Langford Stabbing Wasn’t A Freak Accident

Stabbing Was A Drug Related Murder

Kyle Jansen, the 29 year old murder victim of a stabbing in his leg died in hospital on Thursday. This was obviously a drug related stabbing. The Langford Stabbing Wasn’t A Freak Accident

Mr. Jansen had moved to Langford from Vancouver where he had been been convicted of, surprise of surprises, Drug Trafficking.

In greater Victoria, Mr. Jansen was also arrested for…surprise of surprises….Drug Trafficking, and while on pre-trial bail for that charge, was found guilty of Breach of Recognizance. He was probably stabbed in the leg as warning to be careful what he might say at his trial or because he had run up a debt to the wrong mid level drug dealer (as if there is such a thing as the right mid level drug dealer). It is likely, that as he was stabbed in the leg, that he was being given a warning. Sadly, though, the knife probably hit his femoral artery with deadly effects.

Are you listening or are you still in denial? Drug dealers are moving to Langford. You need to be vigilant and proactive or your little city will soon be in big trouble. You determine whether it is GANGFORD or Langford.

Kyle Jansen stabbing was a murder

For the Times Colonist to call this a “freak accident” is bad journalism. A “freak accident” would be an accident at which no damage was anticipated. When you stab somebody, you can expect severe damage, if not death. People do bleed to death, and Kyle Jansen was dumped in a vacant parking lot where it should have been expected that death might ensue. This was NOT a “freak accident“.

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