Protect Victoria From Criminals and Lisa Helps

Protect Victoria

You need to step up now. And you need to protect Victoria from the city issuing business licenses to people it knows are criminals. Look at Vancouver and see what has occurred with biker gang connections to its pot shops. Biker gangs have a deep history in pot. Now the City of Victoria is about to license these biker gangs and other criminals to violate the law, and it admits it. Worse yet, it is about to do it in your name.

In doing this, it is about to invite more violence. Violence and crime are what occur when you license criminals to run illegal businesses in town. Victoria is about step over a line, a line that once crossed, can NEVER be un-crossed.

Protect Victoria
Lisa Helps is an active danger to the charm & character of beautiful Victoria

The city is about to license recreational marijuana and call it medical marijuana. It is about to lie in your name and make the city liable for tens of millions of dollars.

We need to stop this now. You need to help stop this now. The city simply needs to wait for the legalization of recreational pot. But our activist mayor, Lisa Helps, refuses to wait.

Therefore, this posting is about filing a “Class Action” lawsuit against the city. We are not seeking money. Instead, we are trying to protect Victoria. Thus, the goal of the suit is to stop the city from licensing illegal pot shops, and thereby, bringing more crime and costing you more money.

Protect Victoria
Criminals are licensed to dispense “medical advice”

The city calls these shops “medical”. However, when you read the proposed city regulations, you will understand the “medical” designation is a sham.

Accordingly, these shops are, and will be, nothing more than simple pot outlets and crime magnets. There are 38 of them at present.

The grim reality of what these criminals sell

They lace their weed with foreign substances, even fentanyl, to make it more addiction. The only thing medical about some of it is that you will need medical attention after using it.

Here is a case in point from the Vancouver Sun. “In January, one of four young students from Kitsilano high school smoking pot at Jericho Park had to be taken to the children’s hospital to treat hallucinations. Another said the pot had been purchased at the Weeds Glass + Gifts store on West Fourth Avenue, according to the court documents.”

Let’s return to the legal end though

If the city were to close down the existing pot shops without licensing them, it would NOT have a large legal problem. However, once the city issues them licenses to sell medical pot, that all changes. Because at that moment the city can no longer say that those shops are acting outside of the bylaws. This is due to the fact that the bylaws the city is proposing do not define medical pot.

Protect VictoriaRight now, Vancouver is defending itself from multiple lawsuits brought by pot shops. Additionally, it is having to defend itself from a charter challenge. And that would be the good side of the future for Victoria if the city’s reckless disregard for the law is not halted now.

Once licensed, Victoria could be liable for tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits if the city attempts to close any or all of those pot shops. Shortsightedly, Victoria is constructing bylaws to license these illegal pot shops.

Some on city counsel might actually be grateful that you sued to enjoin the city from issuing licenses

Many of Victoria’s pot shops have already hired high powered Victoria lawyers on a retainer. These shops have prepared in case they ever face a “day of reckoning”.

The best legal excuse the city can have for not issuing licenses is that it was under a court order not to do so. They will recognize and appreciate the fact that you helped fund a legal action to protect Victoria.

Here is reality for Victoria if you fail to do your part. Read the quote from

A week ago, the city [Vancouver] announced it filed the necessary paperwork in B.C. Supreme Court to seek injunctions against 17 pot shop operators who continue to operate in defiance of the city’s new business licence regulations.

Protect Victoria
Pot shops, day care centres and schools

You need to protect Victoria and yourself

Currently, as stated, Victoria has 38 pot shops. According to the city, none of these shops have a license to sell pot. However, a handful do have a license to dispense “medical advise”.

Now, think about that. We have individuals, probably with zero medical training, licensed to dispense medical advice. This is ridiculous.

It gets worse though. Absurdly, the thirty or so shops that are not authorized to give medical advice do not even have a business license.

That is what our city calls “governance”. We need to force our city counsel members to manage responsibly.

Protect Victoria
Tourists shopping in downtown Victoria

These pot shops will destroy the city

Those businesses next door to a pot shop, or in proximity to pot shop, will probably not renew their leases. Would you?  Then, they will disappear from downtown.

Thus, over a period of time, the types of businesses that support the community or tourism will all gradually disappear. The rents will decline and businesses that support drug use will take over the downtown. Our downtown will change.

  • The character of the downtown will be destroyed
  • Traditional businesses in the city will disappear
  • The safety of the city will be compromised
  • Tourism will suffer
Protect Victoria
Victoria is guilty, but unrepentant

Moreover, the city is doing this despite the fact that it admits it has received a litany of complaints such as these

  • increased foot traffic surrounding businesses
  • nuisance to nearby businesses, potentially impacting their customers
  • odour, food safety and other health issues
  • exposure of young persons to the sale of marijuana
  • infiltration of organized crime [Author’s note: Criminals control through “straw men”. These are individuals who pretend to be owners while the real owners remain in the background.]
  • sale to persons without medical need

Set aside all the above issues momentarily. A recent ruling from Ottawa makes it crystal clear that Victoria has no valid reason to license pot shops

On August 11 of this year, Ottawa announced new rules regarding medical pot. Effective August 24 of this year, anybody can grow pot for their own medical needs.

I am absolutely in favor of medical pot. Therefore, I am delighted about this. Accordingly, I applaud the new rules.

Protect Victoria
Health Canada Quote about laws against selling pot

As a Canadian who might be in need of medical pot, you now have several options. And there are only a few simple requirements.

First, the amount you are allowed to grow will be determined by your medical prescription. Accordingly, the greater the amount your doctor prescribes, then the greater the number of plants you will be permitted to grow.

Secondly, you may designate a third party to grow for you. Of course, who is allowed to be a third party comes with some common sense rules. Rule one, the designated grower is not allowed to grow for more than two people. That includes himself. Rule two, the designated grower must pass a criminal background check. This check will primarily look for any dope related conviction within the last ten years.

Third, If you prefer, you may purchase from one of the 34 Health Canada approved producers.

Finally, you must purchase the seeds or plants to start a home grow program from one of those 34 Health Canada approved producers.

Protect VictoriaObviously, with those new Health Canada regulations, Victoria has no need to license medical pot

Accordingly, Lisa Helps has no need to continue her “medical pot” charade.

The city needs to abandon its licensing plans. If it does not, Victoria will have crime and lawsuit problems.

Now, let’s look at the many problems with the city’s proposed bylaws

Protect Victoria

Read the red “Warning” sign. It is a quote from the city. In it the city admits it is authorizing businesses to break the law

The city then gives an absolutely absurd cop out quoted below

“However, the city has no authority to regulate the sale of controlled substances such as marijuana; accordingly this report recommends land use and business regulations and does not seek to regulate the product itself.”

Obviously, with the authority to regulate land use, the city could simply forbid businesses to run a business that violates the law.

If you or I used the same logic to authorize crime in our basement suite we would have our property seized and go to jail.

Again now, read the red “Warning” sign

The city admits that these pot shops are breaking the law. Therefore, the people running them and owning them are breaking the law. Thus, those people are criminals. Still, the city is saying that it intends to give them business licenses. The city plans to  give criminals a business license with which to conduct criminal businesses within the city.

Protect Victoria
Our message to Lisa Helps

We need to protect Victoria. Therefore, among other facts, the application for an injunction will cite these facts

Authority issues

  1. Federal law prohibits the sale of pot except by federally authorized growers. Therefore, the City of Victoria does not have the legal authority to license pot shops.
  2. The city does not have the legal authority to regulate prescriptions.
  3. It is illegal to deposit the proceeds of federal crime into a federally regulated bank. Accordingly, the city has no way to protect the businesses from being targeted by criminals. These businesses will have no way to safely deal with their cash and the crooks know it. Logically, there are only three places their cash can be. One, they can keep in their home. Two, can keep it in their business. Three, they can keep it on their person.

Medical issues

  1. The proposed bylaw does not set standards for the level of active properties which can earn a “medical designation”. Therefore, the city would have no way to know if those in need of medicinal weed are actually getting an effective medicine. Accordingly, the city would actually be putting those in need of medical pot at risk.
  2. The city imposes no regulation as to the “testing standards” to determine medical quality of any pot.
  3. The city does not have the necessary medical expertise to regulate who should be allowed to dispense medical prescriptions. Just think about who it has already licensed to dispense “medical advice”.
Protect Victoria
Pot shop supply chain under Lisa Helps

Criminal involvement and other issues

According to the federal government, Victoria just posted the 3rd highest rise in crime of any Canadian city. Therefore, it is obvious that the city is on the wrong path. Here are even more issues with the current path to the licensing of pot shops.

  1. There are no “supply chain” regulations to ensure lack of criminality in procuring the pot. Therefore, most, if not all pot, will be supplied by outlaw bikers. Read what the CFSEU says.
  2. The proposed regulations do not have adequate protections from criminality in the management of the outlets.
  3. The proposed regulations do not have adequate protections to ensure lack of criminality in the ownership of the outlets.
  4. Pot shops will destroy the character of downtown Victoria.
  5. Protect VictoriaPot shops will be harmful to tourism and to legitimate neighboring businesses. Do you want your dress shop or children’s clothing shop next door to a pot shop?
  6. There has been no study done to ascertain the effects the licensing would have on the city. We need such a study.
  7. There has been no study done to project the cost versus income of licensing. For instance, how much will be added to policing costs? Remember, Victoria got stuck with a $113,000 bill for extra policing of tent city. Moreover, that amount did not include the costs for the regular police budget dedicated to tent city. The city has just made up a number for the pot shops, but without a study it doesn’t have a clue. We need a study.
  8. There has been no report issued by the RCMP or VicPD regarding the possible affects of licensing. Imagine if you were responsible to the citizens. Would you want a police study?

Protect VictoriaVictoria is about to jump into licensing pot shops without any clue as to what it is doing. So, we must protect Victoria from itself

There is ample evidence that medical pot is mostly run by gangs. Notorious Langford drug kingpin, Ali Ziaee was sentenced recently. According to BC’s gang unit, it found evidence of a medical pot grow op at the time of his arrest.

Protect VictoriaYou have the power to protect Victoria. It is time to do so

Accordingly, we have started a Protect Victoria GoFundMe page. The purpose of the page is to stop the city from its reckless actions.

Also, we are hiring a Victoria lawyer. We will instruct him/her to file for an injunction against the City of Victoria. That injunction will ask the courts to temporarily forbid the city from licensing pot shops to violate federal law.

Protect Victoria
Already Victoria has had 3 armed robberies at pot shops

As stated earlier, the City of Victoria now has 38 pot shops

Just in the last year or so, those pot shops have created three armed robberies. Moreover, one of those armed robberies resulted in a police chase through the streets of Victoria. Additionally, there have been two armed home invasions.

You need to join this lawsuit

This suit is open to the class of people who might be negatively affected by a pot shop. You qualify if you believe you will be damaged because of your proximity to a pot shop. This might be because you own a business, because you are a landlord or even because you are an employee. You can protect yourself and your business while you protect Victoria.

Join the lawsuit. Your time for action is now. It won’t cost you a cent unless you decide to donate. That said, we could use your donation. We need your help to protect Victoria.

Ptotect VictoriaIf you are in favor of medical marijuana, please realize that the City of Victoria is destroying its credibility within the medical community by allowing regular pot to masquerade as medicinal pot.

Folks, I have invested countless hours and put up my own money to start this because I care about Victoria. Now, if you care about your business, it is time for you to make an investment.

Please do all of these three things so that you can help protect Victoria and yourself.

  1. Join the law suit
  2. Make a contribution to the GoFundMe page
  3. Share this on social media

It time to protect Victoria. It is time to take our city back. Join us, please.

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