This Love Story is Now Eternal

In April of this year, I posted on my Facebook page a short, but inspiring story of dedication, of loyalty, and of love. Today, I will update that story because I believe it is a love story you will always want to remember. I know it is one that I never want to forget. This love story in now eternal for Vagn and Gerda.

Now it is time to celebrate love by honoring my friend Vagn with a prayer as I further update this remarkable story about a remarkable man

Here is what I wrote on Facebook about Vagn and Gerda

“My good friend Vagn is 88 years old. He was married for 63 years. During the last nine years of his wife’s life, she suffered from dementia and Vagn kept her home with him, caring for her every need, every day.”

“He was there beside her when she breathed her last so that he could kiss her good-bye. He wanted her to know that she was loved. Vagn’s dedication has earned him my undying respect.”

Vagn and Gerda Geleff“Tonight, April 13, 2015, Vagn and I celebrated what would have been Gerda’s 95th birthday on the second year of her passing with a superb meal out and a nice bottle of wine, leaving the last bite of our shared dessert for her.”

“Please pray for my friend Vagn; he has earned your prayers, and please celebrate the devotion of this man and pray that someday you or those whom you love are wise enough to choose the kind of spouse Gerda chose those 6 decades ago when she and Vagn promised each other “until death do us part”, an oath my friend and Gerda honored.”

Then I wrote this on my blog

Time has ground on relentlessly since Gerda passed some two years ago…

Vagn and I have laughed and cried. We have spoken of life over a brandy, smoked more cigars than we should have and enjoyed a friendship that is rare in its honesty. As I write these words, I am seated across from Vagn in his living room as he lays back in his overstuffed chair, slipping in and out of sleep, and I need to ask again that you please pray for Vagn, this time not for his melancholy, but for God’s mercy from his physical suffering as he maintains himself with the courage, stubbornness and dignity that has always characterized his life.

Vagn an Gerda Geleff will be foreverTogether forever in love

You see, my friend is now engaged in an unwinnable battle with health issues of his own.  My former roommate (Christina) and/or I have sat with Vagn daily for the past seven weeks.  We can only comfort him as he fights his fight.

She  and I have been both saddened and inspired by him. We are saddened by his suffering, but inspired by his still selfless concern for others.

Vagn is a remarkable man whose time is near.  I don’t know whether to pray that he has more time or that he has less time.  So, instead of making that choice I pray that God’s will be done.  I also ask that you please pray that he goes gently to be with his beloved Gerda and that they reach for each others hand once again, and this time, hold on forever.

Now, with both joy and tears, I tell you that our prayers have been answered

Vagn and Gerda Geleff together again

 On the night of the 2nd anniversary

of Gerda’s passing, the vigil

is over and Vagn’s and

Gerda’s love has now

come full circle

Farewell my friend

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