This Is Where Addiction Comes From

This Is Where Addiction Comes From

So, you feel like calling your daughter a name.  Or instead, perhaps you just want to tell her she is worthless?  Oh, you want to send a clearer message?  Therefore, maybe you want to smack her one?  Hold it.  It’s not about anger you say?  Then what is it about?  I get it, she turns you on.  Well listen up as^hole.  The next time you get angry at her, or the next time you look at her with lust in your heart, before you act on your impulses I want you to read this poem.  Then I want you to think about what it says.  I want you to do this because this poem talks of pain and tells you where addiction comes from.

Then after you have read it, I want you to get down on your knees and humble yourself before God.  Next you need to beg his forgiveness.  If you will do that maybe you will also find the courage to beg your daughter’s forgiveness too. 

The Monster Deep Inside1

If all the world could only see

all the problems that seem to gather

and the tears that fall but don’t really matter,

the creature that eats up all of me,

the monster that is so deep inside,

the one I deeply want to hide.

It is a seed that was planted long ago,

a part of me I don’t want to show,

It rips all of my life apart.

It makes me look like I have no heart.

It makes me look like something I’m not.

It shows what I have not been taught.

It twists and turns, hurts and burns.

The monster shows I have no concerns.

1A poem written by an anonymous drug addicted prostitute and then gifted to the author

This is where addiction comes from.

You create it.

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