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Two weeks ago, this blog, more specifically, my roommate and I, received an email threat in the “Comments” section of this site.  I will respond today to the sender thereof.  In doing so, I will teach you about the street code, street life, haters & threats.

Here Is Excerpt From The Meat And Bones Of That Threat

Submitted on 2015/05/15 at 4:53 am

… you are nothing more than a parasite who will pray on old tokes with Internet scams lie about Wyatt for the sole reason of making money for your lies in court your the worste kind of rat that’s a lieing rat I take comfort only from knowing that car a will get u back for your misdeeds problem long before Wyatt or Bozzly or an additive haha,da,Rd or one of a hundred other people your exes intake repulsed go on stand on your bs soap box u know what’s comming that’s no threat I’d never hurt u myself it would spoil the fun that watching carmaker do it to u is going to bring to our lives fu…

It is said that you must be able to write in order to be able to think.  If you cannot be coherent on paper, then you cannot think coherently.

The wisdom of that belief is certainly born out in the above comment.  In it the writer denies the reality of all the witnesses who testified that Wyatt Prince strangled Paul Rouxel.

He does so while condoning murder as he demonstrates his lack of any education with his grammar.  Those are the effects of too much dope.

Haters And Street Code Charlatans Never Sign Their Name.  Instead, They Hide Like Cowards

Please allow me to explain to you, my reader, exactly what type of individual hides behind the “grandma skirts” of anonymity.  shy.jpgCertain creatures are harder to find  than a sow with an odd number of teats.  Street code preaching haters are among that ilk.

They are not difficult to find because they are rare.  But instead, it is because they hide in fear in order to avoid being confronted with their ignorant statements.  This is good though, because like the sow with seven teats, they serve no practical purpose in nature or to society.

I have encountered such vermin on a few occasions though.  Each and every time I have found them lacking.  They are devoid of intelligence.  They want for courage and are without of any sense of real self worth.  This is as it should be since they are nothing more than wannabes and pretenders.

Haters Just Gotta Hate

These haters instinctively realize their worthlessness so they spew their venom from the dark alleyways of their anonymity.  Then they attack from behind.  They remind me of Blair “Crazy” Beaudry who tried to shank me with a screwdriver while he feigned a “bro hug”.  Or Desiree Lemay who sneaked up alongside my car and sprayed my roommate and me with bear mace.

I called the police on both of those clowns.  Then I testified in court against them and watched them each get sentenced to a year in jail.  I enjoyed letting them know that I will not be intimidated by them or other lily livered denizens of the dark.

Haters And Street Code Advocates Have No Credibility

These are the type of individuals with whom you must sometimes deal if you take a stand  for justice.  They commit their acts of cowardice thinking that doing so might elevate their “street creds”.  They do this because they instinctively know that they have none.  Nobody on the street gives them as much as a nod.  These are the types of individuals who Stew Young’s policies have invited to Langford.

I Love Teaching These Fools Not To Mess With Me

going to jailI keep putting those who physically challenge me in jail to show what fools they are.  Their lives will likely end at the sharp point of a hypodermic needle.  Then people will fruitlessly search their pockets for anything of value before the cops or the paramedics arrive.

They will pass on with nobody noticing and with fewer people caring.  This is because, as with their pockets, their lives have built no value.

Haters Are Only Worthy Of Your Scornful Pity

I would like to feel sorry for them because of their pathetic existence.  However, I cannot bring myself to do so because of the hatred they so willingly and proudly carry.  They slink around in the shadows of the street crowd and pretend to themselves that people believe all the lies they tell to themselves and to others.

I Understand There Are Many Different Types Of People On The Street And That Street Life Can Be Difficult

For the record, I understand that not all members of the street community are hard core drug users, thugs, nonuser-dealers, or haters.  I know far more good souls on the street than there are victimizers, abusers and haters.

This blog posting is meant to differentiate the users and user-dealers from the cowards who attacked me and from the fool who threatened my roommate and me with his anonymous email.

Mental Issues Have Forced Some There

I also understand that there are people on the street who are there because of mental issues.  It saddens me to see these people whose best conversations are often with themselves.  For them, I sincerely wish our government had a solution, or would be willing to actually seek and fund a solution.

For Others It Is A Lifestyle Choice

I further understand that there also people who are part of the street community who have chosen it as a way of life and are content with their choice.  This is not about them.  They are exercising their freedoms in this great country and I wish them peace, happiness, and love.  I was a teenager during the hippie generation.

cooking heroinFor Still Others, Addiction Has Forced Them There

To you users of hard core drugs, I hope that the harsh tone used herein is taken as a homily.  I hope that it encourages you to get help with your addictions and to find the happiness you seek.

You should know that you will never find that contentment at the business end of a crack pipe, a shard bowl, or a hypodermic needle.  In fact, you cannot find it until you identify that from which you are running and then stare it down and overcome it.  I sincerely hope that you find the help, the courage, and the strength to do so.

I Wish All Of You Courage

Also, to you user-dealers of hard core drugs, despite some sobering words herein, I understand the world in which you are caught.  I also empathize with your plight.  Thus, I give you the same words of advice I give to users who are more able to support their habits without dealing.  I also throw in the caution that you will get caught dealing and will go to jail.

On the bright side though, perhaps you will finally get clean there.  A drug habit is a demanding task master and your only escape from your drug prison is courage and sobriety.


To you nonuser-dealers, haters, victimizers and women abusers, know this.  I will not call the police on you unless pond scumyou attack or threaten somebody about whom I care, or attack or threaten me.  I will not do so because karma, your greed, your arrogance and your ignorance will get you busted without my intervention.  So instead, I’ll just pray that karma drives a fast car.

As you rise to the top of your little pond, thinking you are a big shot because you are making a few dollars, remember this.  Scum always rises to the top, until it is scooped up and disposed of.

Here Is What A Man Does

To you drama seekers, backroom sh*t talkers, brain-dead idiots and haters who think I was wrong to have turned in Prince, to have worked undercover against him and to have testified in court, think about this.  After I did what I had to do, what was unarguably the only moral thing to do, after I spent some two years living with his unpredictable violence in order to help put away that animal torturer, woman abuser and murderer, I tacked up posters around town telling what I had done and why I did it and then signed those posters.  But you?  You’re a coward.

I then moved into an even more dangerous building and lived for the next year.  There I lived with an open and unlocked door to offer you the opportunity to confront me.

Now, I’m 68 years old and infirmed, but I am still more of a man than you can ever hope to be.  I take care of my responsibilities.  I continue fighting for those people whom you victimize.  And despite my somewhat bent frame, I hold my head high and still walk the hood looking for people whom I might be able to help.

Why Don’t You Nut Up Or Shut Up?

You, instead, shout jibes from the street and then run inside lest somebody see you.  You skulk around alleyways coward-coward-chicken-shithead-demo-copy copylooking for somebody to victimize.  And you hide behind anonymous emails like cowards as you stick another needle in your arm or in your neck or wherever you can find a vein that you haven’t already destroyed.

If you think I was wrong, why don’t you nut up or shut up.  Why don’t you put up and sign your own posters explaining exactly why you believe that Prince should not be in prison?

In fact, why don’t you trade in some of your dope for a computer or a tablet?  Then you can write a book or a blog about how wrong I was.  Hell, you can even sign your name to it as I have always done?

Do you have the parts to do that?  Or are you too afraid that you will look to the general population like the fool you would be for espousing such an idiotic position?

If you don’t have the parts, and instead choose the cowardly path of Crazy or Lemay, coming at me or at my roommate in a sneak attack just as Prince attacked Paul, I will call the police.  I will see you arrested and I will testify against you.  Then I will laugh at you and mock you as I put your name in my second book or in my blog.

Street Code In Action

You and your street code weren’t doing anything about Paul’s murder, so how did you expect Paul to get justice?  I don’t live by some idiotic, non-existent street code that seeks to victimize people and condones murder.  And I WILL NOT BE YOUR VICTIM or underwrite your total lack of any moral scruples or brains.

Let’s Expose Your Precious Street Code For What It Really Is

It is NOT a code of justice.  Instead, it is an absolute guarantee of a total lack of justice of any kind.  This supposed code seeks to turn any town into an Old West town wherein the fastest gun and most vicious individuals dominate.  Think Billy the Kid or the Gene Hackman character in the movie The Quick and the Dead.

Street punk rulesBy the street code, if you are weaker than your victimizer, you cannot call the police, no matter what.  The reason they beat on you is that they think they can get away with it.  They think that you are too scared to call the police.  You can prove them wrong with three numbers, 9-1-1.

If you are not allowed to call the police you can’t get protection.  So, you will be that bully’s victim until that bully overdoses and dies or until he goes to jail.  That will eventually happen, but maybe not before you take another few beatings or further tolerate him robbing and victimizing you.  Therefore, the justice will come in the end, but not from the street code.  It will come from that bully’s lifestyle.

The Bikers

I have written recently about the biker gangs who are invading Langford.  Let me tell you the difference between you and them.

Although I disagree with what they do, at least they do it in the open.  They take care of their families and they give and get respect from their peers.  You, on the other hand, spew your hatred hoping it will bring you respect.  It won’t because you are not worthy of respect, from yourself or others.


You Are A Failure As A Father With Your Message To Your Son

Hell, you probably can’t even spell the words “father” or “responsibility”.  I can just see one of you street code talking fools giving your teenage son advice.

Son, come here a minute. I know that I only see you once a year or so, but you’re going to be a man soon.  So, I need to teach you what is important in life.

Listen up, no matter what happens out there, if it’s rape, if it’s murder, even if it’s child molestation, no matter how wrong or evil it might be, you need to just walk away as though you don’t idiot testknow anything.  Don’t say a word, because if you say anything to anybody who actually can, and will, do something about it, it would be very wrong of you.

You must just allow any and all injustices to occur.  This is the street code and living by the street code is how you become a man.  Do you understand son?

Then you wonder why the next picture you see of your kid will be on his jail identification card instead of a graduation photo.

You Are A Failure As A Father With Your Message To Your Daughter

If you have a daughter instead, what do you say to her?  “Listen sweetie, I’m off to jail for a few years and in that time you will become a woman and find you a guy [Author’s note: not a man].

That guy might beat you and abuse you.  If he does, don’t call the police to protect yourself. Just take the beatings baby, and if you do decide to leave him and he finds you and beats you, you still can’t call the police.  Oh, and by the way, if he makes you sell yourself to support his dope habit, just go ahead and do it.  That’s what women are supposed to do.  

It’s all about the street code.  Do you understand sweetheart?  Even though I don’t support you financially, daddy loves you baby.

Then, the next time you see your daughter again, if you get out of prison before her guy beats her to death, she’ll likely have a surgically reconstructed face or tubes coming out of her to keep her breathing.

Kids Learn By Observation Also

If that is what you teach to your kids, you’re a fool.  Instead, if it is not, then you’re a damn hypocrite.  hypocrite.jpg[Author’s Note: Ladies, allow me to give you a warning.   If this is the same “would be wonderful father” with whom you are thinking of having a child, the next time he comes around I recommend that you take an aspirin and place and hold it firmly between your knees.]

By the way Mr. Street Code Preacher, you don’t have to teach children by talking to them.  Your actions teach them without words. So idiot, exactly what do you think your actions are teaching your kids with all your hating and street code bullsh*t?

Your Dope Buddies In Action

Oh, I know, one of your dope buddies is going to protect your daughter.  Wise up fool!  Your dope buddies are too busy doing their dope, just like you.  Hell, when you get out, one of them will probably be pimping her to pay off her dope debt to him.

What will you do about that?  You’ll talk tough again, as you always do, and then you’ll do nothing again, as you have always done.  You will just automatically assume the role of the loser you are, the loser you have always been.  It’s a natural for you.

The Behind The Back Whisperers

Lastly, it seems an all too common experience that somebody will have been talking to my roommate, not knowing who she is, and when the conversation ends, a third person will walk up to the individual who was talking to my roommate and say to that individual words to the effect of, “Do you know who you were just talking to?  That was the woman who ratted Wyatt Prince.”

I Turned Wyatt Prince In

Listen up you garbage-for-brains imbecilic haters.  It was I who turned in Wyatt Prince, not my roommate.  Do you get it yet?  I turned him in.  I’m glad I did, and I’d do again.

There are certain things one does simply because they are morally correct.  Do you need me to explain the word “morally” to you?  Perhaps if I repeat the statement do you think you might finally be able to elevator_murder_experimentwrap your dope addled brain around it?

I only regret that Prince didn’t stay out of jail long enough so his psycho butt could have strangled you too.  You are obviously another of the “I don’t have a clue” class of fools who think murder is okay and who like to whisper your stupidity behind people’s back.  If courage was a good meal, you would have starved to death already.   And if lungs were made of brain matter, you would have suffocated a long time ago.

Besides, do you really think that the RCMP budgeted hundreds of thousands of dollars to an investigation just on my word?   Or do you think that they first verified what I had to say with six or eight of your close bros?  [Hint: the RCMP doesn’t do anything based on one person’s word.]

You make a point in your comment that “I’d never hurt u myself”.  Duh! Of course you would never hurt me yourself.  You’re a punk and a coward.  Besides, you don’t want to spend the next one year + 364 days in PC after I testify against you.

Intimidation of the Justice System

When you threaten a person because he/she witnessed in court or because of what they might write as a journalist, you can be charged withguy hidingIntimidation of a Justice System System Participant or a Journalist“.  These are very serious charges and ones for which judges often hand down stiff sentences.  I was a former witness, which you mentioned.  Additionally, I am currently a journalist, something you also mentioned by referencing it “your BS soapbox”.

Your police file number is 2015-10427.  Oh, by the way, your Dynamic IP Address.  The location from which you sent your email, is  Perhaps it is time to pull a Blair Beaudry and run and hide as you always do.

You Need To Stop Using People; You’re To Reckless

I can only imagine how impressed your buddy with the Shaw wi-fi address will be that you put him under greater police scrutiny.  Speaking of “impressed”, I’m sure “Bozzly” (Ronald Jones) will be equally appreciative of you mentioning him.  You need to stop with the name dropping.  It doesn’t impress me.  Besides, Bozzly would never give a loser like you the time of day.

Your Day Is Coming

Remember this, when Prince does get out, he will get out feeling empowered.  He will expect you to fear him due to the fact that he will be known as a killer.  And he will be feeling entitled because of the props that he will believe are due him because of him having committed that murder.

With that sense of empowerment and entitlement, he will believe that even the smallest slight of him, whether intentional or not, is a defiant act of disrespect of him.  He will then assume that he has the right, perhaps even the duty, to punish the offender.

Those feelings of empowerment and entitlement will be exacerbated by the energy Prince will draw from you haters who send Prince and everybody else a message that murder and violence are okay.  You are fools who will be hoisted on your own petard.

loser-quote copyI Don’t Waste My Life Hating

I protected you idiotic, cowardly haters once, but not because I cared about you.  No, I did it because Paul and his family needed justice.  Your safety was just a byproduct of that justice.

Unlike you, I don’t have the time to spend my life hating or worrying about your meaningless threats.  I’m too busy taking care of my responsibilities.  The only question in my mind is will I have the opportunity to help save your woman and your kids from you.

I don’t care about your childhood.  Your life is full of excuses for every failure you engineer.  Boo-hoo!  Lots of people have tough childhoods, including me, and don’t turn into haters, victimizers, losers, abusers and cowards.

I Will Make Your Name Known

In closing, you should know that when I do figure out who you are, I am going to publish your name so the hood can continue to laugh at you as it has always done.

A Squirrel Can’t Even Find Them

You started life with those things shriveled up inside you and it is evident from your cowardice in hiding your identity that they remain there today, if indeed, they actually exist.  Don’t ever let them drop in case somebody might momentarily mistake you for a man.

Why did I wait so long to post this?

I wanted to give you time enough to lie to your friends and brag that you had confronted me in person, rather than by an anonymous email.  This way I expose you as the lying coward you are.  That’s how I handle street code preaching retards like you.

Goodbye_ForeverGood-bye & Good Riddance

Now, why don’t you take your precious street code and run along.  See if you can scrounge up $14.  Then maybe talk somebody to whom you don’t already owe money into fronting a $20 point of heroin with it.   Just tell him how “solid” you are.  Maybe you can find another sucker who might believe you.

This punk’s email is [email protected]  If any of you recognize it, I would appreciate the name that goes with it.  I’d love to post his name along with a picture.

Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page. Share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

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