Tent City Threatens Violence Vs Opponents


I have referred to Victoria’s courthouse Tent City as an “Occupation” and as an “Insurrection”. Next you were warned that Mayor Helps had started something she could not control. Additionally, I stated that the only way this standoff ends is with police action.  Now Tent City is threatening violence against those who oppose it.

One must hope that the person who posted the following thought it funny. Here is what led to this. First tent city residents stated that they would NOT leave willingly. Next, Mayor Lisa Helps’ publicly promoted tent city when she promised them housing. Accordingly, they suddenly assumed a greater sense of “entitlement”. Now the tent city movement has garnered enough support to prove to them that they have a just cause. Therefore, they are threatening to add tent cities to the legislature lawn, and as well, to other provincial properties.

Here is proof of my foresight and the seriousness of my warnings of violence.

Tent City Shall Overcome

Tent city now threatens violence against its opponents

  • We are victorious.

  • We are strong.

  • The Legislature grounds are next.

  • We are increasing in number.

  • We will take back the land downtown that was stole by the white man.

Does this threat of violence, with its domestic terrorism slant, merit RCMP or VicPD* action yet? What threats must we tolerate? The only way this occupation ends is with police intervention.

* VicPd has no jurisdiction in this courthouse lawn occupation. However, it has been forced to deal with the many problems flowing from it. And although I don’t fully understand the protocol or legality of its relationship with the province, I wonder if there exists a way in which VicPd might be deputized specifically to assist in the matters of the tenters.

Those are my opinions

What are yours?

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  1. Poor Hal upset about tent city always looking at the negative side. What. About the postive getting our homeless people the community support they need to live a productive life in the future by accessing out patient addiction programs and frontline workers in tent city who have earned the trust of that community members I never see your face down there you got slot to say about the place when you have never walk or talked to the people who live there Hal you are a fake person who will spin stories until you can make a buck or two for you own pocket wow Hal the man with no balls and always hiding behind rat walls

    • (1) I look at both sides, and if you actually read what I wrote instead of just being a Hal hater because I testified against you for trying to stab me in a sneak attack, for which you went to jail, you would realize my fairness. Your problem is that you believe the tent city squatters have rights that exceed the rest of society, that they have a right to “forcibly” occupy a space that belongs to everybody, not just to them.
      (2) The addiction services are NOT located in tent city. They are located in different buildings around Victoria, and those services and the workers who staff them are available at those buildings, all within blocks of tent city.
      (3) Sitting in a tent doing drugs does nothing toward furthering a “productive life”. In fact, any who want a productive life could walk a few blocks and begin the process.
      (4) I have been there, but perhaps, because I wasn’t doing dope you did not notice me. I have also been to the Rock Bay Landing with donuts or cake, and to the food bank donating steaks and prime ribs. In fact, while I have been giving, you have been taking. You talk the talk, but are unwilling to walk the walk.
      (5) To you, a place to live seems more like a place to hide and torture kidnap victims as you have done in the past. Thus far, your life is represented by alcohol, by drugs, by violence, by threats and by thievery, and if your constants comments on this blog site are any indication, that is unlikely to change.
      FINALLY, Why don’t you walk those few blocks and take advantage of those addiction services instead of victimizing others and wasting your time trying to pick fights with me? Obviously, you don’t have the physical prowess as was born out by your last attempted attack, and you certainly don’t have the intellect as is born out by your many disingenuous and senseless comments.

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