Times Colonist and Lisa Helps Are Deceiving You

Times Colonist and Lisa Helps in bed together cartoon by Hal Hannon

Lisa Helps seems to be nearing the finish line in her push to legalize pot shops in Victoria. She has now scheduled a sham “public input” session on February 22. She has even gotten the Times Colonist’s editorial staff involved in her disinformation campaign in its February 13 editorial [some of it is quoted below]. Do not be fooled by the Lisa Helps’ political antics and the Times Colonist’s, at first blush, unbiased article. Upon even a cursory examination, the Times Colonist is clearly pushing Lisa Helps’ agenda. The Time Colonist and Lisa Helps are deceiving you.

Is anybody listening? Some of these pot shops are under the control of biker gangs and the rest will be soon. Biker gangs rule vice businesses and the marijuana trade.

Times Colonist Outs My Roommate and Me by Hal HannonOn February 13th, the Times Colonist, the same newspaper that lied about me and that eulogized a murdered drug dealer, published the editorial excerpted below.

From the first paragraph, the Times Colonist presented you with a false premise.

Times Colonist, February 13, 2016

With marijuana shops outnumbering Starbucks locations by a healthy margin, the City of Victoria is trying to bring some order to an industry that is exploding. With no federal hand on the wheel, the city has no choice but to take the helm.”

Victoria BC becoming drug destination by Hal HannonReally? There is a “federal hand on the wheel“, it is called federal law. How did Esquimalt avoid Mayor Helps’ dilemma? It did so by not allowing illegal pot shops in the first place.

Lisa Helps had a choice. She chose her personal agenda over obeying the law. In doing so she created another debacle. Now, the internet is rife with sites that recommend Victoria as a destination to acquire BC bud. Lisa Helps’ campaign has the internet ignoring Victoria’s great attractions. People are coming for weed, not for our restaurants, sightseeing, museums, harbour or other wonderful attractions.

The Times Colonist continued with its misleading claptrap.

Victoria doesn’t see any benefit to a two-tier system, although it certainly seems like an effective way to limit the numbers.

Mayor L8isa Helps has game by Hal Hannon

How does the Times Colonist know that “Victoria doesn’t see any benefit to a two-tier system“?  Why don’t the voters know this also? If the city has already decided against a “two-tier system“, why is it pretending to seek our input? Did the Times Colonist consult with Lisa Helps before writing its editorial? If such a consultation occurred, would that be ethical journalism?

It gets worse. The Times Colonist then excused the illegal aspect of pot shops and Lisa Helps’ blind eye with the following quote.

Leaving aside the Alice-in-Wonderland aspect of illegal shops springing up unimpeded on every corner, the city has to show leadership, since no other level of government is doing so.

The key word here is “unimpeded”. Not only have pot shops sprung up “unimpeded“, but many are licensed to dispense medical advice. This is not simply refusing to stand in the way of pot shops. This is actually condoning them through a licensing process.

What is the Times Colonist is really saying?  It is saying that since the pot shops have NOT been busted here, as they were in Nanaimo, that Victoria must now regulate the illegal activity it encouraged. In other words, that by Victoria condoning and encouraging an illegal activity that Victoria is taking a “leadership” role. That is double talk poppycock.

Street Code, Street Life, Haters & ThreatsYou may think that by now the Times Colonist might be finished with its non-journalistic and self-serving statements. You would be wrong. It goes on to give us the following quote.

The city proposes a string of regulations that would control the effects of medical-marijuana businesses on the community, while maintaining access to medical marijuana.

So, please allow me to ask the Times Colonist a question? If Victoria doesn’t see any benefit to a two-tier system“, how is the city to know that anybody will actually be getting medical marijuana? After all, pot shops are buying their wares from biker gangs. As well, most shops, if not all, will soon be run/controlled by biker gangs? Do you think these illegal gangs would rather treat you or create an addiction? Growers have a choice as to the properties inherent in their pot.

Do you doubt that biker gangs are involved in medical marijuana? The gang squad doesn’t. In fact, it tells of finding a medical grow op in a major drug bust.

The Times Colonist wasn’t done pushing Lisa Helps’ agenda yet though. It then gave us the following quote.

It’s a long list that will leave some operators squirming, but the city has to get this Wild West situation under control. As Mayor Lisa Helps points out: “Many are operating without business licences, and it’s not fair for other businesses.”

Fight City HallWhat happened to journalistic honesty? You might think that a little journalist honesty would have compelled the Times Colonist to point out the reasons that Victoria is like the “Wild West“. The facts are that Lisa Helps encouraged the proliferation of these pot shops. She did so by licensing many of them to sell marijuana paraphernalia. She also licensed others to dispense medical advice. Thus she aided and abetted the medical marijuana script scam.

Yet, the Times Colonist repeated Lisa Helps’ speciously misleading statement. In doing so, it falsely implied that there was nothing the city could have done. This implication was foisted on you with full knowledge that it was omitting the truth. The Times Colonist knows that the reason many pot shops are unlicensed. It knows it is because Lisa Helps allowed them to open without licenses. It knows Lisa Helps then did zero to enforce the city’s licensing regulations.  That is NOT journalism.

So, now pot shops are supposedly slated to be forbidden “on street” advertising. Therefore, one can only wonder if the Times Colonist’s editorial is in furtherance of badly needed print advertising revenue. Is its position on pot shops an attempt to save itself from financial doom due to its flagging ad revenues? The Times Colonist knows that the pot shops will need to advertise somehow. It knows those revenues are likely to flow to its coffers.

Is the Times Colonist here to serve the public or to serve the politicians? Do you think it is serving you or serving itself? To me, it seems the Times Colonist continues to author its own coming obituary. It does so with misleading practices. I, for one, will not miss it.

It seems that these might be desperate days for the the Times Colonist. In my opinion the Times Colonist has consistently betrayed the public trust. It did so by exposing that a victim to a home invasion was cooperating with the police. It did so by eulogizing a drug dealer. It did so by falsely stating my pay for my work in the Wyatt Prince trial. It did so by refusing to correct that mis-statement, despite my protests. It did so by exposing my roommate as a witness in the Wyatt Prince trial. It did so by stating that a female victim of a home invasion was cooperating with the police. And it did so by writing an article praising Langford Mayor Stew Young when his performance was being criticized by all.

Is the role of a newspaper to support politicians or to inform the public? The sudden support for Lisa Helps seems contrived when her tent city is collapsing around her. Thus, with its pro pot position, the Times Colonist continues supporting elected officials when they face troubles.

Where do you go for your news? Do you grab a copy of the Times Colonist? Or do you go on line and rely on excellent sources such as Vibrant Victoria or Victoria News? Do you think the Times Colonist gives you the facts? Or do you think, as I do, that the Times Colonist is a giant editorial journal masquerading as a newspaper?

It seems that the Times Colonist has become a bastion for the “politically correct” set, as opposed to a true news organization. I have observed it editorializing news stories for too long. I’m disgusted by it. Let’s close these pot shops.

Those are my opinions

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