Road Rage, Drugs, and Guns


On Sunday, July 12, a drug driver (not to be confused with “drunk” driver) was involved in a what the RCMP called a “string of road rage incidents”. During those incidents, the driver purposely backed into at least one car. He also pointed a shotgun at another car.This is what you get when you combine road rage and drugs.

Road Rage, Drugs, and Guns 1
An irritated young man driving a vehicle is expressing his road rage.

This was not heroin induced and was probably not crack induced

When you see this kind of anger from somebody, it is most likely from prolonged steroid use or from crystal meth. Heroin mellows one. Somebody whacked out on crack would have needed more crack to sustain their high. This would mean they would not have been with the vehicle for several hours as this driver was (a fact which will come out later in this story).

I am betting on crystal meth because its effects last for several hours while a crack high lasts only fifteen minutes or so. Additionally, crystal meth is known to make users aggressive and quick to anger.

Crystal meth

Road rage and drugs - Crystal-MethThe gangs whom Stew Young has invited to Langford with his “turn your back on crime” attitude love dealing crystal meth. It is highly addictive and relatively inexpensive compared to other street drugs.  Also, it is extremely profitable for drug dealers.

Crystal meth induced incidents are going to become more of a norm in Langford until the city develops a policing model that has a chance of controlling the rising drug trade in Langford. This case of road rage and drugs is a prime example.

No police pursuit

After receiving several calls from victims and concerned citizens, West Shore RCMP officers spotted the young punk in his early to mid-twenties on the Trans-Canada Highway near Aspen Road at around 3:50 p.m. They attempted a traffic stop on him, but the driver sped off. Due to the pedestrian/civilian risks inherent in a high speed chase and the fact that they had identified him, they wisely decided not to pursue him at that time.

Road rage and drugs - police chaseThe danger escalates

A few hours later, RCMP encountered the guy in the vicinity of Leigh Rd. and Goldstream Ave. Again they attempted to pull him over. And again, he sped off. This time he did so at speeds of upt to 140 kilometers per hour.

By then though, RCMP had been made aware of the shotgun about which it had no knowledge on the first attempted stop. So they elected to pursue him. There would have been an  elevated risk to the public if they allowed him to run free with a deadly weapon.

Fortunately, the fool got caught in traffic on Six Mile Rd. in View Royal. There they were able to arrest him. There was no statement as to whether or not any drugs were recovered from his vehicle. However, the RCMP stated that they recovered a large knife as well as a shotgun.

Perpetrator well know to police. In other words, he is a violent drug addict.

RCMP stated the guy is from Langford and is well known to them. At the time of his arrest he was in breach of probation and is charged with several other offenses. Among those other offences are various weapons violations. and driving under the influence. Under the influence of exactly what, they did not say, but they did not say “drunk” either.Road rage and drugs - judge copy

Road rage and drugs, combined with weapons merit some serious jail time.

He was held in custody to await a court appearance. I just hope some bleeding heart, liberal judge does not/did not release this offender and further endanger the community.

Road rage is a dangerous thing, but road rage and drugs combine to take a situation to an entirely new level. Add in the weapons and this yahoo needs to do some serious time, relative to his violations.

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  1. Just insane. Incredibly scary.
    Revolving door with these liberal judges… We need change with our “legal” system (no justice with this existing system)… But sadly the Judicial branch really does rule the country not Legislative or even Executive. Not very democratic. These left wing judges do not have our best interests at heart in terms of public safety. Case law and precedents have diminished any rightful consequences. Frustrating to be law enforcement these days. With federal election coming up i’d like to hear from candidates how they would deal with drugs, crime, punishment etc.
    It’s embarrassing and pathetic.

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