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It might seem counterintuitive, but a community mailbox, while secured with locks, offers a safer and more convenient target to the thief than does an unsecured mailbox attached to your home. There are several reasons for this which I will explain. I assure you though that the recent thefts that are occurring from these mailboxes are not just happenstance. They are spiking at a particular time for a reason. They are also spiking because of the drug culture that has developed in Langford. Therefore, they are yet another result of the attitude of Stew Young to put development ahead of citizen safety. Community mailbox break-ins are timed.

Community mailbox www.breakingthecode.caThese are not crimes of opportunity, but planned occurrences.

Canada Post might be saving itself money, but in reality it is simply shifting costs to local police agencies. In doing so, it is inconveniencing you while making you less secure.

These are only crimes of opportunity to the degree that these mailboxes exist. Thus, they are crimes of opportunity to the same degree that the house in the middle of the block creates a crime of opportunity. As more community mailboxes pop up around us, we will see many more such thefts. This is one of the reasons why I oppose the new Canada Post “no more home delivery” protocol.

Timing is everything and this spike in mailbox thefts has occurred with the timing it has for reasons.

These mailbox break-ins have spiked during the last ten days or so because of Welfare Wednesday. This is the day welfare cheques in British Columbia are most often received, including any portion of rent due a landlord.  Additionally, Old Age Security cheques, as well as Canada Pension Plan payments were made on Sept 28.Trust me when I tell you that thieves know the mailing dates of these cheques. [For your convenience, the links provided earlier in this paragraph will take you directly to the schedule of various cheque issue days].

The thieves were simply hoping to coral some of those cheques. Then they could cash them using phony ID or by going to an unscrupulous cheque cashing establishment. [Every good thief knows one]. Thus, you can expect such future spikes around those cheque days every month. To avoid the headaches involved in replacing a stolen cheque, you should know the time of day that Canada Post usually delivers to your particular community mailbox.

Despite recent publicity to the contrary, identity theft is probably not a great concern from these mailbox break-ins.

Community mailbox www.breakingthecode.ca
Identity Theft Principally Occurs Due to Unsafe On-Line Practices

While you hear much about this crime, identity papers and credit profile information were not the primary target of these thefts. That said, the thieves probably know somebody who will give them $20 for a credit profile that has enough information to be useful to commit fraud. The facts are that banks have gotten more sophisticated over the last several years. Additionally, credit card rarely mail sufficient details with which to actually steal somebody’s identity.

Although identity theft is a crime that leaves the victim devastated, it most often occurs because of unthinking or careless internet use. Too many people do not limit the information that they or their children put on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Secured community mailboxes are actually less safe than the unsecured, individual, home mailboxes which are located on most populated streets. To understand this, you need to think like a thief. You should compare the disadvantages and advantages of one target versus the other.

Community mailbox aren't needed by Neighborhood streetNeighborhood street

  • On the neighborhood street the thief will worry that he/she may look out of place because of their mannerisms and appearance. These thieves are not going to target a poor neighborhood.
  • People are more inclined to pay attention to a person approaching a home, as opposed to a community mailbox.
  • On the neighborhood street, the thievery must be done during the daylight hours. Otherwise the people will have already brought their mail inside.
  • On a neighborhood street, the thief won’t know if anybody is at home. There is no such worry at a community mailbox.
  • When wandering a neighborhood street the thief is more exposed because of time spent going up and down the street.

Community mailbox

  • The thief will not look out of place and can target community mailboxes in more well-to-do neighborhoods.
  • Nobody will pay attention to the thief approaching a bunch of mailboxes, as opposed to approaching a home.
  • The thief can hit at any time he believes fewer people might be around. Night is an especially good time. At night there are fewer people and people are less likely to make a special trip to pick up their mail, as opposed to simply bringing it into their home.
  • Instead of prolonged street exposure, a thief can grab a pry bar and pilfer twenty boxes in ten minutes.

Despite what Stew Young and others would like you to believe, happenings don’t just come out of nowhere. They occur for reasons

Why I think the thieves are drug addicts?

Community mailbox theft feeds addictions www.breakingthecode.caMail theft is a crime that has been gradually increasing over time within Langford and other West Shore communities. The rise coincides with the rise in drug activity in Gangford. This is not a coincidence.

Drug Users, Drug Dealers and Crime are always found together like stink and flies.

Drug users gather where drugs are available to them. Therefore, the largely unchecked arrival of the Devils Army and other gangs in Langford due to the lack of funding to bring on board sufficient RCMP to police the city has led to more drugs being available there. As most addicts do not have personal transportation, drug users also tend to commit their crimes close to where they reside, whether their residence is a shabby apartment, a park bench or a dark alley. Thus, the rise in these community mailbox thefts and other crimes is simply a natural and predictable result of the well documented rising crime rate in Langford. This is a crime wave which is spreading out to other West Shore communities as I warned you in another blog posting that it would.

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