Pot Dealers Will Now Determine Victoria’s Future

Pot Dealers being robbed

The result of Victoria licensing pot shops is that it has effectively turned the future of Victoria over to pot dealers. Do you recall when I warned you that pot shops would spark violence in Victoria? Then we had three armed robberies of pot shops and two armed home invasions.

Now, look at what just happened a few days ago in Vancouver. It is a sign of things to come in Victoria.

Pot Dealer robbers' pictures
These robbers didn’t even cover their faces. That makes me believe they might be from out of province. If so, we have outside gangsters invading BC just to rob pot shops. First Vancouver, next Victoria

Vancouver now has people coming from out of town to target pot dealers and the level of violence is escalating

Look at these excerpts from a CTV News piece

“It’s not worth that kind of physical risk to try to fight back.”

The armed robbers then let two more people into the store by its back door, and the four suspects grabbed everything they could.

“It’s brutal, it’s brutal,” store owner David Malmo-Levine said.

The thieves, who forced Coward to open the shop’s safe, made off with “almost everything,” he said, including thousands of dollars of cash and products.

Although Coward complied with their demands, one of the suspects punched him hard in the jaw, leaving his face a bit swollen days later.

Sunday’s was the dispensary’s third robbery. The first time it was hit was just a few months after opening last spring.”

Pot shops represent short term t5hinking Now that Victoria is a criminal enterprise, you are looking at its future. Armed robbers and gangs invading from neighboring cities or provinces.

City Council has ignored the law and given us short term gain for long term pain. It’s supposed to be the other way around. But sadly, here is the future with pot dealers being licensed. What astounds me is the silence of our news media.

The problems with the pot shops run deeper than just their illegality. They will also drag down the commerce in the area immediately surrounding them. This is because of the nature of their business.
It is also because of thoughtless rules imposed by the city. These rules have been imposed only out of the need to control businesses that never should have been allowed to open in the first place.
pig with lipstick
All these rules are designed to make you believe that city council is being prudent. The rules are useless and contrary to smart business. And they wouldn’t be needed if Victoria did not have crime magnets and neighborhood destroying pot shops.

Here are some of those rules and what is wrong with them

  • Pot shops are allowed only restricted signage. Accordingly, they will just be bland buildings similar to strip malls.
  • Retailing requires window displays the pop with pizazz. But pot shops won’t have window displays.
  • Proper retailing also requires a focus on shops and wares that bring buying customers to a certain area. Therefore, in the ideal retailing environment, Aunt Mable’s Fudge Shoppe attracts the type of customer that might like Royalty Fashions. These, in turn attract customers for Dandy Dan’s Duds or Betty’s Bakery.
  • There is a symbiotic relationship with each store feeding the other. Pot shops will only attract patrons who have little or no interest in the other stores.
  • It gets worse. With restricted signage, these pot shops will find other ways to promote their businesses. They will advertise on the internet to attract customers. Of course, the customers they attract won’t be interested in fudge or baked goods. They will only want to get high.

Then there is the idiocy of the rule that pot shops must have safes

The safe was no use in the takeover robbery in Vancouver (see story above) and it won’t be any use in Victoria either. Safes are designed to stop burglars, not armed robbers.

just_when_i_thought_they_couldnt_get_any_stupider_copyIt gets even dumber yet. The city has declared that pot shops will not be allowed to do anything but sell pot. They won’t even be allowed an ATM. So, they can’t have an ATM, but they can sell recreational pot like shatter and hashish and pretend it’s medicinal. Does this make sense to you?

Example of Deteriorating Downtown
Victoria’s streets will soon lose foot traffic and the shops will leave downtown for the malls as property values decline and retailers lose money

The net result of all this will be a deteriorating downtown

The grim reality is that certain stores won’t want to be next to a pot shop. But Lisa Helps and cronies have outlined a licensing process that intentionally leaves those other stores out of the decision. They will have no choice but to allow the pot dealers as neighbors.

Even those stores that might be tolerant of pot stores will be driven away because of a lack of customers. And with those stores gone, the tourists will not come in the same numbers as before.

Good-bye tourists

As those stores surrender their leases, other less desirable retailers will replace them. Obviously, then the stores that replace them will be stores which believe they can benefit from the pot shop traffic. The area will fill with cigarette shops and “mom and pop” grocers, etc.

Consequently, tourists will be further dissuaded. Accordingly, they will no longer frequent the immediate area. Property values will begin to decline, and buildings will fall into visual, if not actual, disrepair.

Ben Franklin quoteThere is an agenda, but no plan for the city

Lisa Helps has no plan. She only has an agenda, and her agenda is to experiment with whatever idea pops into her head.

Pot dealers don’t care about the neighborhood. You need to stop Lisa Helps and the pot shops now.  If you don’t, the quaint city you loved and called home will be replaced by what Lisa Helps calls progress. Historical values and tradition will be replaced by a future defined by the next shortsighted agenda she can push through City Council.

This is the future Lisa Helps and Victoria City Council have created


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