Shoppers Drug Mart Proves Me Right Re: Pot Shops

Shoppers Drug Mart applies for medical pot license

Shoppers Drug Mart has stepped forward in the marijuana game. Accordingly, it has applied to the federal government for a license to sell medical pot. This is exactly what I said should happen.

It is also exactly why I warned Victoria not to license pot shops. I told them and you that pharmacies would and should jump on board. The city can certainly expect even more pharmacies to apply. Accordingly, as I said pot shops are not needed, and never were.

Shoppers Drug Mart LogoHere are a few excerpts from the CBC story about Shoppers Drug Mart

Canada’s largest pharmacy chain has formally applied to be a distributor of medical marijuana.

“We have applied to be a licensed producer strictly for the purposes of distributing medical marijuana,”

“We have no intention of producing medical marijuana, but we do want the ability to dispense medical marijuana to our patients in conjunction with counseling from a pharmacist.”

This Shoppers Drug Mart application proves the stupidity of the Victoria City Council regarding marijuana. Obviously, it never should have passed its shortsighted rules

Victoria City CouncilIt is as I said before. Lisa Helps was simply being an activist mayor. Accordingly, she wanted to push her agenda on Victoria regardless. She didn’t care about the price to be paid by the city

Her actions make it obvious that this was never about medical pot. No, it is about her desire to put her imprint on Victoria. The problem is that she is playing her childish ego game in an adult world. Accordingly, her actions have consequences.

I counseled patience many months ago. Now, if the city and Lisa Helps continue with their plans to license pot shops, they will have revealed the truth. There will be no credible denial that their medical pot talk is all lies.

  • They will have shown that they really wanted to license recreational pot
  • It will prove that they don’t care if the sick get the medicine they need
  • They will have revealed that they would prefer pot shops to our current downtown retailers

Perscription signageThe article by CBC went on to quote the Shopper Drug Mart chairman, Galen G. Weston

“It gives pharmacists the opportunity to work directly in real time with patients as opposed to doing it through the mail, working on their doses and making sure it [dispensed marijuana] actually has the therapeutic effect that it is intended to have.”

So, do you want Lisa Helps’ criminals dispensing medical prescriptions? Or do you want pharmacists doing that? Do you want to fund biker gangs or do you want to turn medicinal pot over to responsible businesses?

This is not the 1960’s. And Victoria is not Haight-Ashbury. Instead, it is a vibrant city with a thriving tourist industry. That is, unless Lisa Helps destroys it by putting pot shops everywhere.

Shoppers Drug Mart dilemma
Lisa Helps and Victoria City Council enacted absurd bylaws with no clue as to what they were doing

There is an ironic situation here. If Shoppers Drug Mart is successful in its federal application, Lisa Helps will have a dilemma. That’s because Shoppers Drug Mart will be in violation of almost every bylaw Victoria enacted regarding pot shops.

Accordingly, the city could deny Shoppers Drug Mart a city license. This is despite the fact that it has a federal license. At the same time Victoria could issue a city license to pot shops. This is despite the fact that they are in violation of federal law.

Can you now appreciate the stupidity of what Lisa Helps and the city have done?

Here are some questions Lisa Helps needs to answer

So, does Lisa Helps want to keep enriching the coffers of the criminals who illegally grow high THC level pot? Or does she want legitimate vendors buying from federally licensed growers?

It’s time for Lisa Helps and the City of Victoria to back off of their pot shop stance

Does she want to license those who sell dangerous derivatives of pot like shatter? Or does she want to license those who sell real medical pot?

Moreover, does Lisa Helps want to allow suffering individuals to be misled about the medical value of the pot they purchase? Or does she want to help alleviate their suffering by ensuring they get what they need?

Finally, does Lisa Helps want to be part of the solution? Or does she want to continue to be part of the problem?

What do you say mayor? Until you actually issue the first pot shop license it is not too late to reverse your position.


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  1. You were so right on this too, Hal.
    Our local Shoppers Drug Mart now advertises that they are selling pot soon.
    What is this world coming to?

    • When the numbers are computed a decade or more from now and researchers have decided to protect the public rather than protect the politicians with lies, it will finally become accepted and understood that marijuana is destroying Canada. morally, financially, and from a “productivity per person” perspective.

      Canada’s real salvation for the future lays, not in her crops, but in her abundance of lakes and the fresh water that will become the world’s most precious resource.

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