Archbald, Daley, Kilmer, Chad Wilson & Cartel Dope

November 29, 2018 Hal 4

Let’s get one thing straight, the murders of Dan Archbald, Ryan Daley, Ben Kilmer and Chad Wilson (President of the new Hardside Chapter of the Hells Angels) were all related to the dope on the Astral Blue.

Drug smuggling route of Archbald and Daley

Drug Smuggling, Dead Men, Sailboats and Ecuador

July 3, 2018 Hal 379

In June of 2018, Ryan Daley and Daniel Archbald were found murdered near Ucluelet. Their boat, the Astral Blue, bobbing softly in the small craft harbor, revealed it had been loaded to gunwales with fentanyl and cocaine. This is the story of how they became bear food, of their drug smuggling trip from Ecuador, of organized crime, of bikers, how these types of drug smuggling operations are run, and why death is always a result.