Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In Custody

Sooke shooters, all three are in custody

Dustin David Brown, Damien Medwedrich and Josh Lafleur are the Sooke shooters, all three are in custody.  Additionally, all three are charged with, or will be charged with, attempted murder times two.

Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In CustodyGangs demand a toll

The newspapers are now starting to report what I told you in the very beginning.  This was a gang orchestrated hit.  And as I told you before, the orders came straight out of Langford.  Having to absorb two attempted murder charges is a very heavy price to pay because you valued a gang relationship.

Sooke shooters, all three are in custody and all three face attempted murder charges and will end up in prison.

This is what you expect from gangs though.  When you are dealing with gangs, you either end up incarcerated or end up dead.

Sooke shooters, all three are in custody
Scene of Sooke shooting, a quiet neighborhood

This was great work, and dangerous work by our RCMP.

Anytime a criminal has a gun there is danger.  That danger is even greater when the criminals being pursued have shown a willingness to use that gun.  The Sooke shooters had already proven that they would not hesitate to shoot.

Let’s look at the timeline and see exactly what the RCMP accomplished.  Due to professional work, in only five days, the RCMP identified and took down the Sooke shooters, all three are in custody now.  This is spectacular work, especially since they did it without a shot being fired.

Sooke shooters, all three are in custody
ERT on the road to Sooke
  • June 14 – The RCMP was notified of the shooting of two people in Sooke.
  • June 14 – The RCMP investigated and determined the probable identities of three shooters and actually took Dustin David Brown into custody.  They also recovered a bag containing a firearm and marijuana.  This was less than twenty-four hours after the shooting.
  • June 17 – The RCMP got word that the other two suspects were possibly seen in the Highlands area of Langford.  They poured resources into the area but the suspects evaded the net due to the geography of the area and night falling.
  • June 19 – The RCMP received a tip that the two suspects were in a residence in Sooke.  Because the suspects were armed, the RCMP brought in the Emergency Response Team and even called on Members as far away as Nanaimo.  After a several hours long standoff, the RCMP took Josh Lafleur and Damien Medwedrich into custody.

Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In CustodyNow that the Sooke shooters, all three are in custody, would you like to know the story behind the story?  There is almost always a back story.

How did the RCMP catch the Sooke shooters so quickly?

It was simple.  To start, it’s because the RCMP understands how drug addicts and criminals think.  In the dope and criminal world nobody wants heat from the police.  Consequently, If you have heat, doors that were once open to you are suddenly closed.

Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In CustodyDo you recall how quickly the RCMP released the name of Josh Lafleur?

They didn’t put the name out there so the public would know the name.  The public only needed to know the face to help find Lafleur. Therefore, the release of the name was not for us.  Rather than us, the release of the name was so the drug addicts and criminals would know.

I call it the “ole door closer”

By putting the name out, the RCMP took away most of Lafleur’s potential hiding places.  Consequently, Lafleur, because he couldn’t stay out in the open, would only have a limited number of places where he could hide out.  The RCMP herded him where they wanted him, just like a cowboy on a good cutting horse herds cattle.

Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In CustodyBefore moving forward further, I want you to think about this.

Lafleur and Medwedrich were captured on June 19.  Therefore RCMP Members were taking time away from their family on Fathers Day.  Hence, they sacrificed their special day with their family to keep your family safe.  Even if you don’t find the opportunity to say, “Thank you”, you need to recognize this.

It sucks being one of the Sooke shooters, all three are in custody now where they will probably remain for several years assuming they don’t get one of BC’s many bleeding heart judges

Now it is time to let the plea bargaining begin.  The three have already been through a few interviews with the police whereat each might have jockeyed to gain a little advantage over the others.

Reality sucks when you get caught

Now though each must face a sobering reality.  Since they are in jail, they are going to be dope sick [going through the painful physical withdrawal from opiates] for a week or so.  Additionally, each must realize that he is not simply going to jail, but that he is going to a maximum security prison.  Jail is reserved for those criminals who are sentenced to less than two years.  These guys will get more than two years.

Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In CustodyThe jailing process

First though, they will sit for a few days in city cells.  Next, they will go off to Wilkinson Road Jail [Known as Wilkie] where they will reside until a court sentences them.  After sentencing they will go to prison.

At Wilkie they will each get “checked in”.  Checking in is a process in which the new prisoner is taught who is the boss of whatever cell block he might be assigned to.

Pressure to talk to the police about what person with which Langford gang hired them

First of all, these guys did NOT come up with multiple weapons on their own.  Secondly, none of them cared enough about their victims to attempt to kill them.  These guys are addicts, and like all addicts, in the end, they just want to stay “unsick” [not go through opiate withdrawal] and get high.  Consequently, they botched the hit.

Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In CustodyThese charges will likely resolve themselves in the form of a “Plea Agreement”

In order to get the best deal possible, each is going to be under a great deal of pressure to talk to the police about who hired him.  Due to the fact that they were hired by a gang, this is a horrible and dangerous situation for each of them.  As a result, each will have to make a decision as to whether to risk gang retaliation in order to lessen jail time.  Consequently, they have a very tough road ahead of them.

shootings in Sooke
Kia similar to stolen car

The evidence from the RCMP has them “dead to rights”. Therefore, you should expect that there will be no trial

When you do drugs, everything else in your life is of no importance.  Therefore, you can bet your child’s lunch money that the car they stole is rife with evidence.  There will be DNA. There will be fingerprints, and there might be other evidence.  The same will be true for the gun the police recovered from the bag on day one.

I believe the defense lawyers will look at the evidence and attempt to cut the best deal they can.  I think these might be cases which the crown can’t blow in negotiations, the way it blew the Ali Ziaee case.

Sooke Shooters, All Three Are In CustodyThese three are in this predicament because of drugs and gangs

This is where drugs and gangs always take you.  That’s if you are lucky enough to live.

That’s the grim reality, but it’s a grim reality that is going to become more prevalent if Lisa Helps goes forward with her plans to license pot shops, thereby inviting gangs to Victoria.

Her plans will change the face and character of the downtown, chase tourists away and hurt most businesses.

It’s already happening with home invasions, car hijackings and armed robberies.  Stop the pot shops and you will stop the gangs.


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  1. Fascinating, and thank you for educating the public on this, and the superb work of the RCMP.

    “Let’s look at the timeline and see exactly what the RCMP accomplished. Due to professional work, in only five days, the RCMP identified and took down the Sooke shooters, all three are in custody now. This is spectacular work, especially since they did it without a shot being fired.”

    Spectacular indeed! Thank you, RCMP.

  2. you have no primary sources your probably just an old fruit with nothing better to do than write shit posts good day you clown

  3. You are so stupid its annoying. Its called someone fucked up and needed to learn their lesson. Its not because of pot shops, like holy fuck. Its people like you that dont actually read into the shit you try to preach about. This is ridiculous, especially because I know Medwedrich and how you percieve him is wrong to what hes actually like.

    • So you know Medwedrich personally and how I perceive him is wrong? I perceive him as a drug addicted criminal who got himself involved in a shooting because of gang connections. Are you now telling us that he got together with a few of his buds and they decided to just go shoot somebody on their own? Or is he simply a misunderstood guy who runs around shooting people for the hell of it? Please enlighten us. Next, you’ll be talking about his tough childhood. By the way, if you would learn how to read, you would see that my pot shop reference only referred to pot shops as being a part of gang activity and did not say that Medwedrich and the other shooterz were part of the pot shops.

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