Rapist, Brandon Seguin’s Evil Fan Speaks

Twila Miller does not appear in this picture

In another scoop on other media [several days ahead of them], I identified Brandon Seguin as the perpetrator of a recent series of criminal activity.  I then received the below discussed quote/comment from Twila Miller, a reader of my Facebook page.

First she tried to defend Brandon Seguin

At first she and I engaged in a discussion as she attempted to defend Brandon Seguin.  He is  a rapist, bank robber, and car thief whom I have featured many times on my blog.  Then she left a hateful comment on my plea for the working girls who find themselves trapped in a world of drugs and abuse.  This is how rapist, Brandon Seguin’s evil fans speak and demonstrate their ignorance.

[Author’s Acknowledgement]

In Previous statements about Twila Miller, I saw “PSP” on her criminal record and mistakenly believed that it stood for “Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking”. It does not. It stands for Possession of Stolen Property. I sincerely apologize if misidentifying her conviction caused her any embarrassment, and I have corrected this blog posting to reflect her actual crimes.

Now, take a glimpse into Twila Miller’s twisted mindset with a few pictures from her Facebook page

Brandon Seguin fan Twila Miller's criminal record
Classless and violently sexualized fantasies of self images which Twila Miller posts on her Facebook page while calling others “filthy whores”


Having failed in her defense of Brandon Seguin, here is Twila Miller’s self-revealing, angry outburst.  It comes in the form of a hate speech praising serial killer Robert Pickton.

the world needs more people like Robert Pickton to take care of the situation and wipe out all those filthy druggie whores off the face of the earth.

Understand Twila Miller’s depraved statements.

Do you want to understand the insensitivity of Twila Miller? Do you remember that serial killer Robert Pickton? He is the Vancouver pig farmer convicted of killing prostitutes.  Then he fed their bodies to his pigs. Normally, I would not allow that type of comment on my Facebook.   However, I left it for all to see the evidence of Twila Miller’s depravity.

What Twila Miller does NOT tell you in her hate speech lauding Robert Pickton or in her vile comments about “filthy druggie whores” is that she was found guilty of two criminal counts, including fraud.

When I run across people who have been convicted of fraud, yet have no pictures of themselves on their Facebook page, it makes me wonder. Are they afraid a possible victim might recognize their face.  After all, it is called “FACEbook” for a reason.

Robert Pickton’s Victims Had Families

Shame on Twila Miller for her ignorance in defending the character of Brandon Seguin.  Shame on her for her hate speech against working girls. These girls are probably where they are because of abuse.  Finally, shame on Twila Miller for her insensitivity to those families and their daughters who are victims of Robert Pickton.

Accusations against me?

After my posting, calling Twila Miller out on my Facebook page, I saw that she made baseless accusations about me on her Facebook.  Perhaps she is also upset that I helped put another murderer in jail by working undercover against Wyatt Prince and then testifying in court against him.

With her possession of stolen property conviction, her lies about her real criminal record (detailed below) and her fraud conviction it is obvious that she is dishonest and a professional liar.  One doesn’t commit fraud without lying.  Thus, I will make a single blanket denial of her posting on her Facebook and of any other tripe/lies that she might post in the future.

Then I will stand by my record of helping drug addicts with their addictions, having shepherded many into recovery.  I also have gained a reputation for fighting for the downtrodden against unfair landlords.  And my record of speaking out against violence toward women in this blog and of speaking out against politics that encourage crime and drug dealing.

Twila Miller’s criminal record.

Twila Miller’s Criminal Convictions

Please consider the statement, below, by Twila Miller on her Facebook page. Then look at the graphic of her actual criminal record. Note the PSP, or Possession of Stolen Property

Twila Miller, “apparently this individual is now posting in his blog some more false info in regarding me.here’s what he is sayin and funny because my only charge on my record is fraud …”

Consider the following.

  1. Please note that there are two convictions, not just one as she stated.
  2. Also note, contrary to her lie, that one of those convictions is for “Possession of Stolen Property”.

[Author’s Note: I barred Twila Miller for her hate speech.]

After Twila Miller’s hate speech about the working girls, I deleted from my site a rambling response from her. Then, not wanting to make a full time career of responding to her incessant comments, and not knowing what offensive comment she might make next, I barred her from posting further comments to my page

Her next move

Since then, this convicted fraudster has continued using her page to make nonsensical denials of her statement about “filthy druggie whores”. She also praises Robert Pickton. You need to make your own decision about my credibility versus hers. For my part, I do not have anymore time to waste on this hater.]

What is often the first defense of criminals caught lying by a public exposure about their criminal past?  They claim that the poster had no right to expose them.

Criminal records are “public information” and are already posted on the internet by the BC Ministry of Justice.  Any person or entity has the right to quote, link to, or otherwise publicize that information.  I already fought and won that battle when I exposed Derek Fast. Also when I proved Brown Brothers was hiring criminals.  Twila, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Brandon Seguin, rapist and foolAnyhow, think about this too.

The last person you would expect to praise a serial killer of women or a rapist would be another woman.

Yet in defending Brandon Seguin, Twila Miller named two women whom she seemed to be saying had accused Brandon Seguin of rape, calling them both prostitutes.

For a woman to refer to these tortured soles as “filthy druggie whores” seems hateful.

Knowing Seguin’s fans speaks volumes about Seguin

If you know nothing else about Brandon Seguin, know that people of the ilk of Twila Miller are the kind of friends and supporters whom he attracts.  These people are ignorant HATERS like the two in the title picture taking a selfie and mocking a homeless person.

Those are my opinions

What are yours?

You may post your comments below

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  1. Pathetic, twisted, dark and disturbing

    What’s wrong with society and how do we fix it?
    The Good must prevail.

    6 years (minus time served) for the demon seed that raped the Langford young lady dragging her at knife point off Jacklin onto galloping goose trail and the violent attack on a sex trade worker in Surrey two months later… He will be out in 4.
    Our legal system is broken because the lives of victims aren’t what matters… All victims matter. No matter who they are.

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