Times Colonist Glorifies Drug Dealer

Times Colonist Glorifies Drug Dealer

What is wrong with this newspaper? The Times Colonist’s actions are shameful. The Times Colonist is supposed to report the news. It is not supposed to write emotional stories honoring drug dealers. And worse yet, it should not put such tripe on the front page.

If the Times Colonist wants to tell the sad story of drugs, then it needs to talk about the children of drug addicts. Or maybe it could talk about the childhood abuse that leads some women to drugs and prostitution. However, it should NOT glorify a dealer. Kyle Jansen died as a result of an intentional stabbing that happened to hit a main artery.

Again, the Times Colonist’s actions are shameful.

I cannot understand the mindset of a newspaper that names witnesses. Additionally, the Times Colonist even reveals that victims of a violent crime are cooperating with police.  Then it tries to get our hearts bleeding because a drug dealer died.

If the Times Colonist can’t separate news from editorial, then it should stop reporting altogether.  Obviously, somebody at that paper just doesn’t get it. And it has been my experience that a fish rots from the head down.

The Times Colonist's actions are shameful - Drug dealers sell death
Kyle Jansen

As badly as one may feel for the family of Kyle Jansen, the dealer who was murdered, the facts are that he was peddling poison and destroying families. He should not be glorified for doing so.

The Times Colonist needs to give its collective head a shake, and it needs to begin to think about community standards. Also, it needs to understand what its style of reporting tells people about where it stands on crime, on drugs and on victims.coffin and gangsta

Just when you though the Times Colonist could do nothing else wrong, it deceives the public about Victoria’s pot shops. The Times Colonist disgusts me, and it should disgust you.

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