Why Tent City Has No Solution

Tent city has no solution

When Lisa Helps encouraged tent city by announcing to all that the City of Victoria had no legal authority over the courtyard park, she opened a Pandora’s Box.  She knew she was blackmailing the province with her public declaration.  But she chose to ignore the needs of the majority in order to push her social agenda. The facts are that tent city has no solution.Tent city has no solution

Understanding why tent city has no solution

Lisa Helps is clueless about the mentality of those she wanted to help.  The tenters will not be satisfied until they live better than you and I.  That will never happen because their addictions control their lifestyles.

Those addictions will destroy every attempt made to help them.  They will convert every effort into a way to support their addictions.  Accordingly every available penny and every available resource will be used to feed their addictions.

Addiction is relentless

Have you ever supported a drug habit?  I have.  I supported my ex-roommate’s addiction for fifteen years.  It cost me between $3,000 and $5,000 a month, whatever I could make available.  Had I made more available, she would have wasted that on drugs too.

Multiply that by the masses who inhabit tent city and those waiting for a spot to pitch a tent.  I can assure you that when a lifestyle is driven by addiction there is never enough money.  Without enough money, tent city has no solution.

Every effort to help them will be misused to support their drug habits.

I am not saying every tenter is an addict.  I am saying that some ninety percent of them are.

tent city has no solutionUnderstanding the tenters

It is undeniable that most of the tenters have at least one drug addiction.  Those addictions DEMAND their constant attention.  Their addictions come before everything

  • Addictions come before dignity
  • They come before self respect
  • Addictions come before self honesty
  • They come before food
  • Addictions come before sleep
  • They come before housing
  • Addictions come before family

Each dollar spent on a community resource to find them housing is going toward addiction.

I supported one addict.  But your tax dollars are being asked to support hundreds of addicts, not just one.

Worse yet, neither the government, nor you, has any idea how many of those addicts actually have any desire to kick their habits.  I tell you again, tent city has no solution.

What will happen to housing?

Tent city has no solutionLook at the now dilapidated, old Travelers Inns that have already been converted into housing for the disadvantaged

Any community housing will be disrespected and unappreciated.  It will be converted to a giant crack shack.  Then it will be surrounded by crime and rife with drug overdoses.  All along though, it will consume community resources that could have gone to helping needy seniors.

It gets worse though.  The more who are housed, the more who will come with their demands.  There is an almost endless supply of those who do nothing, but who feel entitled to everything.

With addiction comes a desperation that manifests itself in a sense of entitlement.  That sense of entitlement is what drives addicts into believing that they don’t have to follow the law.  Accordingly, they believe the laws are designed to discriminate against them.  Thus they have no regard for laws or rules, let alone your personal rights or the personal rights of anybody else.  They only see their addictions.

When rules are imposed, they refuse to follow them.  They want to live by their own code.  They want to live by a street code which they have developed, a code that forces you to pay for their way in life.  It is a code that forces you to tolerate their violence, their open drug use, and their disrespect for public spaces.

Many are proud of their addictions.  Others use their drug habits as a way to rebel.  Still others find a “sense of community” in joining a movement comprised of other addicts.  Precious few really have any desire to get help.  What they really want is for you to support their habits, but they have no interest in getting clean.

They want you to feel sorry for them.

tent city has no solution

They want your sympathy, but they will not abandon their drugs to earn anything.  The tenters want it all because their addictions and Lisa Helps tell them that they are entitled.

They will keep on taking as long as the politically correct in our society rule the agenda.

There are many government programs offering them help and support.  Those who sincerely seek help with their addictions will take advantage of those programs.  To make these programs easier to get into is a false solution.  If they are easy, then the system will not separate those who really want help from those who are only looking to game the system.

What the tenters really wantTent city has no solution


The Downtown Victoria Business Association and Tourism Victoria have finally stepped forward on tent city.  These organizations have evidence that tourism is being negatively affected by it.  Thus, the cost to you is NOT JUST what the province and city are spending, but also, LOST REVENUES.

Tent city has no solutionDid you know that tour buses no longer go by Christ Church Cathedral because it is next to tent city?

Downtown business owners don’t want their faces shown for fear of retaliation if they speak out

There is no Charter Right guaranteeing a place to live.

The politically correct among us are empowering the tent city movement.  They are enabling their addictions by this mass movement to find the tenters housing.  Tent city has no solution.

Our courts need to protect the public interests.

Addicts are almost endlessly creative when it comes to supporting their addictions.  If they would exercise even a minor fraction of their ingenuity to finding housing:

  • there would be no tent city
  • businesses downtown would not require extra security
  • people would not be moving from their neighborhoods to feel safe

How could citizens not be intimidated when images like this appear on the internet?

Tent city has no solutionAs long as the province and the city are willing to pander to the wants of tent city residents, tent city will continue.

As I have told you, I lived for fifteen years among many of those who occupy tent city.  Also, I supported my roommate’s drug addiction during those years.  During that time, I got to know many of the homeless and addicted.  This included thugs like Blair Beaudry and Wyatt Prince.  I still count as friends many tent city residents and I know many who have found recovery.  Thus, I understand of what I speak.  And I’m telling you, tent city has no solution.

Those of them who know me know that I speak the truth and that I do so with respect.  When truth becomes disrespect, our lives will be ruled by lies.

The need for tent city is a lie and the need to find housing for all its inhabitants is a sham.  It is a sham that will continue until its residents are dispersed.

Tent city has no solution that does not already exist under our laws or under our government services.  Disband it!

Let’s talk commonsense


  • I’m 69 years old
  • have worked all my life
  • survived 7 heart attacks, 3 strokes, and 2 major cancer surgeries
  • could have turned to drugs, but instead, I fought for my survival, and still do
  • I also struggled to find housing in my retirement
  • Why should the tenters have free entitlement to something for which I had to work all my life?
  • Why should the tenters have free entitlement to something for which your parents had to work all their life?

I have sympathy for those tenters who have mental issues and need government help.  But it is wrong for our tax dollars to be spent supporting drug habit.

  • Send in Social Services
  • Determine the tenters who have real mental issues
  • Help them and arrest the others who refuse to leave

Remember, supporting drug habits is supporting drug dealers.

We are already supporting enough criminals with Lisa Helps’ pot shops

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  1. I know this is from a year ago, but the author’s thought process here is so nonsensical that I feel like I have to respond.

    “Addicts are almost endlessly creative when it comes to supporting their addictions. If they would exercise even a minor fraction of their ingenuity to finding housing:”
    >”If they would exercise even a minor fraction of their ingenuity to finding housing:”
    That’s exactly what tent city is(was) though. The courthouse lawn was literally one of the only places in Victoria where police didn’t have the authority to make us pack up and leave at 7am every morning. So we used this loophole to PROVIDE OURSELVES WITH HOUSING (albeit in tent form). Pretty ingenious, no?
    “there would be no tent city”
    “businesses downtown would not require extra security”
    Before tent city when many of us were literally sleeping in front of or around downtown businesses every night, people weren’t happy, called us eyesores, wanted us gone. You weren’t happy then, you weren’t happy with tent city (btw where did you think people were going to go when tent city was shut down? *GASP* Back to downtown doorways? Who would have thought??)

    Like it or not, drug addicts, “undesireables”,and the entire lumpenproletariat are not just going to magically vanish into thin air, however much some people might wish this would happen. At the end of the day, like it or not, we ARE going to be going to sleep somewhere. Whether it is in a doorway, a park,a tent city, a squatted empty building, or some form of social housing is up to the taxpayers and voters.

    • The thought process is NOT NONSENSICAL. It is lucid, well thought out and absolutely correct. Your response, while well written, is nonsensical for the following reasons.

      1. When I suggested that creativity could be used to find housing, that was instead of drugs, not along side of drugs.
      2. You consider an ILLEGAL encampment to be a “creative” solution. Society, and I, consider it to be a crime.
      3. If you are an addict, which most of tent city residents were, by breaking the law in order to force society into housing you, you are, in essence, forcing society to pay for your drugs because the money you save by taking no responsibility for your housing is used to purchase drugs.
      4. Your little encampment cost taxpayers around a million dollars in remediation costs and policing costs.
      5. You stole the park from our children and grandchildren. SHAME ON YOU!
      6. The alternative to the park is not you sleeping in doorways. It is you getting clean. You are not my responsibility.

  2. Hal, I agree with much of what you say about enabling addicts. However, I can’t agree with your statements about Lisa Helps creating Tent City. It is provincial land. Full stop. City Hall has no jurisdiction.

    • Cynthia, Very early on, when there were only two or three tents, Lisa Helps sought out the press and announced that the tents were on provincial land and that the city had no jurisdiction. That pronouncement served as an “invitation” to all homeless to come to the courthouse lawn. A few days later, when not enough had come, she went on the TV AGAIN, and announced how she was working with the province to find housing for the tenters. As the park continued to fill, she then invited TV cameras to a council meeting while she discussed that things looked hopeful for finding all the campers a place of their own. Her initial publicity and continued follow up publicity acted like red meat to a hungry bear. One can only speculate what would have happened when VicPd warned the city many months ago that campers on the courthouse lawn would be a problem, had she simply said, “move them out”. Instead, she publicized the jurisdictional issue, an issue which the campers likely did not know existed until her public campaign.

  3. You keep saying there is no solution. There is a solution and it is for the citizens of Victoria to go to counsel meetings let the Mayor and counsellers know in person at these meetings that this has gone on long enough . Posting things on the net will do nothing . I have a feeling there are people who are happy that these people are in one area so they can be kept track of. There is no critical mass of protesters against the tent city. Most don’t really care because they are not victimized by them or are intimidated .Lets face it , what can law abiding citizens really do?

    • Thank you for your comment. 1. By “no solution” I mean other than disbanding tent city. 2. The Downtown Victoria Business Association, and others, have already gone to the city. The city’s position is that it is a provincial problem because tent city is on provincial land. 3. Posting “these things” on the net makes people aware of the problem, something the “politically correct” Times Colonist basically refuses to do. City councilors can also read. So, they are also informed of the displeasure of the public and made aware of the “real costs” of tent city. 4. I know of no group that has expressed contentment that the tenters are all in one place. Do you? 5. There is a “critical mass” of protesters against tent city. That mass includes, the downtown hotels, the people in the neighbourhood of tent city, many downtown businesses who have had to add security, the DVBA (mentioned above), the Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism Victoria trying to protect a 100 million dollar industry. All of those groups have expressed dismay. 6. You are right that many don’t care because they don’t perceive the negative effect on them. Perhaps some of those, through online postings, will come to realize that their taxes will increase because of the loses of income from the tourism industry and the added costs to house addicts, most of whom are only demanding housing because it will be more convenient for them to do their dope. 7. What can we do? If we make enough noise, perhaps the province will hear us and go back to court. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

      • If the city wanted to do something they would. police like them in one area . How about suggesting the city close off the streets around that area and deny them access . this would inconvenience everyone in the area but letting people who can prove they have business or live in the area in only may work.

        • The police warned the city not to have them there. The police do not want them there. There are some in city government who do like the encampment, but tent city is now outside of the purview of the city. As far as closing off streets goes, that has two problems. One, it impairs access to the courthouse. Two, and more importantly, it accepts that tent city has a right to exist. It does not, and soon, a sane judge will rule against it.

          • I believe that Lisa Helps and her bad hair posse, greatly enabled the homeless mob, and directed them to provincially owned land. Up until that time, it was Helps’ problem on city land. Magically, the dynamic changed, and its no longer her problem. The homelkess are not smart atll, they would have no idea about such a calculated move. And yes, now she is enabling them as much as possible. Disgusting behaviour from someone totally unqualified and overmatched as mayor. City hall needs an enema

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