Shatter, Licensed By Lisa Helps, Causing Overdoses


This is the pot derivative I warned you about a half a dozen times. It’s called “shatter”. I told you then that it was dangerous. Also, I know Lisa Helps and city council read at least one of my many blogs warning about it.

Despite that fact though, they choose to endanger our youth. They put money above the safety of Victoria as they promote and profit from a dangerous drug.

Here are excerpts about shatter in Victoria from CHEK News

“Shatter” is a potent form of marijuana. It’s a relatively new and easy to obtain drug. But one that has emergency psychiatrists worried.

They are seeing patients, as young as 17, overdosing on shatter. “I’ve seen ten people in the last year, with the kind of psychotic experience that requires a stay in our psychiatric intensive care.

Many of city’s 38 marijuana dispensaries sell shatter.

Victoria’s mayor says, “it’s not the city’s job to monitor what dispensaries sell” is a police problem

Emergency Room sign
This is a sign seen far too often because Lisa Helps has legalized a dangerous drug

Don’t you love the, above, quote by Mayor Lisa Helps?

First, she encouraged these illegal pot shops to open. Then she told you that she did so because she wanted to make medical pot available.

Now suddenly, she is not responsible for what they sell. If not the person(s) who encouraged these pot shops and allowed them to open or who decided what they are allowed to do as a business, then who the hell is responsible for the fact that they are allowed to sell dangerous drugs?

Shatter media announcement by VicPD
This is how VicPD should respond to Lisa Helps

Lisa Helps blames police for her pot shops

Did you see that [is a police problem]? Lisa Helps allowed pot shops and then blamed police for what they sell. So, how do you feel if you are a VicPD Member?

Are you starting to understand that Lisa Helps and pot shops are destroying Victoria?

Look at the article:
  • Did you read that a 17 year old OD’d?
  • Then how about the fact that many others have OD’d?
  • Additionally, did you notice that those who OD’d needed emergency, psychiatric intensive care?
  • Did you see that Lisa Helps has allowed 38 pot shops in Victoria?

Here is a reality. Shatter is dangerous, and shatter is very addictive. I told this to Lisa Helps. But she did nothing to stop its sale.

Accordingly, any OD’s are because of Helps and her pot shops. But what the heck, at least the city collected a few extra fees.

When you run a criminal enterprise as the City of Victoria does by making money from the sales of pot and of shatter, there is going to be collateral damage.


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    • You are probably correct about THC not directly killing somebody due to an overdose, but you ignore the long term damage done to people’s health because of pot[see below]. You also ignore the many victims who have died, and those who will die, so the Hells Angels can maintain control of the illegal weed industry.

      Potential Health Dangers of Weed Use

      Weed is dangerous mainly because of the presence of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in it. The chemical connects with a receptor on nerve cells in your brain and creates an altered sense of pleasure. This may lead to certain issues.Instead of asking how many people have died from weed, you should conduct some research on serious health dangers of weed use, which can lead to death indirectly.

      1. Heart Rate
      Your heart starts beating 20-100% faster when you smoke marijuana. Once your heart rate increases, it stays like that for up to three hours. The use of marijuana can also change heart rhythms. It is due to this reason that weed users are 4.8% more likely to develop heart problems and have a heart attack during the first hour after smoking. People with heart problems are at a greater risk.

      2. Lungs
      Just like smoking tobacco, smoking weed is not good for your lungs. Its smoke can irritate your lungs and cause issues such as mucus, daily cough, chest colds, and risks of lung infections. It may also increase the risk for lung cancer. Certain cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smoke are also present in marijuana smoke. Lung tissues of some regular weed smokers have shown signs of pre-cancerous changes.

      3. Mental Health
      A number of studies have confirmed that there is a link between marijuana use and certain mental disorders. Smoking weed regularly and in high doses can cause a temporary psychotic reaction. This may lead to hallucinations with an impaired sense of perception. People with schizophrenia may experience their symptoms becoming worse after smoking weed. There are also connections between marijuana use and issues such as anxiety, depression, personality disturbances, and suicidal thoughts.

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