Leon Sprlak Prolific Thief Arrested by RCMP

Leon Sprlak

Leon Sprlak is a prolific criminal. He specializes in car thefts and in break and enters. Unlike Braiden Rathy though, another break and enter specialist who the courts kept cutting loose, Leon Sprlak is also into fraud. Sprlak is heavily addicted to crystal meth. He has been terrorizing homeowners with his crimes in Nanaimo for the past fifteen years or more.

Nanaimo RCMP arrested Sprlak again. Sadly though, just as with Donald McKenzie, the crown and the courts keep cutting him loose to commit more crimes. It’s ridiculous, and it must be very frustrating for RCMP Members. Although, Nanaimo RCMP seems to be on a roll lately as this is the third or fourth “property crimes” guy it has taken off the street recently.

Leon Sprlak
Amanda Ward

Leon Sprlak was arrested with Amanda Ward

Looking at the CSO site, it is clear that Sprlak and Amanda Ward were arrested together. Both are charged with multiple counts of “Possession/Use of Stolen Credit Card”. People are relatively savvy about their credit cards these days, so one must figure these cards were from a very recent B & E.

Let’s take a look at the criminal record of Leon Sprlak

While the only charges I could find on Amanda Ward were those she just incurred with Sprlak, Sprlak’s record is a different matter all together. This is a violent guy who has made a career out of crime.  In fact, one of his three Facebook pages list “CRIME, INC.” as his occupation. You have to wonder if crown ever presents such information to the courts. I think mindset should be relevant in determining any “conditional release“.

Leon Sprlak
Leon Sprlak

Bear in mind that this record just represents the charges for which he has been caught and convicted. It does NOT come close to showing the extent of his crimes.

Every criminal commits multiple times the number of crimes for which they are actually caught and prosecuted.

  • Possession of Stolen Property Under $5,000, five separate counts
  • Possession of Stolen Property Over $5,000, three separate counts
  • Break and Enter, five separate counts
  • Possess Break-in Instrument, two counts
  • Uttering Threats, one count
  • Assault, two counts
  • Assault with a Weapon, one count
  • Breaches of court conditions, ten counts
  • Escape Lawful Custody, two counts
  • Willfully Resisting or Obstructing a Peace Officer, one count

Can we finally get crown and the courts to put this violent offender away for a number of years?

This clown just got out of jail after serving some portion of a one year sentence. Apparently, it did not make an impression on him because he immediately returned to crime.

Police have to be wondering what it takes to get many of our crown prosecutors to actually prosecute a criminal these days. Frankly, I have also wondered why every crook seems to get a break from crown counsel. Consequently, I sat down and came up with a theory.

Leon SprlakThere are a limited number of ways to practice criminal law. Either one can work for the prosecutor, or one can work for the defense. Therefore, a criminal law lawyer either works for the government or does not.

Those who work for the government are on a probable dead end path career wise. This is because there is little chance for advancement. Accordingly, there is a lack of will to perform at their job at any level above “acceptable”.  Additionally, these prosecutors must become bored with the rote practice of dealing with break and enters, car thefts, assaults, etc. Thus, with that boredom, comes a certain complacency.

Their job becomes pushing paperwork back and forth, filling out forms, showing up in court and talking to the same defense lawyers with whom they spoke yesterday and day before. They make arguments every court session that are almost as ingrained in them as is our national anthem.

Somehow, they need to see what our police see. Therefore, perhaps there should be a requirement that any crown prosecutor must do a “ride along” with the cops each month.

Leon Sprlak
Crown Should Do A Police Ride Along

Our police get an entirely different view of the world.

Make our crown witness our police at work. Make our crown see

  • The shattered and scared victim of an  assault by an abuser
  • The devastation from a sexual molestation or assault
  • Parents who no longer feels safe in their own home because of a break and enter
  • A child not understanding what happened to his X-box
  • The misery drugs are inflicting on a family
  • The closing of a business because burglars wiped out inventory
  • Neighbourhoods that are deteriorating because of drugs
  • The anger and hostility of many offenders whom the police encounter

Make crown see the dangers police encounter daily. Let them witness a violent arrest. Perhaps, if crown keeps getting refresher courses about victims and about the rigors of police work, they will reach back inside themselves and find the enthusiasm that was theirs on their first day of work. Then maybe they will take that enthusiasm to court with them and we might get crown to actually practice law rather than practice capitulation.

Leon Sprlak
Leon Sprlak Self Established Profile,  from Plenty of Fish

Something has to change right now though. Because until the culture changes, the public is left unprotected by the courts and the police are left frustrated and in greater danger than they should be.

READERS: Sprlak is in custody until his next court appearance on July 26. During the wait for that appearance, I’m sure his lawyer will be busy trying to work out a cushy deal for him. Don’t let it happen.

Call Nanaimo Crown today at 250.741.3711.  Demand a full and aggressive prosecution of Leon Sprlak. The guy is violent. He is a crystal meth addict, and he does break and enters. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before a home owner gets hurt or killed confronting Sprlak during one of his burglaries. It happened in Surrey, and it can happen in Nanaimo.


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