More Than 25 Cars Burgled In Gangford

More Than 25 Cars Burgled In Gangford 1

Hey Stew, this is one of the types of crimes I have been warning you about. It’s what you have brought to town by ignoring the drug trade in STEWville. It is your duty to protect the people. First, I told you that your policies are inviting drug addicts to Langford because addicts always follow the dope. Secondly, I warned you addicts commit crimes. Now, more than 25 cars burgled in Gangford is a mere beginning.

The RCMP Called It A “Crime of Opportunity”

That is a ridiculous assessment. 25+ cars burgled is NOT a crime of opportunity. Unless the RCMP is saying that the criminal(s) were given the opportunity because Stew created that opportunity by not having enough police. Otherwise, these break-ins were NOT “crimes of opportunity that were easily avoidable“, as Cst. Berube stated.

A would be a thief happening upon an unlocked car or unlocked home would be a crime of opportunity. No, 25+ cars burgled was NOT a crime of opportunity. Instead, this was a plan to enter a particular neighborhood and steal everything of value in order to get money for drugs. Furthermore, it was NOT “easily avoidable. This was NOT the fault of the victims.

Stew And Crew Are Trying To Blame It On You. When You See 25+ Cars Burgled In One Neighbourhood, It Was An Organized Crime.

Don’t believe the spin about thieves taking advantage of unlocked cars either.  Locked cars were also burglarized. In fact, those who left their cars unlocked did not have to suffer the further indignity of having a window smashed in. This was not about “locked” or “unlocked” cars. This was NOT the fault of the victims.

Do you have any idea how quietly one can break into a car? Almost no noise would be generated by covering the head of a small hammer in fabric and then holding a nail punch to a window and striking that nail punch with the hammer. First, the window would quickly spider. Then it would fall into the car in one piece supported by the protective plastic film in which it is encased. Consequently, nobody would hear a thing.

I’ll Tell You How The Cars Were Really Targeted

Cars were targeted, not based on locked or unlocked as you were told. They were targeted based on whether or not the car had an alarm system and whether or not that alarm system was activated.  An alarm going off would have awakened at least some in the neighborhood.

I’m Starting To Wonder About RCMP Spokesman Cst. Alex Berube

Does This Guy Work For Stew Young Or For You?

Cst Alex Berube talks about cars burgled
  • Over a month ago I sent him a request for some crime statistics in the West Shore. He never as much as sent any response. It was as if I did not exist.
  • Furthermore, a few weeks ago Cst. Berube was spouting Stew Young’s line. The constable was trying to tell us that “significant resources” were being applied to the Devils Army. He knew better. He knew that West Shore RCMP did not even have the resources to conduct a viable surveillance.
  • Then, with 25+ cars burgled.And Cst Berube tries to blame it on the citizens.
  • Finally, he referred to this mass break in as a “crime of opportunity” when it is absolutely clear that it was a targeted crime. Again, he is just spouting the party line given him by Stew Young.

Do You Know What Else Is Ridiculous?

Being required to carry insurance papers in your car is about as absurd of a law as imaginable. Any cop who pulls you over can check your insurance by running your plate. Therefore, there is no need for you to have insurance papers in your car.

All that law accomplishes is to make theft of your identity an added risk in case of a car break-in. Thus, in effect, victimizing you all over again.  If the law wishes to insist on “proof of insurance”, why not a card with the information encoded on it? It would save paper too because the card could be updated when new insurance is purchased.

Stew Young Created This Crime Spree

Where are the bylaw enforcement personnel when you need them, in the middle of the night? stew young is lying about hiring more RCMP after cars burgled cartoon by Hal HannonOh, that’s right, they only work daytime. Too bad, they could have called this in.

Where are the RCMP Members Stew says he added to the force? Oh, that’s right; I almost forgot; those new Members are nonexistent, purely fictional.

More Crime Is On The Way

More crime is on the way Stew. Your stewardship of Langford reminds me of a Kevin Costner line from Field of Dreams. “Build it and they will come.” Well, you built it Stew. You built a perfect place for drug addicts and drug dealers, and they are coming.

As I Have Said Many Times Before, The Possible Solution For Gangford Is To Somehow Get Stew To Start Telling The Truth.

Stew needs to start focusing on crime instead of focusing on trying to polish his image. Here is a three part plan to solve the policing deficit.

  • First, Langford should attempt to negotiate with the City of Saanich to provide policing for Langford, much as Esquimalt did with the City of Victoria. If Saanich and Langford can reach an agreement, which they should be able to within a few months, provided Saanich is willing to come “on board”, Langford  will have a professional police force that is familiar with most of the criminals in Langford. Also, it will have canine units, intelligence units, and rapid response teams, etc. Of course, there is nothing to say that Victoria might not want to throw its hat in the ring. Please note that both cities have a vested interest in what goes on in STEWville and might see any policing contract as a way in which they could assume greater control over their own destiny. This is because the mangled management of Stew in regard to policing is exporting crime to their communities.
  • Secondly, the portion of the West Shore RCMP which is presently assigned to Langford should be absorbed into those other West Shore communities. Doing so would effectively beef up the police numbers within those municipalities.  As an added bonus, the Members consolidated into the other West Shore communities would already be familiar with the areas, the residents and a large number of the drug dealers and other criminals with whom they would be dealing.
  • Third, the City of Langford and those other West Shore communities should develop a joint plan that projects growth. Then they should proportionately budget for future police. Finally, those West Shore communities still being policed by the RCMP should immediately ask for more Members.

Devils Army Vs Gangford Vs Stew Young 2


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