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The Nanaimo RCMP is reporting that it busted a nest of Red Scorpions on September 21. Let me rephrase that. The RCMP is reporting that it arrested five individuals and is charging those individuals with “Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking”. It did not report it as a mid-level Red Scorpion fentanyl bust. However, that is exactly what it was.

Here is the actual RCMP news release:

Mid-level Red Scorpion fentanyl bust


2015-09-24 13:22 PDT

File # 2015-25741

A joint Nanaimo RCMP Projects & Street Crimes Unit operation earlier this week, resulted in two search warrants being executed and a significant drug and cash seizure from a central Nanaimo residence. The search and subsequent arrest of 5 individuals resulted in the seizure of 87 grams of fentanyl and 61 grams of crack cocaine.

On Monday September 21st, search warrants were carried out on a home and vehicle, in the 2100 block of Bowen Rd. Five adults, two males and three females were arrested. Three of the five were later released on a Promise to Appear with police recommending charges of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, under the CDSA. The three adults are expected to appear in Nanaimo Provincial court on December 7th.

The remaining two adults, a 38 year male and 31 year old female, were remanded into custody.  They will make their first appearance in Nanaimo Provincial court on Friday September 25th. The male has been charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking x 2 and Possession of Stolen Property x 3. And the female has also been charged with two counts of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking. Stolen property charges against the male are the result of some electronics found during the search that are suspected of having been obtained from previous thefts or break and enters.

Investigators believe these arrests and drug seizures will cause a significant disruption in the sale and distribution of fentanyl. Fentanyl is linked to a number of fatal drug overdoses in the Nanaimo area, said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

Cst Gary O’Brien
Media Relations Officer/Crime Stoppers Coordinator
Nanaimo RCMP
w (250)755-3257
c (250)713-0701
[email protected]


Do you remember we talked in a previous blog posting about reading between the lines to gain a greater understanding of the news?

With that in mind, please allow me a few questions.

  • Who are the fentanyl kings of Vancouver Island? Red Scorpions
  • Who has the resources to acquire fentanyl cut directly from a “compressed block”? Put another way, who can buy a kilo of pure fentanyl from which to cut off chunks? Red Scorpions
  • Who has 87 grams of fentanyl available to them (If broken into single hits/fixes, that is $17,400)? Red Scorpions
  • Whose dope was it and who got arrested? This was a Red Scorpion fentanyl bust.

That logic is why you know it was a Red Scorpion fentanyl bust. It likely saved at least a few lives. Also, it put a few gang bangers at risk.

Red Scorpion fentanyl bust - the way gangs operate
I need my money, plus a stupid tax

Somebody is in a lot of trouble. And I’m not talking about trouble just from the cops or the courts. Those are the least of their problems.

This is the dope business and in the dope business you pay what you owe, or else. However, this is what these thugs signed up for when they decided they wanted to play the “big shot” and when they wanted to impress the women and have addicts grovel before them.

Their big problem is that they now owe for the dope and for the cash that the cops took from them. Additionally, they now owe a stupid tax. That’s an extra charge imposed by the gang heads because they can get away with it. And since the cops took their cash, they don’t have the money to pay. Remember, the press release mentioned a “significant drug and cash seizure“.

If I was a Red Scorpion and got called to Vancouver or Surrey to talk after a bust like this, I wouldn’t waste my money buying a round trip ticket.

Why do I think they owe and can’t pay? Because anybody dumb enough to have that much dope with them isn’t smart enough to have accumulated enough cash to have purchased the dope outright. Also, a dealer who had enough cash of his own to pay would probably have been flying solo, not feeling the need to join a gang.

Getting that much dope off of the street will save lives. This is a GREAT BUST for the RCMP, and it is one which the Red Scorpions will feel.

Red Scorpion fentanyl bust-dope train?It takes an idiot to sign aboard the “dope train”. And it takes a bigger idiot to do so as a member of a gang.

The dope business is a dead end street even for the top level guys. If you don’t believe me, then ask whoever is left from the Bacon Brothers. If your rivals don’t get you, somebody in the organization will.

The bigger you are, the greater your risk. Somebody will get jealous or paranoid and you will be found with a bullet in your back. But before you ever make it to the top level though, you’ll have to deal with the RCMP and with”dope sick” opiate addicts who will turn you in for $40 so they can get “unsick”.

The Addicts

The worst part is that you will not have a clue who turned on you. Think about it for a moment. The success of your business depends on you maximizing the numbers of customers. Yet every time that you add a new customer you add a potential “rat”. This is why the gang higher ups sell their poison to you cheap enough that you can make a decent profit with high volume. They want you to take the risks while they make the lion’s share of the profit.

Maybe a customer doesn’t turn on you. Instead, maybe one of them just gets careless. Or maybe a rival dealer decides he wants your customers? Or maybe you turn on yourself by doing something foolish, or maybe you just get unlucky one time. The point is, you will get caught at some point, and you will go to jail. Of course, that’s  if you don’t get dead first.

Why do I think that this bunch in the Red Scorpion fentanyl bust was dealing with “street level” addicts? We know they were because there is a “Possession of Stolen Property” charge. The stolen property likely came from “break and enters” that addicts then traded in for fentanyl or other dope. Can you spell “R-A-T-H-Y“?

Red Scorpion fentanyl bust rcmp with unknown prisonerOnce you become a RCMP target, your dealing days are done. This Red Scorpion fentanyl bust is an example.

For how long do you really think that you can dodge the RCMP? Look at its resources.

  • It can turn your customer on you for a few dollars worth of dope.
  • It gets your cell phone number from the phones or scraps of paper found on various addicts when it busts them. Then it track your cell phone location through pings.
  • It has undercover cars that can follow you. (When I was doing the undercover operation against the murderer Wyatt Prince, the cops were following me, told me they would be, and I still couldn’t spot them).
  • The RCMP can wiretap you. It can run the plates on whatever vehicle you might be in and throw up a moving surveillance on you or a stationary on your residence, all without you having a clue. This is why the bosses are so paranoid. This is why they use rental cars and move every few months. It’s also why they get new phones and numbers, sometimes weekly. You can’t replace your phone number though because your livelihood depends on addicts being able to call you.

Who do you have to fear? Your bosses, your customers, the general public, rival dealers, and the cops. And you think this is a way to make a living? As The Outlaw Josie Wales said, “Dying ain’t much of a living…

You need to stop selling your death before you are dead or in jail. That is the only way it can end.

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