Pot Shop Questions Lisa Helps Must Answer

Tell me lies cartoon by Hal Hannon

With the Times Colonist pushing Lisa Helps’ agenda and with the City of Victoria having begun a licensing process for illegal marijuana outlets, here are some pot shop questions Lisa Helps must answer.

Lisa Helps claptrap by Hal Hannon
Concerned Mother Questions Lisa Helps on Proliferation of Pot Shops and on Tent City Plans and Gets a Thoughtless Answer

Make no mistake about it.  This is going to be a disaster.

The decision on recreational and medical marijuana storefronts has the ability to forever define your future.  It can also define the future of Victoria.

Under law, all pot shop employees and owners are criminals.

This is because they are involved in retailing a currently illegal product.

That aside for a moment, how many Victoria pot shops have had their employees and owners subjected to any criminal record check?


How many of the current Victoria pot shops are already controlled by biker gangs?  How about other established criminal organizations?  If not directly owned by those gangs or organizations, how many are controlled through straw men of these criminal organizations?

I know of at least three.  But nobody knows how many more.  The RCMP doesn’t know.  The Victoria Police Department doesn’t know.  And neither city council, nor Lisa Helps knows.


Biker gangs and criminal organizations strong arm businesses involved in vice to gain control of them

They often do so through armed robberies and armed home invasions.  These have become prevalent of late in Victoria.  Therefore, is the recent rash of armed incursions part of an effort by these groups to establish control over pot shops?

Only the gangs know for sure, but common sense tells you that is the case.

How many of Victoria’s pot shop buy their wares from motorcycle gangs, organized crime and/or other illegal grow ops?

Obviously, every single one


Will the public or anybody else have a clue as to the medicinal value of any marijuana purchased from these pot shops?

Not with their supplies coming from biker gangs and criminal grow ops. Supplies need to come from authorized growers like Tilray in order to know.


Would initiating any licensing regime that does not control who is allowed to work in or own a pot shop, as well as who controls the supply chain assure that motorcycle gangs like Langford Mayor Stew Young’s Devils Army and the Hells Angels or other organized crime groups such as the Red Scorpions or Norteños are not benefiting from Victoria’s pot shops?

Absolutely not


What is the message sent to our youth about the “rule of law” when Victoria openly allows pot shops to exist in violation of the federal law?

That was a rhetorical question


How many people who respond to Lisa Helps’ online questionnaire actually live in Victoria?  There is no way to know.

How many are pot heads and friends who are attempting to skew the results?  Again, there is no way to know.

How many are involved in pot shops already and voting their monetary interests?  Yet again, there is no way to know.

Finally, how many are biker gang members or other organized crime members who will profit from pot shops?

Nobody knows, so the poll, as Lisa Helps is aware, means nothing.  It is simply smoke and mirrors that she intends to use as a ploy to foist her agenda on you.

Victoria Pot Shop Crime Wave by Hal Hannon

Victoria has already experienced the beginning of a crime wave due to these pot shops

In the last several months, among other lesser offenses, there have been:

  1. three armed robberies of pot shops.
  2. two armed home invasions of drug dealers.
  3. an additional armed robbery of an unspecified downtown business.
  4. another attempted armed robbery downtown.

What was Lisa Helps’ brilliant response when asked about her crime wave?

People don’t rob places because they’re bad, people rob places because they’re desperate.” – City of Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps. – October 29, 2015.

That is just an absurd statement. We are talking about organized criminal gangs, not about individuals who needed a dope fix.  It is the same mentality which created TENT CITY that misleads Lisa Helps with her pot shops.  Biker gangs, pot shops and medical marijuana cannot exist together without affecting your safety, your way of life, your children, crime, downtown business, and Victoria’s tourism.

Victoria's Illegal Pot Shops Supplied by Biker Gangs

Mayor Helps should not license pot shops.  I profoundly disagree with Victoria allowing pot shops in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada.  Nevertheless, since they insist on doing so here are some absolute prerequisites for any “regulatory regime”.

  • Determine how many shops will be allowed.  Then institute strict signage, strict zoning regulations and strict product display regulations.
  • Consult with the Downtown Victoria Business Association, the Victoria Police Department and Tourism Victoria in the creation of these regulations.  Leave the Times Colonist’s editors out of decision.
  • Require potential licensees to submit an application to open a pot store. Perhaps have a “license award” process that is done by lottery once any application has been approved for inclusion in that lottery.

    Lisa Helps Forces Illegal Pot Shops on Citizens by Hal Hannon

  • Demand an extensive criminal record check on owners and employees before any submission is allowed for inclusion in the lottery.
  • Mandate a yearly followup criminal record check on employees and owners.
  • Additionally

  • Forbid current pot shop owners or employees from entering that lottery.  [These owners and employees have already proven that they have zero regard for the federal laws about marijuana.  Therefore there is no reason to believe that they are not already associated with a criminal organization.  And there is no reason to think that they will have any regard for whatever guidelines the City of Victoria might impose.  This is especially true since they are already acting outside of the scope of their current business license.]
  • Create a license/contract agreement.  That agreement will establish the fact that the business license is at the sole discretion of the City of Victoria.  It will forbid the right of the licensee to bring legal action.  Additionally, it will state that the license is revocable for what the City of Victoria considers to be any violation of its terms.  Further, it will grant the City of Victoria the right to cancel the license should the city at any future date decide on an alternate distribution system.
  • Impose a list of acceptable suppliers subject to change at the sole discretion of the Victoria Police Department.

Those are my opinions

What are yours?

You may post your comments below

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  1. Hal i miss spelled your name i put gal insted of hal its hard going throw life a disabilty it makes harder when you wrire stuff about people that isnt true i never tryed to stab you or threaten to kill you or imtimadate crown wittness it was proven in court keep it real not fiction peace lesile beaudry or blair beaudry they are both mine and proud. And innocent i am suing u for all the untrue you told people about me defermation suit. 4 real you are damaging my name with your made up stories about stuff that never took place

    • I fear that Lisa Helps will not let her agenda go, despite the risk factors and the lack of any medical assurance of quality or usefulness for medical marijuana. Thanks for your comment.

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