The Vancouver Island Drug Chain

The Vancouver Island Drug Chain 16

Lorne Fletcher, Manager of Community Safety and Municipal Enforcement obviously doesn’t care about citizens concerns.  He simply brushed those concerns aside bullsh*t.  Their personal safety and the safety of their families seem to mean nothing to him.  It is time to break down for Langford City Hall the source of the real problem.  It is their inaction that has made Langford a critical stop in the Vancouver Island Drug Chain.

Rent-a-cops and rhetoric will not solve the gang issue which is building under Mayor Stew Young’s long tenure.  This is an issue which the mayor has facilitated.  He has done so via his failure to understand and fund the RCMP at a level that allows it to deal with the Vancouver Island drug chain and the part Langford plays in that chain. Drug Chain copy

Are you listening Stew?

Listen up, Stew!  I am going to explain the part of the island drug chain that leads to the lower island.  I will then pinpoint exactly what is happening.  Then I will tell you what is to come in Langford because of you and your cohorts willfully ignoring the first duty of government, which is to protect the people.

Please understand that Langford is not at its current point because of some sudden unforeseen event.  Instead, it is because of a decade of poor stewardship and neglect by Stew Young.

Listen Carefully Langford. “Your Entire Way Of Life Is About To Change For The Worse And Mayor Stew Young Is Facilitating That Change”

Vancouver Island drug chain; where the drugs come from

The staging point for most drugs on Vancouver Island is Nanaimo.  This is because it is a port city.  Additionally, it is because it is a large population area lying on the main corridor up and down the island.   And furthermore, it is because it is central to that corridor.  One group largely controls the Nanaimo drugs.  That group then ships them to Langford and points south.  This group is only one or two tiers away from the cartels.

cocaine btricksThe drugs continue on their way

They then move the drugs north and south, up and down the Vancouver Island drug chain.  They are then distributed to various gang affiliates of that group.  Those affiliates act as sub-warehouses for the Nanaimo group.  For the sake of discussion, I will refer to the main group in Nanaimo as “QUEEN BEE”.  I will refer to the other sub-groups as “WORKER BEES”.

QUEEN BEE controls the drug trade on Vancouver Island and throughout much of Canada.  It does so through the use of intimidation and violence.

Therefore, any gang bringing in their own drugs and/or beginning to deal to any significant level does so at imminent risk of reprisal from QUEEN BEE.  Despite that, several gangs have sprung up over the last decade that will challenge QUEEN BEE for any given territory.  I will call any such gang “SKUNKS”, which in the wild, happen to be natural enemies of bees.

In fighting

There are enough SKUNKS that they fight amongst themselves for control of a particular territory.  This means home invasions, drive-by shootings and murders will take place far more frequently once they have targeted a territory or have successfully created a strong presence in any given community.

head-honcho-pic-logo-color1QUEEN BEE Creates Affiliate Gangs

QUEEN BEE carefully cultivates its image as it does not like to be seen by the public as a bad guy.  Accordingly, it uses WORKER BEES, operating under names not affiliated with QUEEN BEE, to handle its sub-warehouses and distribute its dope from those sub-warehouses.  Also, realize that QUEEN BEE is very ruthless.  Accordingly, when QUEEN BEE sees one of its territories being invaded by the SKUNKS, QUEEN BEE makes a strong move to defend that territory and re-secure absolute control of it.

QUEEN BEE Has Two Primary Ways Of Dealing With Such Situations; Both Involve Violence

QUEEN BEE can look to its WORKER BEES to re-establish its absolute dominance in that territory.  Thus, QUEEN BEE might direct a group of its successful WORKER BEES from another territory to expand into the territory being fought over by the SKUNKS.

Alternatively, if QUEEN BEE sees a particular group of SKUNKS taking care of its business in what it considers “an impressive manner” (quickly, violently & ruthlessly), QUEEN BEE might offer that particular group of SKUNKS the opportunity to become WORKER BEES for QUEEN BEE.  If that merger is agreed to and completed, that former group of SKUNKS then falls under the direction and the protection of QUEEN BEE.

stock-footage-leader-and-subordinates-in-hierarchy-hd-and-alpha-maskThere Are Some SKUNKS Who Will Never Join QUEEN BEE

Still, there are some groups of SKUNKS, who because of their size and numbers in other territories, will never be asked to join with QUEEN BEE.  Moreover, because some of these groups of SKUNKS are so dominant in other territories, they have the ability to fight QUEEN BEE and each other for years.

With that ability to continue the fight, comes an attitude that will not allow them to back down from other SKUNKS or from QUEEN BEE.  Those more hardened groups of SKUNKS, along with other groups, are scrambling to establish footholds in Langford.  Therefore, QUEEN BEE is actively engaged in bringing WORKER BEES to Langford to deal with them.

Ethnicity Based SKUNKS

The hardened and organized SKUNKS consist of various ethnicity based gangs.  There are the East Indian gangs. They are renowned for fighting amongst themselves.  Then there are white supremacist gangs who accept no outside races.  Of course there are the “all inclusive” gangs who accept any race or ethnicity as long as the member has good criminal bona fides.  Finally, there are the Asian gangs who tend to specialize in DIAL-A-DOPER operations.

The reason behind all this fighting is drug profits.  The result of all this mortal_enemiesfighting is absolute chaos.

This is what has been happening for years in Surrey.  This is because Surrey’s city government unwisely put expansion ahead of the safety of its citizens.  Stew Young allowed this to take hold in Langford because he hired rent-a-cops and by absolutely refused to hire more RCMP.


The Larger The Foothold That Gangs Are Allowed To Establish And The Deeper They Are Allowed To Insinuate Themselves Into The Community, The More Difficult And Expensive It Will Be To Police Them, If And When, Stew Young Ever Focuses On Reality Over Development

Proactive Policing Has Largely Kept These Gangs Out Of Victoria & Saanich And Continues To Do So

Now that you understand the drug distribution chain and gang warfare, you need to realize that Victoria, and/or Saanich, were the initial points of interest in which QUEEN BEE wished to establish its sub-warehouse structure figuring that the other lower island communities could easily be serviced from either of those cities.  However, proactive police work and an active police intelligence unit, along with other police resources such as canine units and strike teams prevented QUEEN BEE, WORKER BEES or any SKUNKS from gaining a foothold.  So instead, QUEEN BEE and the SKUNKS simply reversed their strategy and targeted Langford as the “service centre” from which to distribute their dope to the lower island.

With the gang invasion of Victoria and Saanich unsuccessful, and with the shift in strategies, all those gangs began to establish their presence in Langford, a much less defended area because of the lack of police resources.

Those gangs have now grown to the point that Langford is beginning to see the results of debt collections and the turf wars in the news media with stabbings of drug dealers, with home invasions, with shots fired in random locations and with stash houses springing up in family neighborhoods.

Stew Young’s Policies Have Created, And Continue To Promote These Gang Opportunities mayor stew young x'ed

So, with Stew Young’s desire to develop rather than protect, Langford was recognized as a “soft target”, and Langford is now becoming the sub-warehouse for QUEEN BEE and the WORKER BEES, as well as for any organized and ambitious gangs among the SKUNKS who want to control the lower island, and as a result, the violence that accompanies this competition for drug profits is beginning to show up.

I can’t tell you when

I cannot tell you over what period of time or exactly when the crime inrunning out of time Langford will become virtually unmanageable, but I can tell you, without a properly funded RCMP, that the progression of these skirmishes will be that they morph into fights, and then finally, into full fledged wars with the result being that Langford turns into the Surrey of Vancouver Island, and becomes unmanageable from a police perspective just as Surrey has.

More Dope, More Weapons, More Addicts

Because of the large quantity of dope maintained by WORKER BEES and SKUNKS, there comes a certain paranoia from the sub-warehouse keepers, meaning that they arm themselves to protect against their stash houses being robbed.  As well, with the greater availability of dope comes a proliferation of street addicts and the petty crimes that accompany drugs.

It’s a very simple formula, the more drugs there are, the more violence there will be and the more addicts there will be.

You see it all unfolding in the newspapers.  Thirteen year old boys are robbed in parks.  Women are attacked on running trails.  There are more “break and enters” and home invasions.  The seeds of gang warfare have been planted in Langford and Stew wants to fight with Bylaw Officers, with rent-a-cops and with rhetoric.

pie chartA couple of concerned Langford citizens sent me a link which explains that in 2013 Victoria spent about $450 dollars annually, per citizen, on police, whereas Langford spent a paltry $155 dollars annually, per citizen, on police.  Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and Stew, through his lack of proper funding for the RCMP, is making Langford the weakest link, by far, in the “law enforcement chain” on the lower island.

Other Communities Should Be Outraged

Stew Young Is Making Langford A Dangerous And Expensive Neighbor To All Lower Victoria Island Communities

The result of Stew’s lack of funding is that gangs (WORKER BEES & SKUNKS) are setting up in Langford.  The lack of funding by Stew is also neighbor-complaint-formhaving a deleterious effect on the other communities adjacent to Langford and those communities south of Langford.  This is because the “Base of Operations” afforded to gangs in Langford makes Langford “ground zero” for gangs to setup sub-warehouses, whose keepers then spread their dope and crime to those adjacent communities and to those more southern, lower island communities.

Thus, in essence, Stew is shuffling off his responsibility to fund police and forcing those other communities to hire more police to offset the crime that Stew is exporting to their municipalities, while Stew uses the money that Langford saves on police services to fund even more irresponsible development.

Langford’s RCMP is already understaffed as far as boots on the ground, per capita go.  That being the case, realize that with each expansion by Stew Young, as he refuses to hire more RCMP, the dismally low “ratio of police to residents” becomes even more pronounced and the residents and neighborhoods become progressively more at risk.

All This Is Making Langford The “Go To” Destination For Drugs

drug stashWith the wide availability of sizable quantities of dope in Langford, MID-LEVEL DEALERS come to Langford from those other communities and then head home with their dope to set up street dealers underneath them, with those street dealers then setting up small time user-dealers to spread their dope within their communities.  It is by this means that Stew is making Langford a policing headache for all surrounding communities as the poison he allows to be warehoused in Langford spreads like a disease throughout the lower island.

Dope Dealers Love Stew Young

From the perspective of QUEEN BEE, the WORKER BEES and the SKUNKS, this is an ideal situation because they can warehouse their larger quantities of dope in one of the least policed communities on the lower island, creating less risk of arrest and less risk of loss of product.

As the fight for drug profits grow, the level of paranoia to protect those profits will also grow and a matching level of violence will accompany that growth.  Additionally, different SKUNKS will begin to try to enforce ownership of territories. Again, you see this in Surrey and the lower mainland.

street territoryDefining A “Territory”

Now, understand the word “territory”.  It sounds like a large patch of real estate.  Indeed often is.  It can also be an area as small as a street corner or a city block.  A territory is as big or as small as the ability of any SKUNKS or WORKER BEES to control it.  This is from where the street violence will come if Stew continues building his empire instead of protecting your families.

So, Under Stew’s Young’s Watch, You Have:


It gets worse though; into this mix of territorial fighting come the DIAL-A-DOPERS.  They recognize no territories.  Instead they hope to dart in and out of drugs on car seatterritories while driving nondescript cars in an effort to hide their presence from the gangs and police as well.  Well organized DIAL-A-DOPERS operations can make substantial profits.  They can also be difficult to shut down as these interlopers constantly change cars, use throw away cell phones and move their headquarters from apartment to apartment and from house to house in order to hide themselves, with many of those apartments and houses being in family neighborhoods.

If you live in a nice building or a nice area and there is a drug user living in your building or in proximity to you who seems to be managing his/her habit, which their probably is, the odds are that the drug user is being serviced by a DIAL-A-DOPERS operation.  The odds are also that the addict’s habit will soon become unmanageable as that is the nature of dope habits, and that there will eventually be a problem.

DIAL-A-DOPERS are the natural enemies of WORKER BEES and SKUNKS as they cut into the profits of both, and as such are at risk of violent retaliation by WORKER BEES or SKUNKS, creating another risk to the public.

The Victoria To Langford Drug Run is part of Vancouver Island drug chain.

There is still a further problem.  Most of the dope handled by the WORKER BEES, the SKUNKS and the MID-LEVEL DEALERS who run back and forth from Langford to their communities is “fronted” dope.  This is dope that has not yet been paid for.  The WORKER BEES, SKUNKS and MID-LEVEL DEALERS rely on profits from the sale of that dope to pay off the debt.  Does that sound anything like Stew Young’s investment in Bear Mountain and the “Bridge to Nowhere”?

Pay Your Drug Debt, Or Else…

WORKER BEES, SKUNKS and MID-LEVEL DEALERS must pay for their fronted dope on a timely basis.  A problem in paying can come home invasion.jpg.opt440x330o0,0s440x330because a SKUNK was robbed, was busted by the cops, or relied on the wrong MID-LEVEL DEALERS to sell their dope. In the case of being robbed or being busted by the cops, the WORKER BEES and SKUNKS will always become paranoid as to who might have “ratted” their operation.  Then violence and home invasions will ensue because QUEEN BEE doesn’t care.  QUEEN BEE just wants whatever money is owed, without excuses.

In the case of MID-LEVEL DEALERS screw ups, the same violence and home invasions will occur because the WORKER BEES and SKUNKS need to pay their debts to QUEEN BEE or to their own higher ups, so they don’t care either, just wanting their money, or else.

Violence and home invasions will always be part of the drug business.  The drug business can never run smoothly for an extended period of time.  This because of law enforcement, gang warfare and criminals who make a living robbing drug dealers.

Geomap-CanadaAll of the above is taking place all across Canada.  It happens from Moncton to Montreal, from Surrey to Saskatoon, from the far north to the far south and from east to west. This is the ugly reality which Stew Young is allowing to take root and grow in Langford by funding development instead of funding the RCMP.

Look at the funding per capita for police in Victoria versus Langford, $450 versus $150.

  • Is Stew not telling you that a Victoria resident is three times as valuable as a Langford resident?
  • Is Stew not telling you that a Victoria neighborhood is three times as valuable as a Langford neighborhood?
  • Stew is screaming that development is more important than your family’s safety?

All You Get From Stew Young Is More Public Relations Blah, Blah, Blah

blah, blah, blahSome of my readers have contacted Langford City Hall with concerns about what is happening in Langford.  Herein are snippets of the responses they have received from Stew’s lackey, Lorne Fletcher.

Lorne Fletcher said.

  • “I can’t stress how important it is for our residents and visitors to always report any incident that may leave us in fear for our safety”.  [Please explain what good can come from all these reports when there are not a sufficient number of RCMP to investigate those incidents.]
  • “Please don’t discount the value of the City providing patrols by Security. They have proven to be key in taking information or concerns from the people they meet in these public places and quickly pass those concerns or information along”.  [Is passing the information along going to make the rape any less traumatic or repair the broken bones that just occurred?  This is another ignorant response.]

Lorne Fletcher continued on.

  • “As I mentioned, we rely on these reports to work on solutions and to strengthen public safety“.  [Indeed you do.  That is what makes your efforts so pathetic.  You should rely on the RCMP instead. You don’t need these crime reports to work on the solutions.  The solution is simple.  ‘Hire more RCMP‘.  Why should Langford’s per capita police budget be one third of Victoria’s?  After all, Langford’s criminal activity is growing at an alarming rate?]
  • “I appreciate getting any feedback you can offer”.  [We have given you lots of feedback.  We would now appreciate immediately getting more RCMP rather than just more blah, blah, blah.]

If Stew Young Won’t Immediately Fund More Police, His Ego To Build A Tribute To Himself By Creating “Stewville” Makes Him, Not Just Reckless, But Dangerous And He Needs To Be Gone, A.S.A.P.

crowd be the solution flatYou need to take control, but this will not happen unless and until you demand actions instead of words.  You will always be his victim until you refuse to be pushed around by Stew’s political machine.  Your friends and neighbors also need to understand what is happening and resolve to do something about it.

A Stew Young quote

Please allow me to remind you of Stew Young’s arrogant quote.

Here is what Stew Young said: This isn’t a threat.  I’m just saying if you criticize development, then I’ll use whatever resources there are under the law to shut you up.” 

Call Stew Young Out.  Challenge Him At Every Juncture.

Shut up

Tell Stew that you are a voter and that you are against development at the cost of safety.  Make him show his colors.  Make him bring legal action against his constituents to shut them up, as he threatened.  For my part, I say, “Bring it bit*h”.

Who Do You Think Are Stew Young’s Most Ardent Supporters?

  • For whom do you think the gangsters and dope dealers will vote?
  • For whom do you think the developers will vote?
  • Do you want to vote with the gangsters and dope dealers?

As I said before, “Stew and Company” have been in power a long time.  Without making any allegation(s), I will just remind you of what Friedrich Nietzsche.  “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

People, you need to remind Langford City Hall that you are the dog and it is the tail.  Therefore, you wag it, not visa versa.eviction order

There is a simple solution.  These people either do as you demand or they find another job.  The City of Langford needs to stop telling you what you want and to start listening to you instead.

Langford Needs More RCMP, Many More.  It Can No Longer Be Forced To Bear The Costs Of Stew Young’s Reckless Expansion Programs. The Cost is your safety.

mounties-32The RCMP in Langford needs its own Canine Team and Strike Force.  Stew Young needs to take money from his development budget and fund the RCMP to a degree that allows it to also form its own “Intelligence Unit”.  Such a unit could focus on curing the disease, instead of hiring more rent-a-cops to cruise around with radios reporting on symptoms as Stew Young and Lorne Fletcher suggest.

Send The News Media A Message

Tell the newspapers and the television stations that you are tired of powder puff interviews with Stew Young.  Tell them you are sick of unchallenged lies by Stew Young. Let them know that as  news media they need to ask the tough questions.  Tell them to begin to act like journalists instead of like extensions of Stew Young’s public relations machine.  There are a few small newspapers out there that print your concerns in their “Letters to the Editor” section.  By and large though, the mainstream media ignores you.  Demand to be recognized.

My voice is limited.  Yours is limitless

Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page. Share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

Here Is How To Send “Stew Young And Company” A Message

City of Langford Feedback Form

Included with this post is a link to the City of Gangford feedback form.  It was provided by a reader and concerned resident.

Please click the link and please send your thoughts to the city. If you get a response from the city, please share it with me.  Then I can alert everyone as to any “blah, blah, blah” content produced by Stew Young’s public relations machine.  Also, please share this blog posting and link with others.

Times Colonist “Letter To The Editor” Link

Please use the Times Colonist link, above, to contact the Times Colonist.  And please use the share buttons below, as well as talk to your friends, neighbors and acquaintances.  Let’s take back the reins of power from Stew Young.  Let’s put an end to the rape of Langford, and let’s put an end to the building of Stewville.

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  1. thanks for some of the truth. your stats about policing should reflect the reality that half are crooked and actively work for the gangs while on duty. there are other big issues of crime associated with these turds like black market baby farming which is a global billion dollar business involving health care and welfare fraud all paid for by the taxpayers – it ain’t going away! same as the 60’s to present

  2. …you are nothing more than a parasite who will pray on old tokes with Internet scams lie about Wyatt for the sole reason of making money for your lies in court your the worste kind of rat that’s a lieing rat I take comfort only from knowing that car a will get u back for your misdeeds problem long before Wyatt or Bozzly or an additive haha,da,Rd or one of a hundred other people your exes intake repulsed go on stand on your bs soap box u know what’s comming that’s no threat I’d never hurt u myself it would spoil the fun that watching carmaker do it to u is going to bring to our lives fu…

  3. Rcmp is real police they do things by the book & because of the chater of rights the criminals have more rights than victims. VicPD on the other hand does not do things by the book far from it they don’t give too shits about the chater of rights almost everyone of their officers violates it on a daily bases they will charge for whatever and let the crown deal with it. So it’s either asshole cops that break laws to enforce laws & have less crime or its real cops doing thing by the book but u have littlebit more crime.

    • Thank you for your comment. Please keep reading and commenting, and please share this blog. In response to your comment, respectfully, I believe that what you characterize as a difference in how VicPd and the RCMP react to the charter rights of the people is actually a mis-perception as to the effects that compartmentalization and bureaucracy have on the two different police forces. While the RCMP are fragmented by the nature of the organization, the VicPd are able to be more nimble because command and control are centralized within a much smaller force and within the confines of a smaller geographic area. VicPd is not saddled with how regional headquarters in Vancouver might react, and then how Ottawa might react and its policing guidelines are not crafted around having one set of controls that must fit the entire nation. The culture of VicPd can rapidly change with a new police chief, and does. The culture of the RCMP can take years to change. Each management model has its different strengths, with the policing model of the VicPd being more crafted to deal with street crime and the policing model of the RCMP being crafted to deal with systemic corruption of organizations. The more that one is forced to deal with street crime, the greater will be complaints about charter rights which can unfairly skew the public perception. As far as the Crown goes, I can absolutely assure you that there does not exist a single member among it that wants to take a weak case into court.

  4. Breaking news:::: On ctv vancouver noon news today – new building on spencer Rd towards TC highway and across from public works yard is “41” new Hells Angels clubhouse!! Chapter has moved into langford publicly!!! Drug wars will heat up even more!! Stew young interviewed and said he’s working with police to let them know we keeping eye on them and no one wants them here. He says “its a problem for our community and we going to do whatever we can thru appropriate channels with rcmp so that we address this”. Watch news for more info…

  5. He’s a disappointing character but it’s plain as day why he is what he is. Google him… He’s in linked-in (likes to display his resume in its entirety!) Probably couldn’t get hired as a full fledge police officer so found next best thing is bylaw enforcement in angford under a delusioned mayor who gives him full reign. Makes sense why he’s pushing the volunteering aspect and managing the community response plan on his own. I think he feels self important in his leadership role (“head bylaw officer”) with a few people reporting to him. Wow he’s Auxiliary Constable Security Guard!! A volunteer rcmp member doesn’t mean he knows how to police properly (anyone can be an auxiliary officer with clean record + dedicated training). But you are right, he should know better! He has no idea! Ego and power gets in the way of reality. He thinks he knows what he’s doing and likes to believe he’s running a tight ship but… come on now. Reinforces your view they are (mis)managing things on their own and Stew is creating his own rent-a-army of hirelings and minions. Sad sad sad. This ship is flooding and they have no idea…

  6. This city fellow Mr Lorne Fletcher was an auxiliary RCMP officer. He’s head of bylaw enforcement. So having a group of 2 or 3 rent a cops reporting to him… you know… Sergeant Security Guard!

    • That’s interesting to know he is former RCMP. Then he should know that the rent-a-cop thing isn’t going to work, and he should understand the need for a lot more RCMP. Shame on him for going along with Stew’s inept plan.

  7. Excellent post, again!
    Langford and Westshore RCMP second worst municipality in bc for police funding per capita next to West Kelowna. They at 5000 files right now already and for 64 members in whole detachment (a certain percentage dedicated to front line General Duty and 5-8 members per watch with half of those in Langford — wow spread way too thin!!)… that’s a lot of files (and nature of files can vary from “no call too small” to serious criminal code offences… And langford has heaviest criminal code files). Why is it rcmp police budget is considerably less than what victoria’s police budget is is per capita? Like u stated, shows we are not important and deserving. The detachment morale must be low because they are working more than twice as hard for less than VICPD, plus they can’t get ahead of the crime without more numbers and resources! Must be demoralizing to have a mayor who really doesn’t care about anything but developing his empire “stewville”? Is he blind??!! It’s more like “gangford”!!! No sense of urgency, no hold on we need to fix this ASAP. City hall is blind + out of touch behind their sealed doors. I feel for every one of those front line police officers who have their hands tied with zero municipal support. Must be frustrating – esp when they see their municipal counterparts combating drug crime so successfully through proactive police work. That takes dedicated funding and resources. Of course the nitty gritty crime is moving out here! The members deserve the best to give the residents the best! Get those gangs and drugs out of here!!! We deserve to live in one of the safest regions in CRD…why isn’t langford city hall priding themselves on creating THE safest community in greater victoria? Now that’s a legacy! Clean up our town and make it safe!! If oak bay can hold the reputation as one of the safest communities in Canada why can’t we? It comes down to giving the police what they need to create a safe city for everyone. As tax paying citizens we are just as deserving as anyone else!
    You right… Langford going direction of Surrey rapidly. Growth in the burbs is outnumbering police service and gangs and drugs have planted roots. Langford will be a gangland ghetto in no time.

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