Stop Rampant Gangs, Drugs & Crime in Gangford

Stop Rampant Gangs, Drugs & Crime in Gangford 7

When I wrote my book and started my blog, I did so because of my hatred for women abusers and child abusers, my hatred for drugs and the victimizers who peddle them even though they do so without a drug habit to support, and my love of kids.  I imagined a lot of different directions that my love and my hate might lead me, but I could never have imagined that I would find myself fighting against a city government in order to stop the spread of drugs and gangs and in order to protect our youth.  We need to stop rampant gangs, drugs & crime in Gangford.

Here I am though, engaged in such a battle because Langford is putting budgets for development in front of budgets to hire more RCMP that will protect the city and our youth from drugs and from the sleazy and dangerous, victimizing non-users who sling their poison and move to your neighborhoods.

This Is Not Governance; This Is Bullying

mayor stew youngWe teach our children that bullying is wrong, but our mayor doesn’t seem to get the message. Here is a Stew Young quote: “This isn’t a threat. I’m just saying if you criticize development, then I’ll use whatever resources there are under the law to shut you up.”

If it wasn’t a threat, exactly what was it?  He doesn’t tell you that he will prove to you that you are wrong. No, read it again, not only is he threatening legal action against you if you stand in the way of any development he might support, he is threatening legal action against you if you even dare to speak out against any such development by criticizing it.  This is how a mayor talks to his electorate?

Threats are not the way to initiate conversations.  To the contrary, threats are designed to end conversations.  Threats are not the sign of an open mind.  Instead, threats are the sign of a deaf ear and an intransigent mind.

lost trustI lose trust when somebody comes at me with a threat. I further lose trust when I hear that same somebody try to make me believe that they will cure a problem which they created without telling me exactly how they will cure it, but instead, assuring me that their twenty years experience in creating the problem should give me confidence that they can cure it.

Is there a difference between a drug addict and a power addict? I tell drug addicts whom I counsel that if you keep on doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. I believe the same holds true for “power addicts”. Is there a way to get the mayor to understand that?

gov 1st dutyThe first duty of any government is to protect its citizens.

It is not to fund development or build bridges to nowhere. Does that sound as though Stew Young understands the first duty of government, or does that sound as if he puts development above your safety?  Remember, the threatening quote above was from the year 2010. With that in mind, do you think His Honor has grown more comfortable holding the reins of power, or do you think he has mellowed.

Please allow me a few of other questions

  • Would you rather take a tour of the Christmas lights in Bear Mountain?  Or would you rather know that nobody is trying to sell your kids drugs at school?

  • Would you rather shop at a new mall?  Or would you rather know that your wife can run in the park without fear?

  • Would you rather see a newly paved road or know that there is not a stash house?  Or would you rather safe house down the street from you and your family?

  • Would you rather have a say in how the city’s funds are budgeted?  Or would you rather hire some more rent-a-cops?

  • What do you think the drug dealer is going to do when a Bylaw Officer writes him a ticket, cry and leave town or laugh and tear up the ticket?

Urban_Safety copyOne more question

Would you rather live in the safest city on the island or the fastest growing?

Coincidentally, Langford can be both, but only if it puts safety first. When it becomes known as a safe city, the growth will come, not just because there is land available which can be built on to increase the size of Stew Young’s empire, but because everybody wants a safe city, so growth will come naturally to that available land without the need for government to push it.

Right now the growth is coming because government wants to promote it, so it is an unnatural growth, and the cost to you for that unnatural growth is the safety of your community and your family.

How can Stew Young cure something that he doesn’t seem to understand understand-peopleand about which his mind is so closed that he threatens legal action against any citizen who might oppose him?  This is the kind of one dimensional thinking that leads him to believe that he can foist rent-a-cops off as a solution to you, instead of RCMP.

His Ego Before People’s Safety?

The more I think about that ego driven quote and the more I stew (pun intended) about the response of Stew Young to the CTV interview, not to mention the response of Lorne Fletcher of the City of Langford to this blog, the more upset I become.

You should be sick of the denials and the “let’s reassure them that we are concerned and we are on top of it” attitude you are getting from the city.   That’s just more blah, blah, blah. It’s worked in the past for them and they will keep rolling out the words without actions, instead of having the RCMP put together a plan and budgeting for that plan.

langford city hallFrom the response so far, it seems that The City of Langford doesn’t care which goes away, you or the drug and gang problem, but it figures you are easier to control than the drug dealers, so it throws a couple of “stewisms” at you. The conclave, after having huddled together, could come up with nothing better than a response about “feeling at ease”. It’s pathetic; I said it before, and I will say it again, this is not about feelings; this is about your safety and the safety of your family.

Just remember though, nothing gets in the way of development, not without legal action anyhow. Is Stew really saying that if your safety gets in the way of development, he will sue?  That’s the way I interpret it and that’s the way that I believe he wanted it interpreted.

We had a contract and City Hall broke it. They were supposed to protect us while we went about creating a community of families.

These Guys Have Been In Power Too Long

These guys have been in power a long time, and without making anyeviction order allegation(s), I will just remind you of what Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

People, City Hall needs to be reminded that you are the dog and it is the tail, so you wag it, not visa versa.

There is a simple solution, these people either do as you demand or they find another job. The City of Langford needs to stop telling you what you want and start listening to you.

It Can Be Done Right

Lisa HelpsYou need to demand that City Hall respond to you with its budget. In Victoria, Mayor Lisa Helps has put out much of the budget process to the citizens; you need to demand the same in Langford.

These gangs are like bed bugs; they suck the blood out of a community. They must be denied any more of a foothold than they have already been allowed because of a lack of financial support to properly fund the RCMP.

Here Is Another Warning From Other Than Me

If you want to understand exactly what is happening BC, you need to look no further than reading this quote from Gangstersout Blogspot:

They were paying a portion of their drug profits into a fund to murder rival drug dealers. That is what the Quebec biker war was really about. Murdering rival drug dealers to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade. That is a historical fact that is consistent with the —— original mandate.”

That is what’s happening here in BC as well. All the lies and denial cannot change that.”

Stop Rampant Gangs, Drugs & Crime in Gangford 8I say, let’s tell Stew “Bring it”.  Let’s go pick a fight with a bully.  Let’s show him no quarter and let’s not back down

I have asked a friend of mine to help me draft an on line petition to the City of Langford. The petition will demand that you have a say in the budget process in general.  More specifically, we want to demand greater input into hiring more RCMP.

I hope to have the petition on my site within the week

In the format I visualize, it will require you to input your name.  It will also require a valid email address and a Langford postal code.  If you think that you should be entitled to a say in the decisions that your elected officials make with your money, now is the time to “man up” and “woman up”.

singing-petition-620x350Signing the petition is just the beginning though. Your signature alone will probably not be enough to wrestle control of your future from the tight grasp that Stew Young seems to think he is entitled to regarding your choices about your future.

This is a “Call to Arms”.  You need to stop rampant gangs, drugs & crime

You must use all social media available on the links below to get your message out.  Make sure that your friends, acquaintances and business associates know.


Your time is NOW! Let’s beat the bully and make your family safe. You need to start TODAY!

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page.  Share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

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