Tenters Don’t Just Want Rentals, but FREE Rent

tent city has no solution

By publicizing her efforts to find the courthouse tenters homes and by encouraging their protest through telling them the city could not evict them, activist mayor Lisa Helps unleashed an insincere social movement on Victoria, fanning the flames of the tent city insurrectionists, seemingly clueless or uncaring about the bedlam she was creating and about the reality of the tenters’ mindsets. Tenters don’t just want rentals, but FREE rent.

What Lisa Helps doesn’t understand is that homelessness has many causes and we have social services to address those issues.  She cannot help those who can’t be helped or who don’t want help. The solution to homelessness is not as simple as just providing four walls. Tenters don’t just want rentals.

Many of the homeless are homeless because they don’t want to be required to follow rules.

If they live in a shelter or even an apartment building, there will be rules they have to follow and they don’t want to follow rules.

In the case of a shelter, with somewhat fewer rules in apartments, they don’t want

  • Tenters don't want rulesCurfews.
  • Restraints on noise coming from their unit.
  • To not be allowed to smoke dope.
  • Restrictions on visitors in their units.
  • To not be permitted to slam doors or scream.
  • To refrain from violence, etc..

Others are homeless because they embrace the rebelliousness and/or freedom of living on the street.

Still others are homeless because they cannot maintain a room or an apartment moving in and out of jail.

Even others are homeless because they are totally anti-social.

More tenters are on the way to victoria courthouseThen there are some who are homeless because they want you to feel sorry for them.

Many are homeless because they prefer their drug habits to an apartment.

All of that does not take into account the acceptance that some feel by squatting with their comrades.

Thanks to Lisa Helps, Victoria’s tent city has gotten totally out of control.Victoria is now in the National News because of it.

Mayor Helps simply didn’t just handle this courthouse situation incompetently in the beginning. Instead,  she purposely engineered it. The facts are that she, at least, intentionally exacerbated part of it through her publicity campaign. For a city to blackmail a province in the manner in which Lisa Helps is doing, is not a smart move in the long run as it creates a rift between the city and the province.

Tenters headed for the Victoria Courthouse lawnI cannot help but note the similarities in the handling by Lisa Helps of the courthouse park situation and the pot shops situation. In the case of the pot shops, it is clear that it is a problem created by Mayor Helps. After all, she allowed them. It is also clear that Mayor Helps’ refusal to take a stand against the pot shops has encouraged the opening of even more of them. Finally, it is clear that Mayor Helps continues to manipulate the problem through her public rhetoric supportive of them. Helps is putting the Victoria city government under extreme pressure to vote for her obviously desired outcome, She wants to legalize the sale of both medicinal and recreational pot in Victoria. This is despite federal laws forbidding such sales.

Tent city is growing and the tenters are feeling empowered due to Lisa Helps’ pronouncements and machinations concerning it. https://i0.wp.com/breakingthecode.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Homeless-Shelters-Victoria-BC.png?resize=534%2C193There are shelters already and REAL EXPERTS who understand the needs of the homeless far better than she. Lisa Helps has interfered in their work and created a problem which has now Drawn Our Schools into her foolishness.

Lisa Helps has created two huge problems for the city. She needs to explain to it just how she intends to solve those problems.

Until VicPD and/or the RCMP become involved in the pot shops and tent city, these problems are only going to grow. They are destroying Victoria as it becomes known as a tourist destination for drugs and the ideal home for protesters and insurrectionists. We need to put an end to

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