he went on to say: “You will never get a penny from me.

Even Judge Judy calls Mario Usseni a liar

Judge Judy often says: “If it doesn’t make sense it’s not true.” Well Mario, your new claim makes no sense.

Mario now claims my heater was a cheap heater. However, remember, he said that he couldn’t find it for three years. So, taking him at his word, he only saw it once which would have been for less than a minute when he moved it from my car. Yet, he supposedly learned enough about it from that minute to know its value. And I guess that he also thinks I would have spent over $100 to put a 30 foot, 240 volt power cord on a cheap 110 volt heater, rather than simply have purchased a $10 extension cord.

Hey idiot, just because you sold it for less than it was worth doesn’t mean it was worth less than I say. It only means that you were too stupid to understand its value, or that you were really desperate for more dope.

Will the real Mario Usseni please stand up

A Mario Usseni quote showing how proud he is to make
fatherless babies: “You can kiss my big fat ass and
after that suck my big baby making fat black cock.”
Mario brags about creating fatherless babies

Mario’s fixation on sex and creating babies is disgusting

The quote in the picture is also from Mario. It is his response to a lady friend of mine who called him out for the way he was treating me.

First, he insulted her. Then he crudely bragged about creating fatherless black babies. Using Mario’s definition of a “lucky” woman, there must be a lot of them around because this scumbag created 7 or 8 or more kids who must now live without their father in their lives.

Think about this… Mario’s kids will grow up believing they are unlovable. They will blame themselves that their father didn’t want them. And Mario brags about this pain he creates.

The gloves are off

Partly to protect others from Mario and partly as revenge, it is time to reveal the real Mario Usseni. The real Mario Usseni hides behind his carefully crafted image and has only stepped into the light in last few years. (See his innocent looking and recently purged Facebook page.)

This is what I now believe about Mario Usseni

Just so you understand even better exactly what Mario is about, by the time he stole my heater, Mario, as I indicated earlier, had already abandoned several (supposedly 7 or 8 or even 9) “mostly out of wedlock” children. All but three were conceived by cheating on his wife of over a decade with multiple other women. There is something about making fatherless babies that seems to satisfy his sick ego. Or maybe he gets his sexual charge from laying up with pregnant women. I do know that he likes his women “BIG”.

Mario Usseni abandoned his kids

As of this year, Mario had his parents evict his wife from their home which the parents bought for them, and therefore for all practical purposes, his kids also. In doing so Mario even abandoned the kids he had with his wife. As I said, I think the total kids now effectively fatherless and abandoned might be as high as seven, or eight or even more.


When Mario kicked his wife and kids to the curb, he in essence, traded them for a fancy new truck which his new woman bought for him. At the same time, forgetting that he didn’t earn it, he now preaches that there is no excuse for not having money and for being what he calls a “bum”. With his wealthy new woman paying Mario’s way Mario can certainly afford to reimburse me for my heater.

Child Abandoner Mario Usseni brags about income
Mario can afford to pay toward all
of his 7, 8, or 9, or more babies

Mario cheated on his wife almost daily. Sometimes he would cheat on her with multiple women on the same day. Then he taught his kids to disrespect their mother by having them lie to her about what they had seen or where they had been.


Mario refuses to go out with any women other than white women or native women. He actually boldly states that he prefers white or native women. He doesn’t think that is racist though. However, he labels other people as racists based on a list of absurd criteria, such as being a Republican or having been born and/or lived in certain geographical areas in the U.S. In keeping with his racist statements of preference, the wife he abandoned is white. His new woman is white. And the other women around town who fathered his children are all white or native.

Mario Usseni call cops because he is exposed as child abandoner
Mario Usseni doesn’t want
you to know that he
abandons babies

For the last several years Mario has been a heavy shatter user and/or dab user. Both are extremely concentrated, powerful and addictive forms of THC/marijuana, bordering on the potency of crack cocaine.


The only things Mario loves as much as he loves himself are his THC/shatter, his big white/native women and his booze. In that vein, he particularly loves his scotch and is known to go on multiple day binges.

Training a woman the Mario Usseni way
Training a woman the Mario Usseni way

Mario Usseni believes women need training to be suitable to be with him

Mario’s stated reason for wanting only white or native women is that he says whites and natives can be trained because they will accept abuse, but black women won’t. Mario told me that men should be in control of women. Raising his hand to demonstrate, he added: Black men know how to control their women, especially white or native women.

Mario says black women would never

tolerate what whites or natives will.

So, if you are thinking about being one of Mario’s women you better be white or native and you better be willing to surrender control to him. Otherwise you might get a few love taps. Hell, you will probably get a few smacks anyhow just so he can establish that he is in control. So, Mario’s new wealthy woman either tolerates his cheating on her, hasn’t caught him yet or has already been trained by Mario not to challenge him. 

You also need to be prepared to make room for other women, a bunch of them, and you must not question his lies. You must be able to give him money when he asks, and he will ask. And you need to allow him to go gloveless or you’re going loveless.

Condoms take away from Mario’s pleasure, and with Mario it’s all about Mario. It’s about Mario’s needs, Mario’s wants and Mario’s pleasure. The woman doesn’t count. She’s just there to service him.

Mario Usseni: “Make da bitch
gamble, I’ll be a sperm donor
anyhow, not a father”.

Contraception and kids are also the woman’s problem

In addition to his refusal to use a condom, clearly, Mario doesn’t care about fatherhood and cannot be relied upon to honour his commitments and responsibilities. In Mario’s selfish little world, contraception is the woman’s problem. As far as Mario is concerned, since the woman has the kid then the kid is the woman’s problem. not his.

Once you lose your self-respect you begin to disrespect others and selfishness begins to rule your life

So, as Mario lives off of his new woman’s largess he’s laughing and rolling rich while his wife and his many children struggle and while he refuses to pay me for my heater that he stole from me. Mario increasingly judges people by their net worth instead of their qualities as a human.

Because at 73 years old I basically exist on a government pension, he calls me a bum and bums aren’t worthy of his respect. Hey Mario, have you forgotten the many times that this bum bailed your lazy, broke ass out?

If you aren’t black and you disagree with Mario about anything you’re a racist

Forget the disagreeing part. Hell, in Mario’s mind if you aren’t black you’re a racist. Mario calls almost everybody “racist” these days. I have more black friends than white friends, and I helped support his family for years, but I am supposedly a racist. The irony here is that I wasn’t a racist as long as I was paying his bills. Now though, suddenly I’m a racist because I called him out for thieving from me.

A positive role model Mario definitely is not, which is sad for his kids

Mario obviously has no conscience and feels no shame. That is the lesson his children are learning from him. Now you know who Mario Usseni really is.

Some people will never man up
Mario Usseni will never man up, never

Hey Mario, being male does not make you a man, “manning up” makes you a man

For my part, I have disappointingly come to the realization that Mario will never “man up” and that I will never see my money. In fact, he will probably use this posting by me as his new excuse not to pay me.

Tell me lies; tell me lies; tell me sweet little lies

Additionally, Mario will almost certainly make up lies about me. Then he will convince himself his lies are truth. That is what Mario does. He lies and makes excuses to self-justify dodging his responsibilities. With people like Mario there is always an excuse because there is never any substance. How do you treat a friend as Mario is treating me? What lies must you tell yourself to grant yourself that permission?

A glimpse into the darkness of Mario’s heart

See how Mario talks to a dying friend who fed his kids, kept their water running and stopped their electricity from being disconnected. To me from Mario Usseni:You are a racist, a bigot and a coward . A crack head lover and a bum . Going 6ft under as a loser . Born loser die as a loser . Your kids will be very glad when you are finally done!

Mario is everything of which he accuses others

Hey Mario:

  • You are the racist; you will only date whites and natives.
  • You are the bigot; you accuse any who disagree with you of being racist.
  • You are the coward; you hit women.
  • You are the bum; you constantly needed me to bail you out.
  • You are the loser; in your late forties now, you have yet to find your manhood. Instead, you sponge off your parents, live off your girlfriend’s money and abandon your children.

Mario, regarding your comments about my kids

Even though my marriage wasn’t working, I stayed in it and financially supported my kids and their mother until my kids were 20 and 21, respectively. Each of them, with the help of academic scholarships which they earned, graduated university with honors.

Furthermore, each has gone on to a successful career, one as a university professor and the other as a business executive. They and their mother obviously did many things right. Regarding the kids, I am proud of whatever small part my fathering might have played in assisting them with their many achievements.

Regarding the mother, even though she and I could not get along for several years, I will always honour and respect her for her dedication to our children. R.I.P. Connie.

How to fail

Hey Mario, you should realize your own failures before criticizing others

So Mario, I advise you to ponder your own failures instead of trying to tear down those whose example you were never man enough to measure up to. In fact, as opposed to my successes in business and in life, your life is full of failures Mario. You fail to provide for yourself. You fail to honour your parents. You fail to have an honest relationship with a friend. You fail to care for your women. You fail at being a father to any of your children. You are not just a failure. You are a disgrace to the Usseni family name.

Mario exhibits all the classic symptoms of a sociopath

  • Glibness and Superficial Charm
  • Manipulative and Conning – seeing their own self-serving behaviours as permissible (hiding my heater from me and selling it is fine with him)
  • Grandiose Sense of Self (can make black babies and control women)
  • Pathological Lying (he has told me a half a dozen different stories about what happened to my heater, and had to lie constantly to get away with cheating and have kids with multiple women)
  • Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt (stealing from me without apology, abandoning his kids)
  • Shallow Emotions
  • Need for Constant Stimulation (Mario’s need for constant sex with all the women with whom he lays up, his THC habit and his heavy use of alcohol).
  • Incapacity for Love (makes kids and then just walks away)

If you are one of Mario’s women/victims your comments would be appreciated. Please leave them if you are not too afraid of him to do so.


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