Threat By Bikers For The Truth On Bikers And Budz

Here is what happens when the bikers think your voice might be heard.  Read it carefully.  It was a threat sent to me.  It came from Edmonton, Alberta.  Is this the kind of thing one can expect when you make yourself highly visible by doing things like publicly questioning from where the Emery’s get their funding?

Jodie Emery Lies
Jodie Emery blocked me on Twitter because every time she lied to her followers I called her on it and told them the truth

The Emery’s legal bills and travel probably exceed a million dollars a year.  So, from where do they get that kind of money?

I would not think their shop, Cannabis Culture, could generate such a high level of income.  I have asked Jodie Emery that question multiple times a day on Twitter.  She never responds.

Moving on though, think about this for a few minutes.

If bikers are not involved in the British Columbia marijuana trade, why would I get threatened out Alberta for what I am saying in British Columbia?

Here comes the threat

I will quote that threat, below.  For point of emphasis, I will highlight certain passages in various ways.  I will also add a few pictures in keeping with the style of my blog.  Finally, I will add links where I believe they are appropriate.

These links will serve to bring you up to date on what is happening in the bud business in Victoria and Vancouver Island in general and give you the only viable solution to pot shop dispensaries.  You deserve the full picture of what is happening in Victoria.  In that regard, here is a story about a recent murder in Toronto of a former B.C. biker who ran dispensaries.

Don’t fall for the hype.  The pot dispensary business is not run by potheads, but by criminals who don’t care about your health and who knowingly sell dangerous and addictive pot variations like shatter, i.e. Farmacy Victoria, Remedy, Canna Mall, etc.

Now, read, understand and realize that under Lisa Helps pot in Victoria has been ceded to the bikers and other criminals.  Even the likes of Ali Zaiee and Ziggy Matheson, notorious Langford drug dealers, were found to be growing marijuana.

With all of the above understood, the threat I received was simply one long paragraph and the misspelling therein belong to the author thereof.

Here then, with his words only the ones all in italics, is that threat/comment:

Isn’t it amazing how these so-called Charlestons, Gangsters and Criminals, built this underground industry, up, over the course of 70 years, into a multi billion dollar, global industry! 30 years ago we were looked down upon because we smoked dope, 20 years ago we were labelled as ‘heads’ and chastised and forced down a social ladder that was built by people other than ourselves. My friends were jailed for years, their families ripped apart. We were funnelled into ridiculous rehabs, and pronounced un-hire able. We were the beaten down druggies. And we detest you and your hypocritical ways.

And now you think you can just rip this business we have built out from under us? Just so you can fuck it up? Not bloody likely. We are going to continue growing, and selling, and doing whatever it is we have had to do to get by for the past three generations.

Another threat
“We are going to continue growing, and selling, and doing whatever it is we have had to do”

The threat came with a list of facts

Fact. With the government system, medical patients have to order by mail only, and wait up to 4 days for their medicines to arrive.

Fact. In the real world, there are weed ‘runners’ on call 24/7, they are always open, and they are all mobile, working 12 hour shifts, and they deliver right to your door in less than 15 minutes.

Fact. We dont provide shit weed… ever. The weed that is grown underground these days is all top drawer. Hell, we were the ones who invented the strains that the licensed producers are growing right now. Where do you think they got the seeds to grow in the first place. They came to us. They bought them illegally. And the government knew it and turned its head.

Fact: Just because the scientists can finally get their hands on weed is no big thing to us. Hell, we been studying it underground this whole time.

Fact. 40 years ago, when we were just kids, we already knew instinctively that cannabis should be legal. It only took 40 years for the ‘smart’ people to catch up.

Threat SourceHere is his bottom line about saying cannabis is “just a plant”.  Here is my bottom line: heroin, cocaine, khat, mescaline, magic mushrooms, etc., are also just plants

Bottom line is this: Cannabis is a plant. Its so easy to grow all you gotta do is plant a seed and give it sunlight and water. The rest of it: the steroid-like nutrients, the hydroponics, the extractions, the methods of ingestion, the laws, the distribution models, and the attempts to put controls on mother nature, are all just man made bullshit we made up. Its just stuff to keep us feel busy. And it wont change the fact that we have grown, and will continue to grow, our own weed. We will consume it as we wish, when we wish, and where we wish. Dont worry though, we know how to be covert about it, since we’ve had to be our whole lives already.

Threat against dispensary competition

So remember this, we dont have to play by the same rules as you do. We have had to build our businesses in a world without any rules. We are tough, seasoned, brassy, fiercely competitive, razor sharp and laser focused. And we dont like to be fucked with by some one who doesn’t even use cannabis. Cannabis should be governed by the people who use it, and not by some suit in a boardroom looking at the sales revenues and stick dividends.

This new system will eventually fail too. Its just another way the government and big industry have found to make a buck. The real sad part is that after the government is done making a big mess out of this, they will pull out, and we will have to rebuild it again.

Here comes another threat

Go ahead and try to control cannabis. After all there is plenty of room for the corporations to play in. But dont think you and the government can steal our businesses from use and do the same things we have been going to jail for for 70 years, and get away with it. Not on our watch. We eat breakfast 300 yards from people who are trained to kill us [Author’s note: As does the rest of the crew of “A Few Good Men”.], so don’t think for one second that you can come down here and make us nervous.

You need to watch what you are saying about other people here on this website – some of those people might take offence.


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  1. Bloody hell, what an eye opener. We thought the Island was just a nice quiet place to retire.
    Thanks, Hal, I will forward your links. Great reading.

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