Norteños And Lorraine Anderson Are Both Scary

Lorraine Anderson

By now you may have read about the 52 year old woman, Lorraine Anderson, who got busted in Esquimalt with guns, dope, stolen property and gang ties to Norteños.  She was caught with $100,000 worth of stolen property.  Ten years of drug dealing led to this inevitable moment and her alignment with Norteños.

Norteños gang members
Picture of U.S. Norteños gang members

I have been warning you about Norteños for almost two years now

Norteños is real.  They are in Victoria, and they are a threat.  Now that they are linked to Lorraine Anderson they are even more of a threat to you, and more of a threat to grow bigger. [More on her later]

  • First, I told you about Norteños when some of their crew were arrested at the Rock Bay Landing shelter.
  • Then, when Lisa Helps started tent city and promoted its growth, I warned that they would descend on tent city, and they did.
  • Next, when the tenters moved to the Johnson street facility, I told you that violence and gangsterism would follow them.  Accordingly, that facility is now causing more problems than did tent city.
  • Further, when Lisa Helps insisted on allowing and even promoting pot shops all over Victoria I warned her that Norteños would be part of the fight for control of her illegal pot shops, and they are.
  • Finally, I even told you how to slow the Canadian expansion of Norteños.
trailer full of stolen goods
Part of the $100,000 in stolen goods recovered from Lorraine Anderson’s property

So, who is Lorraine Anderson?

Lorraine has been dealing dope in the Esquimalt area for a decade now.  So, do not let the photo of her on the front piece fool you.  Additionally, do not be tricked by her street name, “Grandma”.  Lorraine’s reputation is one of being vengeful.

Moreover, her friendships include people like murderer Wyatt Prince.  The word on the street is that she supports/supported Wyatt in prison.

So, don’t cross her, or else.  Accordingly, with that pedigree, her ties to Norteños are not unexpected. Additionally, with her evident fondness for Wyatt Prince, you can imagine how she feels about me after I helped put Prince’s sorry as* in jail.

With Lorraine Anderson and Norteños linked she is even more dangerous

Until recently, Lorraine Anderson wasn’t know for being in possession of weapons.  The simple threat of sending one of a hundred different dope addicts, or her evil son, Jamie Lee Whitney, out to get you was enough.  By deduction, now that Grandma is linked to Norteños, that violent, criminal son is also linked.

Lorraine Anderson's son. Jamie Whitney
Jamie Lee Whitney

Here is a slightly abridged statement about Jamie Whitney from

This guy is a small time street punk roamin around victoria bc downtown core. Every woman hes ever been wit hes abused mentally, physically and emotionally. Dude is a Pedophile and a str8 Rapeist. How punks like this even get girls i have no idea. I personally know 2 women hes punched and knocked out and have fled victoria to not be around this sad excuse of a man! hes got a kid he never sees cuz the moms str8 scared of the guy which aint cool at all…

Gossip aside, Whitney’s record is almost beyond belief

He has been convicted of multiple assaults.  Additionally, he has various drug convictions, both for trafficking and possession.  Finally, there are the charges which are under a publication ban.  Disgustingly, those types of charges typically involve crimes against women and/or children.

I don’t know about guys, but I personally know several women who are scared to death of him.  He is even more scary now that his most recent charges are for possession of a firearm.  I think we can thank Norteños for that.

Whitney’s record makes me wonder about a couple of things.  First, how can judges keep letting him out to commit that many crimes?  Secondly, how can anybody be stupid enough to get caught that many times?

So, why is all this gang activity happening?

Make no mistake about it.  The Norteños connections were created by Lisa Helps’ open invitation to gangs and criminals.  I warned that her tent city and her pot shops would bring these kind of problems.

You cannot invite pot shops without inviting criminals

So now, thanks to Lisa Helps, we have a dangerous alignment between Jamie Whitney, Lorraine Anderson and Norteños.


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  1. you dumb goof Hal your the ignorant one publication bans can be for anything at all if your lawyer request for a number of reasons …. not backing whitney but,,, your assumptions and accusations against him becuz of a pub ban. cleary proves how full of shit and little you know about him… and why and how bans are used u dumb shit talking goof..not to mention u making up shit when u clearly don’t know anything your probly the one with bad beefs and skeletons ur so busy pointing the finger at others when the only thing u should be pointing is a shotgun at your own face and please make sure you don’t miss.. save us from your completely fabricated “news” spreading lies and slander hiding like a coward no facts all ignorant ramblings from some old goof of his meds gaurentee this guys a bitch

    • I will attempt to educate you and hope that you are not too far gone down the road of stupidity and hate to actually be capable of understanding.

      1). While a lawyer might ask for a publication ban on any matter for any number of reasons, it does not follow that the judge will grant one. That is why it is called “asking”. DUH!

      2). Additionally, publication bans might even be imposed by the judge at his/her own instigation for a number of reasons. For instance, although there are additional reasons, a ban might be imposed as a matter of law so as not to possibly corrupt a jury pool or so as not to possibly influence an already sitting jury.

      3). The types of bans I refer to in my blog about Mr. Whitney and his mother are bans at the most basic level of the court proceedings, not just bans against media publication of certain details, but bans wherein the officially published court record does not simply hide details of the crime, but hides the actual charges themselves. This is normally done to protect the defendant from being ostracized by the public because the crime he/she is accused of committing is so odious that it might endanger the accused or bring him/her under unfair public enmity if found “not guilty”. These types of crimes are MOST often sexual or violent crimes against a minor or a woman. Thus, I ABSOLUTELY STAND BY MY REPORTING.

      Now that you have been corrected on bans, please inform the readers exactly what you believe I made up.

      Regarding your “fabricated news” comment, the arrests and charges of which I spoke are a matter of public record.

      Regarding your accusation of me being a coward and a bitch, I publicly own up to exactly what it is I do, including working undercover to bring a murderer, Wyatt Prince [ ], to justice. YOU ARE THE COWARD AND THE BITCH, hiding behind anonymity. Give us your name, clown.

      Regarding your snide comment about me being off my meds, you might check your kitchen drawers for your anti-psychotics which you are obviously missing. Now, toddle along child.

  2. Lmfaooooo u dumb as shit!!! I’m close with everyone u talked shit with & Jamie is not a woman or child abuser, he helped shelter me…

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