Peter Alexander Learned Nanaimo RCMP Never Rest

Nanaimo RCMP never rest

Prolific offender Peter Anthony Alexander got a lesson in “work ethic” from RCMP Member Donovan Tait. On May 7th, the manhunt for drug addict Peter Alexander ended and Alexander learned Nanaimo RCMP never rest. Alexander was chased down and arrested by off duty Nanaimo RCMP Member, Sgt. Donovan Tait. I love this story because it shows the spirit of dedication of most RCMP Members.

RCMP Never Rest
Peter Anthony Alexander

It is especially sweet because of who Peter Alexander is. This guy has been a one man crime spree. His court sheet on the CSO site shows thirty-two entries. His charges include robbery, break and enter, uttering threats, and assault causing bodily harm. And that doesn’t include his “firearm” charges. At the time of his arrest, he was wanted on SEVEN OUTSTANDING OFFENSES. He is a very dangerous dude.

Alexander has been in the news before

Those of you who follow the news may remember Alexander as the jerk who stole $60,000 worth of visual arts equipment from Vancouver Island University last summer. Caught and convicted for that offence, unbelievably, he served only nine months in jail.

Will our liberal judges ever learn? Their duty is to protect the public. And the word “protect” doesn’t just refer to physical safety. It also refers to our property.

According to the Nanaimo RCMP news release

Alexander was caught climbing out of a window and Sgt. Tait was returning from a Tour de Rock promotion in Victoria.

The word from jail

The story gets even better when you hear what Alexander had to say to his jail buddies. He was chased down and caught by a cop wearing flip-flops. Alexander says he heard the guy say, “Police”, but the guy had no weapon and was wearing civies and flip-flops. Supposedly, he thought he was being jacked [robbed]. He found out the hard way that the Nanaimo RCMP never rest.

Nanaimo RCMP never restI’d love to know the back story [There is always a back story]

From Alexander’s conversations with his jail buddies, we know that Sgt. Tait was out of uniform. I do not mean to imply anything sinister here, quite the opposite.

Since it was obviously not some kind of undercover operation to start with [Remember, the Member was returning home from Victoria], there is an element of bravery and dedication that the Nanaimo RCMP seems too modest to tell us.

  • What brought Sgt. Tait to this house when he was off duty?
  • Why was Tait stationed by a back window when out of uniform?
  • Were there no uniformed Members available?

The RCMP never rest; they do “arrest” though, even in flip-flops

Nanaimo RCMP never sleepKudos to Sgt. Tait. He took on a violent criminal who was known to carry firearms. He did so when Tait, himself, was obviously not armed.

What cop runs around off duty in civies and flip-flops with their service weapon strapped to their side? That did not happen and that is why this is called DEDICATION. [Update 05-12-2016 Sgt. Tait was wearing shorts too]

When murderer Wyatt Prince gets out of jail and comes for me, as he tells his cellmates he will, I take comfort in knowing that people of the caliber of the RCMP will have my back.


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