Stew Young’s Ruinous 2015 in Pics and Toons
Why Stew Young is Missing in Action

2015 was a disaster for Mayor Stew Young of Langford, and therefore sadly a disaster for Langford as well. The year began with increased crime in the form of home invasions, rapes, and murder. Now Devils Army, Red Scorpions and other gangs vie for power as Stew Young has done a disappearing act. Are you tired of the string of broken promises delivered by him with his usual bravado, but with no substance?  Here then, is Stew Young’s ruinous 2015  in pics and toons.

As you read it, please realize the verb tenses used are because much of this blog is a reprise of earlier blogs. Accordingly, I ask that you make the mental adjustment to that fact.

Langford becoming like Surrey
Langford becoming Surrey

Some object to my comparison of Langford and Surrey, saying Langford is nothing like Surrey, of how Surrey is rife with gangs. I will remind those people that there was time when Surrey was nothing like what Surrey is now. I know I lived there fifteen years ago.

Surrey, Langford, Hells Angels, Devils Army connection
The trip to Surrey and back to Langford

I predicted the arrival of the Devils Army  in this blog prior to their April coming out party. But even before the Devils Army arrival, Gangford residents had been forced to endure a consistently rising crime rate. Its women were being assaulted in public parks.  Additionally, crack shacks were springing up around the city. And armed robberies, grow ops, and home invasions were increasing. Can you imagine where things are headed now?

Dezmond White Arrested in Langford Drug Raid
Dezmond White Arrested in Langford Drug Raid

Gang activity, including fentanyl kings, the Red Scorpions, has been an ongoing problem in Langford. Here is an article from April 2014, and I assure you that gangs grow. Alarmingly, under the uncaring eye of Stew Young Langford is far worse off in 2015 than it was in 2014. 2016 will be worse.

From: VictoriaNews:

A raid by West Shore RCMP and Victoria PD has uncovered the substantial spoils of a gang-related drug dealer, including a storage unit police are describing as a “war room.

Abraham McMillan Arrested in Langford Drug Raid
Abraham McMillan Arrested in Langford Drug Raid

The two police agencies, along with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C., have seized over $40,000 in cash, along with guns, bullet-proof vests and drugs, in a raid of five houses in Langford and Colwood. The search has led to the arrest of two men, including an alleged gang-related drug dealer.

Early Wednesday morning Vic PD officers, CFSEU-BC and more than a dozen RCMP officers searched the homes and arrested Dezmond White and Abraham McMillan.”

Wednesday’s searches were the culmination of an investigation which has been ongoing since last July and targeted two men, one of which police say has ties to the Red Scorpion gang active in the Lower Mainland.”

Langford/Gangford sign
What Stew Young’s development over safety is creating

In February, I quoted a Times Colonist article, below, bringing about this Gangford sign.

Four people were arrested and one teen was taken to hospital after a violent drug-related robbery in a Langford park Wednesday afternoon.”

“Witnesses in Danbrook Park called West Shore RCMP around 4 p.m. after a group of four men and one youth robbed a 13-year-old and 17-year-old of their drugs…”

“Investigators believe the four men knew the victims had drugs on them

“They range in age from 17 to 22. One man is from Langford and three are from Sooke.”

teenagers smoking pot
Teenagers smoking in the school bathroom

This particular robbery incensed me because it involved a teenage boy. It showed Stew Young had ignored crime in Langford to the extent that drugs had infiltrated the schools. That prompted these questions.

  1. If drugs are not invading your schools, where did a 13 year old and a 17 year old get drugs?
  2. What in the he*l are drugs doing in your high schools?
  3. Did you read that right, a 13 YEAR OLD?
  4. How did four men from Sooke know two kids in Langford?
guy doing dope fix in alley
Could this be your son? What are your kids doing?

What would cause five individuals to travel from Sooke to Langford to rob kids for drugs?

Let me answer that one for you. “When you are hunting tigers, you go to the jungles where you know tigers live”. “And if you are hunting drugs, you go to the little city where you know drugs are to be found.”

  1. Do you think that they got robbed because they had a joint on them? Or do you think they might have had something more substantial?
  2. Do these kids know something about drugs in schools that you don’t know or are you just in denial?

The street gangs are coming to a school near you. They gangs are looking for youth to prey upon so they can grow their numbers

Kids and gangs do not belong together
Engage with you children

The simple matter is that gang recruitment is not done on the street. The gangs don’t want hardened people who already have drug habits. And they don’t want those who are on the street because they have chosen a shiftless lifestyle. Those types do not offer potential as a viable gang member. First, those types come pre-packaged with a lack of dependability due to their drug habits and laziness. Additionally, those types also come with a mindset that is not given to taking instruction. They have an independence that make them less than malleable in their way of thinking.

Despondent teenager
A perfect candidate for gang recruitment

Who makes the ideal candidate for gang recruitment?

The ideal candidate is:

  1. 14 to 18 years old, and sometimes, kids as young as 11 or 12
  2. Male (Females who get involved in the gang lifestyle generally do so through their boyfriends)
  3. Without a job
  4. Not involved any extracurricular activities or sports in school
  5. Not employed at least 20 hours a week
Norteños graffiti
Norteños graffiti
Pict6ure of fentanyl fix
Fentanyl Fix, A Red Scorpion Specialty

The Devils Army is just the tip of the iceberg.

With the arrival of the Devils Army, the already existing presence of the UN Gang, and the other gangs, gangs like the Red Scorpions and Norteños that are sure to come to fight for kingship in the largely unprotected territory of Langford, you are looking at the tip of the ice berg here. Common sense tells you there are a plethora of unreported drug busts, B & E’s, etc. that are reported and never make the news, as well as attacks and B & E’s that never get reported because the victims know the perpetrators and are scared. Here is what is happening

UN Gang members arrested in Vancouver
UN Gang Members Arrested in Vancouver
  1. Increasing B & E’s aimed at targets of opportunity?
  2. Three drug related home invasions
  3. A drug dealer getting stabbed and left to bleed out in a Langford parking lot
  4. Drugs in the schools with a 13 year old and 17 year old getting robbed in a park
  5. Attacks on women

Increased car break-ins

From the Times Colonist

Guy breaking into car

We’re seeing a steady increase in these thefts from vehicles that are insecure…” “Between 6 and 12 car break-ins have been reported on each of the past three days, said Cpl. Mike Holmes. In most cases, police believe, the cars were left unlocked. Thieves try door handles and target vehicles with GPS, alcohol, cash and other valuables visible…

The car thefts continued: “More Than 25 Cars Burgled In Gangford”

Confused Stew Young, cartoon by Hal Hannon
Mayor Stew Young doesn’t care or doesn’t have a clue

This is one of the types of crimes I had been warning you about. It’s what Stew Young brought to town by ignoring the drug trade in STEWville and by ignoring his duty to protect the people. His policies invited drug addicts to Langford because addicts always follow the dope. More than 25 cars burgled in Gangford is a mere beginning.

The RCMP Called It A “Crime of Opportunity”

That was a silly assessment. Unless it is saying that the criminal(s) were given the opportunity because Stew created that opportunity by not having enough police. Otherwise, these break-ins were NOT “crimes of opportunity that were easily avoidable. A would be a thief happening upon an unlocked car or home would be a crime of opportunity. No, this was NOT a crime of opportunity. This was a plan to enter a particular neighborhood and steal everything of value in order to get money for drugs. And it was NOT “easily avoidable. This was NOT the fault of the victims.

Stew Young is Trying To Blame It On You, the Citizens [Nothing is ever his fault]

bullet hole in car windowDon’t believe any spin about thieves taking advantage of unlocked cars either. Many locked cars were also burglarized. In fact, those who left their cars unlocked did not have to suffer the further indignity of having a window smashed in. This was not about “locked” or “unlocked” cars. This was NOT the fault of the victims. It was the fault of Stew Young’s budget priorities.

Do you have any idea how little noise can be made breaking into a car by smashing a window? The thief simply covers the head of a small hammer in fabric. Then he holds a nail punch to the window and strikes that nail punch with the hammer? The window then quickly spiders and falls into the car in one piece.

I’ll Tell You How The Cars Were Really Targeted.

First duty of government sign
Stew Young thinks his first duty is build more

Cars were targeted, not based on locked or unlocked as you were told. Cars were targeted based on whether or not the car had an alarm system and whether or not that alarm system was activated.  An alarm going off would have awakened at least some in the neighborhood.

First there was the crime spree with cars being burgled. Then came news of the mail box thefts which had been ongoing but did not receive press until September.

Mail boxes broken intoCommunity mailbox break-ins will continue to rise in Langford and other areas.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but a community mailbox, even though secured with locks, offers a safer and more convenient target to the thief than does an unsecured mailbox attached to your home. This is because a thief does not have to walk up and down a street looking out of place. I assure you though that the recent thefts that are occurring from these community mailboxes are not just happenstance.  They are spiking at a particular time for a reason.  They are also spiking because of the drug culture that has developed in Langford. This is yet another result of the attitude of Stew Young to put development ahead of citizen safety.

Timing is everything sign
Mailbox break-ins are done when thieves expect to find something useful in the mailboxes

Timing is everything and this spike in mailbox thefts has occurred with the timing it has for reasons.

These mailbox break-ins having spiked is no exception. The timing of the spike is related to the mailing of government cheques. Mailbox break-ins will always spike during the time of month when pension cheques and other governments cheques should be in the mail.

So you can protects yourself, here are links to the days various cheques are mailed. Old Age Security cheques, as well as Canada Pension Plan payments.

Cheque Cashing signThe thieves were simply hoping to coral some of those cheques so they could cash them using phony ID.  Or perhaps, by going to an unscrupulous cheque cashing establishment [every good thief knows one]. Thus, you can expect such future spikes around those cheque days every month. To avoid the headaches involved in replacing a stolen cheque, you should become knowledgeable regarding the time of day that Canada Post actually delivers to your particular community mailbox.


Illustration of Stew Young's song and dance politics
More song and dance from Stew Young

Despite what Stew Young and others would like you to believe, gangs and crime don’t just come out of nowhere. They occur for reasons

Drug Users, Drug Dealers and Crime are always found together like flies are always found around stink.

Drug users gather where drugs are available to them. It is the largely unchecked arrival of the Devils Army and other gangs in Langford due to the lack of funding to bring on board sufficient RCMP to police the city has led to more drugs being available there. As most addicts do not have personal transportation, drug users also tend to commit their crimes close to where they reside. Thus, the rise in these community mailbox thefts and other crimes is simply a natural and predictable result of the well documented rising crime rate in Langford which is spreading out to other West Shore communities as I warned you in another blog posting that it would.

You will know your neighbourhood is under assault when businesses begin to pop up to profit from the drug trade

Drug hiding paraphenaliaWhen an area is more convenient for those who are actively involved in drugs, drugs and drug users will find their way there. It’s as Kevin Costner said in Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come.”

The businesses themselves emulate legitimate enterprises such as pawn shops, cheque cashing stores and locally owned convenience stores. Torch lighters for cooking heroinHowever a cursory look reveals the truth. In the case of pawn shops, their used merchandise is shabby and something easily obtained in a burglary.  In the case of cheque cashing stores, look at their customer. They are not predominately working stiffs.  And in the case of convenience stores, look at the goods they offer. These goods tell you the true story.

Totally legitimate “mom and pop” stores should not sell thinly disguised drug paraphernalia. But the stores who cater to the drug scene sell a host of drug related merchandise.

  • brillo
  • containers for hiding drugs
  • torches (lighters that produce a steady and powerful butane flame for heating heroin and melting crack rocks) Thinly isguised crack pipes
  • miniature digital scales for weighing dope
  • small glass tubes with wire roses in them which allow the buyer to toss the rose and have a crack stem

You need to get rid of businesses like this.

When you see businesses of this nature springing up in a neighborhood, you know that they are there to service those involved in drugs. Go to the owner and tell him/her that you won’t continue to frequent his/her store if it continues to carry merchandise of that nature. Tell your neighbors about what you see and alert the police to the merchandise being carried. The merchandise might not technically be illegal, but the police will make a note of it and be a little more alert than usual.

Understand that if the merchant cannot make a profit that the merchant will leave. With him, will also go some of the drug addicts because addicts need their paraphernalia to do their dope. Digital drug scalesGet your neighbors to boycott such stores and drive the merchant away with the power of your dollars. You can fight the war on drugs and you can make a difference. In fact, your diligence can be the difference between success and failure.

With growth in one part of the city comes decay in another area, and decay attracts crime

Desolute strip mall
Example of run down strip mall

Langford is busy building new facilities and with its growth comes expansions of shopping malls and strip malls. These bright and shiny new facilities spell success in the newer areas in which they will exist. Conversely though, they also spell disaster and decay for the older existing areas. Those older areas will lose their curb appeal and their customers will then migrate to the newer retail operations. With each spurt of growth comes the potential for dilapidation in the older areas.

With decay brought about by too much focus on new development comes lower property values and more drugs and crime.

As those older areas deteriorate rents and property values decline, inviting in those who are actively involved in drugs and crime. If you can stop that deterioration by making the businesses that cater to the criminals and drug users leave, you can save those areas.

Promoting growth while ignoring decay is an open invitation to drugs and gangs.

Another Hal Hannon joke about Stew Young
Mayor Stew young – development over police

This kind of reckless urban management serves as an open invitation to gangs, drugs and crime.

At what point does the abandonment of neighborhoods to accommodate new growth in new neighborhoods finally remind you of Surrey, as it does me? How many more

  1. armed robberies
  2. break and enters
  3. kids getting robbed for drugs
  4. gun shots in the night time
  5. home invasions
  6. and women need to get assaulted in parks?

Woman Attacked and Robbed

West Shore RCMP are looking for a man who attacked a woman, knocking her out and taking her cell phone and money while she wasWoman being robbed jogging on a trail near Glen Lake Road in Langford Tuesday night.”

“The 23-year-old woman was jogging off the trail near Shoreview Drive around 7 p.m. when a man asked her for the time. She was then knocked unconscious and robbed.”

Drugs and gangs are in your schools now, in your parks and are becoming increasingly entrenched in your communities. These problems are being ignored as your city government seems intent on focusing its attention on new projects while failing to protect long established neighborhoods. You need to DEMAND that city government take this gang, drugs and crime problem seriously, which it will not until you make your voices heard?

CFSEU EmblemThe rise in drug problems and gangs like the Devils Army and the UN Gang means rising crime rates.

With the rise in drugs, in gang activity and in drug addicts comes a rise in crimes. There will be more “smash and grabs” from retail merchants and “break and enters” into homes, cars and businesses.

A Hal Hannon joke about Stew YoungDid you notice that toward the end of the year there were relatively major crimes that went unreported, crimes that I only found out about because of  my street contacts?

Stew Young sweeping crime under the rug
Stew Young – Sweeping Crime Under the Carpet

Why weren’t they reported anywhere? Why was the busting of a Langford grow op [detailed later in this posting] or the burglary of a major weed supplier to Lisa Helps’ downtown pot shops never reported to us? What other crimes were left unreported to public?

“Crime in the West Shore is up 16 percent so far this year compared to the same period last year.”

So, with Langford accounting for the highest percentage of crime in the West Shore, and with crime rates rising 16% so far this year, who do you think is responsible? If Stew Young was really concerned, he would do more than talk. Also, he wouldn’t throw Bylaw Officers out to do a job not within their purview.  Bylaw Officers are not trained in busting gang members, stash houses and safe houses. If Mayor Young cared, he would increase the RCMP budget and let real cops protect you and your family.

Graphic of high Langford crime rate Graphic Proof of the Failed Leadership of Stew Young

The two graphs are taken from a Times Colonist’s Article. They show the reality of crime in the West Shore and reveal Stew Young’s lack of effective leadership as he continues to concentrate on development over your safety. Look at Langford!

The first graph shows the types of crimes that are being committed in the West Shore.  Realizing that Langford has, by far, the highest crime rate, it is “res ipsa loquiter” that these are the crimes against which Stew Young refuses to mount an effective fight. He prefers to fund development, revealing his lack of effective leadership. Notice the assaults and weapons charges!

Somebody finally paid a little attention at City Hall because you made your voices heard, but Stew Young didn’t hear it

CTV News aired a special report on violent crime in Langford on March 11, 2015. Don’t be fooled though; the fight is just beginning. The problem is the gangs, crime and street life in Gangford and one report on television can only broadcast the problem, not cure it.

Stew Young and his blah, blah, blahNo More Blah, Blah, Blah Please

This is especially true when Stew Young addresses the problem with nothing more than blah, blah, blah. Folks, blah, blah, blah isn’t going to drive the gangs away.  And it isn’t going to stop the drugs and the deterioration of the older areas,

I watched that song and dance shtick in Surrey. Surrey tried to hide its rising crime rate behind talk of growth. It didn’t work there and it won’t work here.

My Reply On Your Behalf

Thank you for your letter, but I think you have missed the point.  I will reiterate it here and expand upon it somewhat in order to clarify the concerns.

More Responses from Stew Young’s Regime

Among other quotes, Stew Young was quoted as saying that if things like this continue to happen [crime], …we’re going to be changing a whole bunch of things around here…Exactly what is he going to be changing; is he going to talk even tougher? I remind you, twenty years, twenty years!

BandaidsA bandage is not a plan, and Langford needs to realize that it has a gang and drug problem, and that these problems will not be solved by rent-a-cops as Lorne Fletcher stated, obviously with Stew Young’s approval

quote signI had to laugh at the quote that Stew Young was going to take matters “into his own hands” if things didn’t improve soon. Whose hands have things been in for the last twenty years? What a joke of a comment that was! Then Stew went on to announce how he was hiring more private security.

Stew Young was proposing a bandage on a gaping wound. He hoped that hiring four rent-a-cops who have zero authority to do anything will make a difference. Or more accurately, he hoped that hiring them would convince you that they will make a difference. They won’t. You guys need to demand a plan from the city or things will only get worse.

Stew Young reluing on bylaw enforcement
Stew Young’s idea of policing

Rent-a-Cops are NOT trained police officers. Would you rather have one RCMP Officer protecting your family or four civilians in subcompact cars?

The Solution

Treat the Disease, Not Just the Symptoms

Actual solutions will take more RCMP Officers, not private security roaming the parks. Yes, there have been disturbing incidents in Langford’s park, but the problem is not the parks; the parks are merely the evidence of the infection. The infection is the gangs, drugs and deterioration. The problem is that politicians are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. The problem is that your politicians are trying to cure a disease by treating the symptoms and not the cause.

What is needed is a group of RCMP professionals who can form an Marching RCMP“Intelligence Unit”. Such a unit could focus on the disease, instead of cruising around with radios reporting on symptoms. This does not happen unless and until you demand actions instead of words.  You need to refuse to be misled again.

Maybe Stew meant the private security being hired are HIS rent-a-cops?  Hmm… I think they work for you, don’t they?

A Salute to West Shore RCMP
A Salute to West Shore RCMP doing their job despite inadequate funding

I have a question for Stew Young: “If his RCMP is doing a good job, and I totally believe they are, then what is going wrong in Langford?” What is going wrong is that Stew Young says he is hiring four private security people when he should be hiring six to ten RCMP officers. I don’t know if six to ten is the right number, but I do know that the RCMP knows the correct number and somebody needs to ask it.  If Stew Young was serious about crime, he would bring “on board” people who can do something about it other than just talk about it as he does.

Dollar signMore RCMP is not in his budget

Hiring those RCMP is probably not going to happen though because budgets are being directed toward new developments so your elected city government personnel can pat themselves on the back for now, instead of protecting you. Does it remind you of Nero fiddling while Rome burned?

Hal Hannon cartoon of Stew YoungThe drug wholesalers are setting up shop in Langford. They are using it as a base of operations. This both attracts crime to Langford and exports it to other communities as the street dealers from throughout the lower island come to Langford to buy their supplies.

The gangs and drugs are in Langford because the active police enforcement by Victoria PD and Saanich PD has squeezed them out of those areas. Illustration of a rapeThose gangs and drug dealers then decided that if they wanted to avoid jail that they needed to set up shop somewhere else to peddle their poison. Langford, with its understaffed police force and its deteriorating communities because of focus only on new growth, became the perfect spot.

Are You Tired of Being Fooled Too?

Do you think I’m being a little hard on Mayor Young? I don’t think that I am. I’m sick of politicians “pitching” me, and I’m tired of being played for a fool. Are you?

Picture of armed robber

Gangs and dealers shoot people and stab people. Their customers rob people, do home invasions and beat people. As Stew Young has been talking, your women and children are paying the price as his “great political machine” just keeps grinding out more bull sh^t.

The predatorThe drug predators don’t recognize city limits, or any limits, for that matter.

They only recognize their needs and their proximity to a hunting ground. Therefore, gangs, drugs & crime spill to Colwood from Gangford. What a shock! What the heck did you think was going to happen? The two municipalities are geographically intertwined.

Vancouver Island d5rug corridor
Vancouver Island Drug Corridor

The gangs, drugs and crime also follow the Vancouver Island drug corridor to Langford. Stew Young established Langford as “preferred warehousing area” by encouraging their presence through lack of police funding and by allowing the Devils Army a foothold in Langford.

Depiction of drug crime sceneHere are a few more examples of what Stew Young has brought to Langford.

Drug raid at Walfred Road Address

Here are a couple of quotes from the Times Colonist newspaper:

“Dozens of police officers, including emergency response team members, seized drugs, weapons and vehicles and arrested eight people with suspected gang ties after carrying out simultaneous early-morning raids in Langford, downtown Victoria and Vic West.”
“West Shore RCMP confirmed an RCMP emergency response team assisted Victoria police in the arrests at 940 Walfred Rd., a newer two-storey duplex in a family area at the end of Jacklin Road in Langford.“

This is what I have been warning about.

This bust was at a duplex in a family area of Langford. You needIllustration of armed robber more RCMP and to get more RCMP, you need to stop putting development ahead of everything else. You need to protect families. We don’t care about Stew Young’s Empire. We just want our kids, our wives and our neighborhoods safe.

Another perp arrestedHere is another article from the Times Colonist of April 7, 2015

“Gun call leads to arrest of Langford man on outstanding warrants”

West Shore RCMP and the emergency response team arrested a 19-year-old after receiving a call about a man with a handgun.

Mounties received the report about 4 a.m. Tuesday. Tactical officers from Island district RCMP and a Saanich canine team assisted in the arrest in the 900 block of Walfred Road in Langford. Police found a replica firearm in the house.

West Shore RCMP spokesman Const. Alex Berube said the man had two outstanding warrants for his arrest for alleged breaches of probation and court-ordered conditions. He was held in custody and appeared in court Tuesday.”

Door jam pried openHere is another drug bust in Langford.

RCMP kicked in the doors and seized the automobile(s) of the alleged culprit under B.C.’s Civil Forfeiture Act.

Civil Forfeiture worksWhile still having to adjudicate previous charges, I am told by multiple sources that Charbel Alex Hage allegedly had a 200 plant grow op when the RCMP kicked in his doors and seized his automobile(s) under the Civil Forfeiture Act. Additionally, he also faces weapons charges from this arrest, despite already having a weapons prohibition. Hage is no stranger to the criminal courts, with an extensive list of charges and convictions going back to June of 1999.  According to the CSO website, Hage remains in custody awaiting a December 7th court appearance.

Langford home invasionsTwo West Shore Home Invasions

According to excerpts from the Goldstream Gazette, “West Shore RCMP are classifying as unrelated two separate home invasion robberies that occurred less than six hours apart in Langford and Colwood last week.

A 25-year-old woman was assaulted in the presence of her four-year-old child at about 7 p.m. on Jan. 1, after a reported seven masked men forced their way into her home in the 800-block of Brock Avenue in Langford.

The invaders ransacked the home and left with an undisclosed amount of money and jewelry. West Shore RCMP, with the help of the Saanich police canine unit,  [If West Shore had enough police resources, why did it have to borrow a canine unit from Saanich?] conducted a search of the area, but did not locate any of the suspects.

The woman was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries. The child was not physically harmed.

At about 12:30 a.m. the next morning in Colwood, West Shore RCMP caught redhanded three of four perpetrators as they fled a home in the 3100-block of Antrobus Cres. after a invasion-style robbery.

Langford murderHere is a cold blooded murder.

From the Times Colonist, “The 29-year-old Victoria man charged with manslaughter in connection with a Langford stabbing last week made a brief appearance in Western Communities Court on Monday.

Daniel Thomas Phelps was remanded into custody until Jan. 26.

Phelps was arrested by Victoria police for allegedly stabbing 29-year-old Kyle Jansen in a leg on Wednesday evening near Jacklin Road and Station Avenue in Langford. Jansen died of his injuries on Thursday, turning the case into a homicide investigation.

With the presence of Red Scorpions in Gangford, it A fentanyl warning vs Red Scorpionsis almost undeniable that some of the fentanyl deaths in Victoria come from dope purchased via Langford.

Money and drugs seizedWhen Violence Comes, It Generally Comes To Stash Houses Or Select Mid-Level Dealers’ Homes in the Form of Home Invasions.

  • If you are out to rob somebody for drugs, you pick a target that you hope has lots of drugs or lots of money. Why rob small when you can rob big?
  • If you run a stash house or are a select buyer, you generally have weapons available to you to protect your money and your drugs. For this reason, the home invaders come in large numbers, and also, generally with weapons.
  • The ideal stash house is in a family neighborhood because it attracts less attention and because it is more difficult for the police to surveil, which is another reason you need MORE RCMP.
  • The recent spate in home invasions is about robberies at stash houses or at select dealers’ houses.
  • As well, some of these home invasions are debt collection raids by soldiers of higher up dealers.

Biker gathering at Devils Army clubhouse in LangfordNow, let’s look more closely at the Devils Army debacle.


RCMP say a biker gang affiliated with the Hells Angels isn’t welcome on the West Shore.

The Devil’s Army, which is an affiliate of the notorious Hells Angels criminal organization, appears to be setting up shot near Spencer Middle School in Langford.

Police are asking the public to report any suspicious activity to West Shore RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Will Langford have its own biker gang
The patches should read “Langford” because under Stew Young they’re not leaving anytime soon

The RCMP Might Say They Are Not Welcome, But Stew Young Opened His Arms To Them By Ignoring Crime. Stew thinks that he can make seasoned criminals leave town with a bylaw infraction ticket.

Stupidly, Stew Young hopes to chase gangs away with bylaw infractions
More blah, blah, blah from Stew Young

The Devils Army has not gone yet and will not be leaving because Stew Young issued a ticket. Here is Langford’s future under Stew Young.

Welcome To The Future Stew Created."Welcome to the Future" sign

Sometime in the next two weeks there will be a motorcycle ride to initiate and celebrate the new Devils Army clubhouse. There will be a party with lots of booze, lots of women and lots of patches from the Hells Angels and the Devils Army.

Solidarity signSolidarity

It will be about showing the solidarity of the two clubs in order to send a message to other gangs that the Devils Army has “back up” and that if you mess with the Devils Army, you are messing with the Hells Angels.

The Gang Wars & The Street Takeover

Gangs like the Red Scorpions and the United Nations will see this and will want to send their own Red Scorpions logomessage, that they are not going to just roll over. Therein is the basis of the coming war. Each gang will posture and take an action that the other gang cannot ignore without looking weak. On “the street” it is not about appearing strong as much as it is about “not appearing weak”.

Some small time and mid-level independent dealers will be threatened, maybe beaten, maybe even killed. This will be done in order to squeeze out all the independents who cut into the gangs profits by their presence. Warnings will be given that these independents must buy from this guy or that guy. The initial fight will be for the hearts and minds of those independents, trying to recruit them, and if they will not knuckle under, they will be severely dealt with.

Hells Angels logoThe Devils Army Will Take The Initial Heat And The Hells Angels Will Temporarily Fade to The Background.

The Devils Army will attempt to quickly grab a high profile in the community as the Hells Angels fade into the background. The Hells Angels don’t want to be too closely associated with any violence that might be required of the Devils Army.

The Hells Angels have lost too many rounds in the courts lately, and that fact combined with civil forfeiture make them even more wary of affiliations that can be proven to be criminal associations, so the club will quickly take a backseat.

Stew Young's policies bring crime to LangfordHere Is Another Warning From Other Than Me.

If you want to understand exactly what is happening BC, you need to look no further than reading this quote from Gangstersout Blogspot.

They were paying a portion of their drug profits into a fund to murder rival drug dealers. That is what the Quebec biker war was really about. Murdering rival drug dealers to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade. That is a historical fact that is consistent with the —— original mandate.”

That is what’s happening here in BC as well. All the lies and denial cannot change that.”

Stew Young, Devils Army, Red Scorpions - Stew Young's nose is growing
Stew Young T-Shirts for sale?

Do you Remember when Stew said he had ordered more RCMP? Look at his statements

Comment #1: Langford Mayor Stew Young wants to see five to 10 Mounties added to the West Shore RCMP detachment to combat a recent spike in crime… Young said Monday. “We got a report that said our crime was up 16 per cent — well, then maybe I better go hire 20 per cent more police officers.[That’s a nice sound bite, totally pandering to the press who seem to willingly buy everything Stew says. However, it doesn’t mirror what he did, what could be done, or what he actually tried to do.] The truth is that 20% more officers would be twelve new officers and Stew and his Stooges only authorized three additional officers at their council meeting.

Comment #2:Up to 10 more RCMP officers will be hired this year for the West Shore detachment – according to their needs in addressing the uptick [sic] in crime.

Comment #3: The addition of five to 10 officers would be the largest staffing increase West Shore RCMP has seen, Young said.

Langford Mayor Stew Young feigning "tough on crime" position
Stew Young – Faking Toughness and Saying What He Thinks You Want to Hear

Here is the truth from the RCMP and the mayors of two other cities.


At Tuesday’s meeting, Chomyn requested funding for four additional officers so the detachment can set up a crime-reduction unit. [This echos the way I told you RCMP request new recruits.]

West Shore RCMP spokesman Const. Alex Berube said he cannot comment on whether Chomyn intends to ask for more police resources. “It’s simply too premature.” [I was happy to see the RCMP finally call out Stew on his lies, rather than backing Stew’s play as it had done in the past.]

Mayor Carol Hamilton of View RoyalColwood And View Royal Mayors Say

Mayor David Screech of Colwood
David Screech

Both Hamilton and Screech said there have only been preliminary talks about adding new officers, and certainly no firm numbers. “I think Stew is speaking out of turn, quite frankly,” Screech said. “We haven’t even met with the RCMP yet. They have asked to meet with us and we know there will be a request for additional manpower, but it’s all a bit early to be stating anything definitive.”

According to Stew it’s Saanich’s and Victoria’s fault that Langford’s crime is up. He says it’s because they dissolved the Regional Crime Unit. Remember, it’s never Stew’s fault.

Stew Young never accepts any fault
According to Stew Young, it’s never his fault

Perhaps they dissolved the Regional Crime Unit because the other municipalities got tired of paying for your developments Stew.

Less than six months after the successful regional crime unit folded, the mayors of Colwood, Langford and View Royal want the province to force its resurrection in response to a crime spike in the West Shore.

It wasn’t long after the regional crime unit — which targeted prolific offenders — disbanded at the end of 2014 that serious crime in the West Shore started to rise, said Langford Mayor Stew Young.

Everything was going great until the last three to six months, when we saw a spike in violent crimes,” Young said.

It’s doing so much damage to our community because it’s not there.

Stew Young exporting crime by Hal Hannon
Stew Young waxes hopeful on crime

Stew, it was bad enough that you export Langford’s dope and crime to other communities, but it became absurd when you expect those other communities to pay to come to Langford and clean up your mess.

Now Stew, After Blaming Saanich And Victoria for the Devils Army and Other Crime, Wants To Force Those Cities Into Paying For His Developments.

Illustration of a Stew Young temper tantrum
This is how Stew Young is behaving

Mommy they don’t want to play with me. Make them play with me.

Since Saanich and Victoria no longer want to voluntarily support the building of STEWville, Stew wants to force them into doing so.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, but all of Stew Young’s “going” is going into hiding.

Stew Young boasting of his control of Langford by Hal Hannon
I own Langford City Council

Stew Young has ignored crime. Now rape, murder, home invasions, grow ops, drugs and dealers, robberies, and gangs are part of the fabric of Langford.

With this legacy, he has decided to hide behind the shirts and skirts of the other council members, allowing each of them to alternate as they take turns assuming the position of “Acting Mayor”.

Who did the people elect, Stew, or his cronies to whom he is endearing himself? They shouldn’t be allowed to “test drive” the position of mayor. Now, running Langford, we will have people such as the following.

Stew Young Lackey, Lillian Szpak
Lillian Szpak, CHEK News photo

Lillian Szpak

Lillian Szpak’s solution to a community problem is to tell the citizens that they should solve it.

Lillian Szpak, quoted from Goldstream Magazine of July 27, 2015 talking about traffic flow problems along Glen Lake Road due to past development:

Lillian Szpak, Out of touch Stew Young rubber stamper by Hal Hannon
Lillian Szpak Thinks You Should Have to Pay

“Often it’s a perception of speeding that you have,” she said, adding that no recent studies have been done to document speeding. “The RCMP can’t be there 24-7 monitoring it.”

She suggested that if residents are concerned about speeding in their neighbourhood, they could arrange to borrow portable speed boards [my bold], which display a passing car’s speed and act as a deterrent, reminding drivers to slow down.

Are you kidding me? Who is responsible for studies if not the government that we pay? She answers citizen concerns by telling the citizens to do the work of government.

Roger Wade, Another Stew Young "Yes man"
Roger Wade

Roger Wade

Roger Wade bullies young women, based on a report on CHEK News and other media sources.


I’m totally disgusted by @RWadeCouncillor. The Langford councilor, not liking the call of a 19 year old umpire at a local youth baseball game,  went on Facebook and called her out using profanity.

He is supposed to be a leader of Langford, as well as an example to our youth as a coach of youth sports. However he demonstrates the same arrogance and ego that Stew Young demonstrates with his smug and self righteous attitude.

These guys have been in office far too long. It is time to kick the bums and their egos out of office. We’ve had enough stewpid decisions by these clowns.

And there is more

Councillor Wade also admits to violating driving laws with the use of his cell phone. But he says it is no big deal. The problem here is not just that his ego is so big. The problem is that he believes that he is entitled to live by different laws than you and I. Moreover, he obviously feels so important that he thinks you and I should also believe he is entitled.

Stew Young's musical chairs by Hal Hannon
Stew Young is playing musical chairs with his mayoral duties

The only thing worse than Stew Young as mayor is six of his clones taking turns at apprenticeship. We don’t need anybody practicing on us. Who did we elect as mayor anyhow? What right does Stew have to overturn the will of his constituents? Who gave him the authority to install his crew to do a job for which he was elected and they were not?

While I should be happy about Stew handing off his mayoral duties, I am not. It seems that Stew is allowing each member of Langford’s city council to play musical chairs as each member gets a chance to sit in the mayor’s seat for six months at a time.  This includes members like Roger Wade who thought it appropriate to attack a 19 year old lady with a vulgar, public rant on Facebook. Then there is Lillian Szpak who thinks citizens should rent signs to do the city’s job of policing speeding cars. She says the cops don’t have the personnel. Of course they don’t because she and the rest of the council didn’t make plans to hire enough cops. Remember, she, as did each of the other members of council, willingly participated in the “Surrey-ization” of Langford” by putting development above public safety.

Langford City Council gives rubbher stamp
This is NOT governance; it is arrogance

Langford’s City Council Should be Booted.

Langford City Council is nothing more than a group of giant egos who have totally lost touch with the people it represents. They all march to Stew Young’s drummer, having been swept into office on his coattails. Therefore they all vote with Stew Young’s interests in mind, NOT YOURS.

Rubber stamp
Yes Sir, Mr. Mayor!

Each of them have been part and parcel of every horrible decision made by Stew Young. And each of them should be held accountable for what has happened in Langford.

How much evidence do you require before you understand that Stew is a failure as a mayor? We now have the Stew Young, Devils Army, Red Scorpions triumvirate.

Evict Stew Young and crew
Boot them all

Stew Young and His Crew Have Been In Power Too Long.

Ecclesiastes says, “To everything there is a season…” Is not twenty years of building contacts and making buddies enough? “Term Limits” are a reality in many countries for a reason?

I think Axel Rose may have said it best in one of his song lyrics when he sang, “Nothing lasts forever in the cold November rain…” For your sake, let’s hope it is the October of Stew Young’s reign.

These guys have been in power a long time, and without making any allegation(s). So I will just remind you of what Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We see the Devils Army, but where is Stew Young and where are the extra police he promised?

Those are my opinions

What are yours?

I encourage your comments; please leave them below

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