Shootings In Sooke Were Gang Related

Shooting in Sooker

As I have said in the past, things don’t just happen in a vacuum.  There is always a cause, and when it involves crime, it is most often drug related.  The shootings in Sooke are no exception.

Shootings in Sooke
Joshua Lafleur’s Extensive Criminal Record Why was this guy free to be a shooter?  He had even assaulted a cop.  What are our judges doing?

Here is the RCMP press release about the shootings in Sooke.

Sooke RCMP received a complaint of shots fired on Ella Road in Sooke.  On arrival 2 males were located at roadside -both suffering from gunshot wounds.  The males, both residents of Sooke were transported to Victoria General Hospital, where they remain at the time of this release.

Witnesses report three suspects in a sedan fled the scene.  Police are looking for the following vehicle which has been reported stolen from Langford – a 2003 KIA Magentis 4 door sedan, grey in colour, Saskatchewan plates 404 JZB.

Sooke RCMP are asking the public to be on the look out for this vehicle – if seen please call 911, and do not approach the subjects.  Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the Sooke RCMP at 250-642-5241 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Investigators are presently working to establish descriptions of the suspects in this shooting.

Jeff McArthur, S/Sgt.
Sooke RCMP Detachment
(250)642-5241 office

Of course, this originated in Langford.

How do we know this originated in Langford?  Allow me to answer that question with a question.  Do you think the shooters met in Victoria and decided to go to Langford to steal a car so they could do a shooting in Sooke?

shootings in Sooke Gangs, Drugs, and Crime 1How else do we know it originated in Langford?

Where are there gangs?  Through Stew Young’s mismanagement Langford is now home to at least three gangs, the Red Scorpions, the United Nations and the Devils Army.

I don’t know which of those three gangs ordered these shootings in Sooke, but I do know it was one of them.

They sent boys to do a man’s job.

Luckily for the victims, it was an amateurish job.  Consequently, it was a failure.  Unless anyone really believes the orders were, “Shoot them up, but try not to kill them.”  Because it was such a sloppy job, I would guess it was not the bikers.  Therefore, it was probably one of the street gangs who recruit drug addicts or kids.

Who do you think is in more trouble now, the surviving victims or the failed shooters?

Shootings in SookeAs I was preparing this blog, the RCMP issued another press release naming one of the suspected shooters.

In addition to two unidentified suspects, police have identified and are looking for a resident of Sooke and Langford [What a surprise, NOT!].  Joshua Nickolas Lafleur, 25 is being sought in connection with the shooting in Sooke.  Lafleur is described as six feet tall, 190 pounds with brown hair and green eyes.

He should be considered armed and dangerous” and you should Call 911 if you see him.

[Update 06/16/16] Suspect vehicle located

Here’s a shock, NOT! The suspects’ vehicle has been recovered, in of all places, Langford.  Mayor Young, how’s that injunction against the Devils Army coming along?  I ask because your gangs are shooting up Sooke.

Do you remember my warning months ago?

Do you remember when I told you that the gangs would spread out to Sooke, and east?  These shootings in Sooke simply drive home that point.  Just as Langford is a choke point  between Victoria and Nanaimo, Sooke is a choke point between Langford and points east.

Why did these shootings in Sooke happen?

It is obvious that these people ruffled the feathers of the wrong peacock?  Maybe they worked for one of the gangs and were pinching?  Or maybe, they had set up their own operation in competition with one of the Langford gangs?  In any event, somebody ordered these shootings.  Thus it proves you don’t mess with gangs, or invite them to your city as Victoria is doing with its pot shops.

Shootigs in Sooke gang warsThis is what is coming to Victoria if the city continues with its pot shop plans.

I’ve already told you that the Devils Army owns some of these pot shops.  Additionally, I’ve warned you that the Langford gangs, including Norteños, will be fighting for control of any pot shops.  Furthermore, you have already seen armed robberies and home invasions in Victoria.

This is what gangs do.  Consequently, these shootings in Sooke are a preview of what is to come in Victoria.


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