New Years Goals & Resolutions

New Years Goals & Resolutions 2

This posting is about my New Year’s Resolution and my goals. You should also have both.

My New Year’s Resolution:

To do something every day to advance at least one of my goals.

My goals:

1 To be part of the solution to helping reduce child abuse through reporting it and talking about it.
2 To be part of the solution to helping reduce abuse of women through reporting it and talking about it.
3 To make the world aware of the ignorant and unnecessary statements of Madam Justice Susan Griffin during the murder trial of Wyatt Evan Prince.
4 To make the world aware of how dangerous Wyatt Evan Prince is.
5 To see non-user dealers of illegal drugs finally start being sentenced to prison terms commensurate with their crimes which I believe is tantamount to murder.
6 To offer whatever assistance I can to drug addicts who sincerely want to get clean, and to do so through being available via email and through the use of social media.
7 To be a force in helping to keep our youth away from addiction.

Do you want to help?  If so, just jump on board.  After all, you have the power.  Your power is in your voice.  Make yourself heard.  Let the sound of your outrage echo throughout the land until, the lawmakers and the courts can no longer run from the truths that cripple society.   Social media is the must powerful tool ever invented.

Within ten days it brought the Times Colonist newspaper and Louise Dickson to their knees. It forced them to pull a piece of unprofessional journalism from their web site, and that was just my voice going after that media.  Imagine the results when you, your friends and all those whom you touch join the battle. You will be an unstoppable force.

Take to Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram and to every form of social media.

Let me hear your voice in 2015. Let me salute your victory.
New Year's Resolution to be part5 of the solution

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