Remedy Medicinals Pot Shop Raided By Victoria PD

Remedy Medicinals Pot Shop

Remedy Medicinals pot shop was closed by VicPD on January 25, 2017. It is a prime example of why Victoria should not allow any pot shops.

Here are the simple facts

  • First, just like every other pot shop in Victoria, it is a criminal enterprise
  • Accordingly, those who own, operate, or knowingly profit from it or other pot shops are criminals
  • Additionally, it interferes with legitimate, neighboring businesses
  • Moreover, it sells many pot strains that have no medicinal value
  • Furthermore, it also sells proven dangerous, pot extracts
  • Finally, it commits other crimes away from its facilities
Calm Massage next door to Remedy Medicinals
Calm Massage – 835 Fisgard St, Victoria

Here is evidence that pot shops destroy and interfere with legitimate businesses

Calm Massage Therapy Owner, Elizabeth Belfy, was clear in her statements.

[According to CHEK News] She said there had been a dramatic change in the neighbourhood since the pot shop had opened.  “There are five ladies in our night clinic, and we all work until eight, nine nighty. So when they come out, it’s uncomfortable.

Are you getting the message folks? Pot shops destroy neighbourhoods. As those neighbourhoods decline, legitimate businesses will move away, perhaps to some strip mall, or they may just go out of business all together. This is what Lisa Helps and her cohorts on city council are doing to Victoria.

Remedy Medicinal Pot Shop – 833 Fisgard St, Victoria, BC

I told you that Victoria’s pot shops are connected to organized crime. Accordingly, here is your proof

Victoria police were questioned about this bust. In response, they said that this “does not represent a change in our approach to marijuana storefronts.

Additionally, they added that when they see a shop selling to minors or deeply involved with organized crime that they take action.

Conversations with neighbours and with clientele make it clear that Remedy Medicinals was not selling to minors. In fact, they had a reputation for looking at ID’s. Therefore, by elimination, the police are saying that Remedy Medicinals is involved with organized crime.

Remedy Medicinals appears linked to organized crimeRemedy Medicinals is part of a sophisticated criminal organization. After all, this bust is linked to a 30 pound pot seizure on January 10, 2017 at Helijet

Do you know how much 30 pounds of marijuana is worth at retail? Pot is typically retailed by the quarter gram. A quarter gram sells for approximately $50.  Accordingly, a gram retails for roughly $200.  Employing this formula, if you break 30 pounds into grams, the cash return would be $96,000. That is a lot of money.

David Kendall is the lease holder of the building that houses Remedy Medicinals.  Therefore he is the owner of the business

When asked about the take down of his store, he said the following. “I don’t know all the details.  I haven’t been involved for almost 10 months.  But quite certain it has to do with Omar, and some of the activities he’s been involved in.”

David Kendall - Owner of Remedy Medicinals
David Kendall – Owner of Remedy Medicinals

I have a few comments for Mr. Kendall

  1. You would like us to believe that $96,000 worth of weed was transported by your cronies without you knowing
  2. You don’t know what is happening at your store, but you know Omar is responsible.
  3. If you don’t know what is going on, how do you know Omar is responsible?
  4. What activities that you don’t know about do you refer to?
  5. How do you know that they are the type(s) of activities that could cause police problems?
  6. You brought up those activities. Therefore you did know about them. Since you knew about them, why did you allow them to continue?
  7. Do you regularly throw you criminal associates under the bus, or just Omar?
  8. From what gang or criminals do you buy your pot?

I’ve said it many times. Victoria’s pot shops are illegal and are controlled by organized crime, mostly the biker gangs and other gangs.  Lisa Helps knows this and doesn’t care.  The character of our little city is being destroyed by these pot shops.  You need to get involved.

Now, can we get civil forfeiture involved?


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