Ray Goldenchild Puts Families, Kids, and Sports First

Vote Ray Goldenchild Vancouver Park Board
Vote Ray Goldenchild Vancouver Park Board

I don’t often jump into the world of politics with my blog. The times I have are when crime was mixed with politics. I am making an exception here though. I’m making this exception because for the first time in recent memory I see a person who is perfect for a job. I just noticed that Ray Goldenchild is running for Park Board Commissioner in Vancouver. This man has been involved at almost every level of sports for virtually his entire life. And much of that involvement has been with kids in sports. I can assure you that Ray Goldenchild puts families, kids and sports first.

Ray Goldenchild Doing What He Loves
Ray Goldenchild Doing What He Loves, Coaching Our Kids

If you want to find Ray Goldenchild on the weekend, look for kids and a soccer ball. Ray will be there pacing the sidelines and encouraging our children. He’ll be there with his ever present upbeat attitude and his smile. Ray wants these kids to win, but winning to Ray Goldenchild means that the kids had a good time. It means that they better their skills, and most importantly, that they take something from the field that is rare these days, honour. You see, Ray Goldenchild keeps score, not by the number of goals, but by the number of lives changed.

Ray Goldenchild Understands What Parks Are About

Ray Goldenchild Protecting a Basketball Court
Ray Goldenchild taking care of business by successfully lobbying to save a Kits Beach basketball court because Ray understands that kids need an alternative to running the streets

He will work for you on the Vancouver Park Board with the same resolve he brings to the sidelines

If Vancouver’s parks are not about families, kids and sports, what are they about? If they are not about laughter and challenge, what are they about? These things don’t just occur though because there happens to be an open field and a bathroom.

No, it takes more than that. It takes organization. It takes dedication, and it takes understanding.

In other words, it takes a Ray Goldenchild to get it right

You see, when some people think “Park Board Commissioner”, they think a political position from where to start their climb. But when Ray sees “Park Board Commissioner”, Ray sees an opportunity to have a louder voice for families, for kids and for sports. Ray Goldenchild sees an opportunity to make even a bigger difference in the quality of lives of people.

Ray Goldenchild Hanging with the Whitecaps
Ray Goldenchild Hanging with the Whitecaps

Vancouver is a beautiful city with beautiful parks, but true beauty must also be more than skin deep

  • True beauty comes from the seamless manner in which the parks integrate with the city.
  • It comes from proper use of the parks.
  • It comes from the skill to manage this valuable resource.
  • Everybody who wants use of a park should find time and space available.
  • Ray Goldenchild will accomplish all of this.

When you choose Ray Goldenchild you win, your kids win and Vancouver wins

Ray Goldenchild receiving award
Ray Goldenchild Receiving the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community from the African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association

Ray will manage your parks with same level of skill and caring that have been trademarks of his success. With Ray, he’s “all in” all the time. The commitment is there whether he is mentoring athletes who go onto to win college scholarships or whether working with the African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association. Typical of his work ethic Ray won their annual award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Community”. That is what you get when you get Ray. You get OUTSTANDING.



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