Medical Marijuana Script Scam

In my last blog post, I tried to clear up some of the misinformation about marijuana outlets.  Now, in order to understand the issues even better, it is time that you be educated on the medical marijuana script scam.  It is pervasive throughout the weed outlet community as many members of that community seek to mislead the public through a simple ruse.

Don’t listen to the hype and PR.  These medical marijuana outlets were not created to help suffering people.  They are helping very few people.  Instead, you should understand the truth.  You should understand the medical marijuana script scam.

Under the medical marijuana script scam, getting a medical marijuana card has nothing to do with illness.

medical marijuana script scam
–A Naturopath is NOT a Medical Doctor–

Some pot retailers require a medical marijuana card from you.  However, most just sell it “under the table”.  It really makes no difference though.  That’s because the process to get that medical marijuana card is simply a medical marijuana script scam.  It is a sham.  It was patched together to create the appearance of being in compliance with Health Canada regulations.

In many cases, the applicant talks to a weed shop recommended naturopath.  He/she just tells the naturopath that he/she has insomnia and that the weed helps with sleep.  The naturopath then issues a card good to buy weed or edibles [marijuana baked cookies, etc.]  By the way, a Naturopath is NOT a Medical Doctor.

Any perceived illness qualifies as needing pot.

Here is a partial list of ailments that marijuana can treat.  Anxiety, Asthma, Brain/Head Injury, Cancer, Depression, Colitis, Emphysema, Epilepsy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraines, Nausea, Chronic Pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Sleep Disorders, Substance Addiction, and many more.  So the would be disease ridden sufferer can say he/she has just about any ailment.  He or she is then qualified for a card.

Edible weed versus smokeable weed, either can get you high.

You get the same high by eating weed as you do by smoking it.  In fact, some will tell you that eating it gives a superior high.  So, don’t be fooled by the edible versus smokeable designation.  Also, don’t think that edible weed is somehow more medicinal.  IT IS NOT.

An interesting history lesson

Many of you have heard of or seen the movie Alice B Toklas.  It’s about the woman who baked marijuana brownies.  The movie characters still got high from them, but without smoking.  [As an aside, a “toke” is a drag from a cigarette, a weed pipe or some other type of pipe.  So the “toklas” referred to in the title means “without smoking”.  It actually says, “Alice goes smokeless”.  Therefore, the title of the movie is a clever pun.]

medical marijuana script scamWhether weed is recreational or medicinal is NOT determined by how it is ingested.  Medicinal weed should be prescribed by a caring physician not by some charlatan or criminal running a medical marijuana script scam.

It is determined by the cannabinoids [active ingredients] within the weed.  THC is one of the cannabinoids.  It is responsible for getting you high.  CBD is another of the cannabinoids and has the medical effects.

These medical marijuana cards do NOT specify cannabinoid content.  Thus, they are nothing more than licenses giving permission to get high.

The Canna Mall in Victoria is a perfect example.  It is run by a criminal enterprise headed by Steve Omelus.  One of the products it sells is “shatter”.  Shatter is dangerous form of pot that causes psychotic breaks.  This is because shatter has an 80% THC level.  Normal BC bud has a 15% to 20% THC level.

Enter the Skype Scam

Some of these weed outlets have gotten so sophisticated that they have a naturopath or doctor on call.

  • They usher you into a booth with a computer.
  • The naturopath, or sometimes even a medically licensed doctor, asks you few questions.
  • You are then granted a medical marijuana card.medical marijuana script scam
  • The idea that you can be properly diagnosed by three to five minutes worth of conversation over a video call is absurd. In fact, it’s charlatanism
  • It is nothing more than a method for these weed sellers to flaunt the system, saying there exists a proven medical need.
  • Would you send your loved one to a doctor who did a diagnosis that way?
  • It is, quite simply, a money grab by the many weed outlets which masquerade as medical dispensaries.

If the medical marijuana industry wants to be taken seriously, it needs to stop the lies, the shams and the scams.  It also needs to quit threatening me for telling you the truth

Now you have your medical marijuana card and it is time to buy your buds.

You can purchase any edible or smokeable marijuana, no matter its level of THC or CBD.  The card doesn’t specify.  And trust me here, most of these so called medical weed dispensaries don’t care.  They are greedy business people intent on exploiting an ill-defined system.  All they want is your money.

medical marijuana script scamIf I really need weed for medicinal purposes, can I get it?  Sadly, the answer is that obtaining what you need depends on from whom you buy.  There are twenty fakers out there for every legitimate seller.

Would you buy your prescribed medications from other than a registered pharmacist?  Would you fill your prescriptions through a pharmacist who buys his drugs from the street, rather than from a legitimate laboratory?

Canada has licensed only certain growers to produce medical marijuana.

To qualify for those licenses, among other criteria, these growers are required to demonstrate the ability to grow their marijuana to certain standards.  They need to be able to consistently produce a product that had the required medicinal values as set out by Health Canada.

medical marijuana script scamIf you are buying from outlets that obtain their supplies from one of these licensed growers, then you are assured that you are getting what you need.  On Vancouver Island, by far the largest of the licensed growers [if indeed there are any other licensed, commercial growers] is Tilray.

If instead, you are buying from a weed outlet that purchases their supplies from other than commercially, licensed growers, then it is a crap shoot.   Frankly, you are most likely getting a product that is far less than ideal for you, if it has any medicinal value whatsoever.

At the same time, you are feeding the coffers of the motorcycle gangs and criminals.  These criminal organizations have a long history in the illegal marijuana business.  With the onset of medical marijuana, they are now poised to reap huge profits at the expense of your health and well being.  They’ll take the money.  They don’t care about you or your health.

Beyond that, they bring crime to Victoria.  They bring other gangs to town.  They destroy the character of the downtown, and they hurt tourism.

The criminal growers have no way to ascertain the THC levels versus the CBD levels.  And frankly, they don’t care.  If the weed outlets who sell to you cared, they would buy from a licensed grower, not from criminals.  Moreover, they would insist you have a legitimate prescription specifying a THC versus CBD level.  And they would not run their medical marijuana script scam.

These criminal enterprises use your money to buy guns, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl with which to addict our society.

Now, understanding the truth, what do you think about these fake medical marijuana storefronts popping up everywhere?  What do you think about their medical marijuana script scam?  Do you favor police action against them?  Or do you like being played for a fool?
These shops are trying to win public support by whining that they are losing their businesses.  In the meantime, they seek to con the very people whose support they want.  That is you, the public.  Do you want the Nanaimo RCMP to close down the ten shops to whom it has given “Cease and Desist” letters?  Do you want Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps to keep opening pot shops?

*While I don’t know it to a certainty, I strongly suspect that the Nanaimo RCMP has documentation showing that each of the weed outlets it is targeting sold to minors.  If not to minors, then they probably  sold to many  customers not in possession of a valid marijuana purchasing card.  [If you are a RCMP Member and are permitted to leave a comment confirming or denying this, it would be appreciated.]

RCMP Members are likely forbidden to have a public opinion about the manner in which medical marijuana cards are issued.   You and I certainly do not suffer from such restrictions.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how these so-called Charlestons, Gangsters and Criminals, built this underground industry, up, over the course of 70 years, into a multi billion dollar, global industry! 30 years ago we were looked down upon because we smoked dope, 20 years ago we were labelled as ‘heads’ and chastised and forced down a social ladder that was built by people other than ourselves. My friends were jailed for years, their families ripped apart. We were funnelled into ridiculous rehabs, and pronounced un-hire able. We were the beaten down druggies. And we detest you and your hypocritical ways.

    And now you think you can just rip this business we have built out from under us? Just so you can fuck it up? Not bloody likely. We are going to continue growing, and selling, and doing whatever it is we have had to do to get by for the past three generations.

    Fact: With the government system, medical patients have to order by mail only, and wait up to 4 days for their medicines to arrive.

    Fact: In the real world, there are weed ‘runners’ on call 24/7, they are always open, and they are all mobile, working 12 hour shifts, and they deliver right to your door in less than 15 minutes.

    Fact: We dont provide shit weed… ever. The weed that is grown underground these days is all top drawer. Hell, we were the ones who invented the strains that the licensed producers are growing right now. Where do you think they got the seeds to grow in the first place. They came to us. They bought them illegally. And the government knew it and turned its head.

    Fact: Just because the scientists can finally get their hands on weed is no big thing to us. Hell, we been studying it underground this whole time.

    Fact: 40 years ago, when we were just kids, we already knew instinctively that cannabis should be legal. It only took 40 years for the ‘smart’ people to catch up.

    Bottom line is this: Cannabis is a plant. Its so easy to grow all you gotta do is plant a seed and give it sunlight and water. The rest of it: the steroid-like nutrients, the hydroponics, the extractions, the methods of ingestion, the laws, the distribution models, and the attempts to put controls on mother nature, are all just man made bullshit we made up. Its just stuff to keep us feel busy. And it wont change the fact that we have grown, and will continue to grow, our own weed. We will consume it as we wish, when we wish, and where we wish. Dont worry though, we know how to be covert about it, since we’ve had to be our whole lives already.

    So remember this, we dont have to play by the same rules as you do. We have had to build our businesses in a world without any rules. We are tough, seasoned, brassy, fiercely competitive, razor sharp and laser focused. And we dont like to be fucked with by some one who doesn’t even use cannabis. Cannabis should be governed by the people who use it, and not by some suit in a boardroom looking at the sales revenues and stick dividends.

    This new system will eventually fail too. Its just another way the government and big industry have found to make a buck. The real sad part is that after the government is done making a big mess out of this, they will pull out, and we will have to rebuild it again.

    Go ahead and try to control cannabis. After all there is plenty of room for the corporations to play in. But dont think you and the government can steal our businesses from use and do the same things we have been going to jail for for 70 years, and get away with it. Not on our watch. We eat breakfast 300 yards from people who are trained to kill us, so don’t think for one second that you can come down here and make us nervous.

    You need to watch what you are saying about other people here on this website – some of those people might take offence.


  2. The most biased and agenda based article I’ve ever read. Stephen Harper might have wrote this himself…shame on you

    • Of course it had an agenda. The agenda is to ensure that “real” medical marijuana is available to those who need it when it becomes legal. Yes, it is biased. It is biased against criminal control of the marijuana industry. What’s your agenda? What’s your bias? What’s your argument for your position? Do you have an argument or are you one of those people who just like to carp and do so without facts, or for that matter, a without a plan backed by any common sense?

      • I find it strange that for many decades, (until just lately) you have stonewalled all medical research on any possible medical health benefits it may have. Instead you have sat back and watched the system lie to us, telling us that it causes mental illness. Even worse the pain and destruction caused to the entire family, (especially children) by blackballing fathers and ripping their families apart by causing divorces after throwing them in jail for lengthy unreasonable amounts of time ! After they’re released their careers are destroyed because they were burdened with a ” PERMANENT CRIMINAL ” record thereby causing a lifetime of further discrimination and complicating family vacations by restricting border crossings …. all just because they’d been ” ARRESTED ” for having the same plant that 3 US Presidents have admitted having on their person …. for well over a half a century …. and did nothing …. but now you expect me to believe …. suddenly your worried about the quality of a product that has been part of our daily lives for over 50 years because you just started growing it recently ? Give your head a shake …. Duh ….

        • 1. I have had this blog for about two years, not for three decades.
          2. I don’t give a damn about the strength or properties of marijuana sold for recreational purposes.
          3. I do care about pot shops peddling lies to some customers who may have a genuine need.
          4. I also care about criminals amassing wealth.
          5. When you commit a criminal act you get a criminal record, and deservedly so. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Nobody forced them to use, sell or grow an illegal product.


          • It just happened to me at Medicanna on Hastings in Vancouver. There is a psychologist there charging $90 to issue a fake prescription, I was denied by a licensed producer. The fact that they pretend to be legal and follow the set rules, yet further investigation finds they are not licensed by the city, and a psychologist is not legal to prescribe it! So here I stand after trying to be legal about using cannabis I now am out $90, I should of just gone to any number of the free dispensaries until it is legal this summer and saved myself the headache.

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