Times Colonist Outs My Roommate and Me

In this article, the Times Colonist outs my roommate and me after we were attacked by Desiree Lemay. She sneaked up to our car and bear maced us through an open window. Reporting on it, the Times Colonist publicly exposed us as witnesses. Additionally, it misstated my pay.

Pepper-spray attack nets one year in jail

Woman assaulted witnesses in murder trial

By Louise Dickson, Times Colonist August 18, 2012

A Victoria woman has been sentenced to a year in jail and banned from Vancouver Island after pepper-spraying two witnesses who testified at Wyatt Prince’s second-degree murder trial in 2011.

Desiree Lemay tries to gain respect from “the street“.

[I, Hal Hannon, have edited out my rommate’s name throughout this article.]

Earlier this year, Desiree Lemay, 24, pleaded guilty to assaulting Hal Hannon and Ms. XXX with a weapon. At the time, she attempting to obstruct the course of justice and breaching probation by having bear spray in her possession.

Both Ms. XXX and Hannon, an elderly man who received about $40,000 for his work as a confidential informant, testified for the Crown at Prince’s jury trial in B.C. Supreme Court.

Prince was convicted of manslaughter in the 2009 death of View Towers resident Paul Rouxel and received a 10-year sentence on Feb. 27, 2012.

The bear spray incident took place a month later, on March 26. Hannon was driving Ms. XXX to a pharmacy and pulled over in the 900 block of Pandora Avenue. When Ms. XXX [name redacted by Hal Hannon to protect the lady] got out of the car, several people started swearing at her.

In her statement to police, Ms. XXX said. “Lemay called me a f—ing goof for putting Wyatt in jail. She said I would f—ing get what was coming to me and that Hal would f—ing get it too.”

[The Times Colonist acted irresponsibly as it often does. In other articles, it also eulogized a drug dealer and misstated facts in that article. Additionally, it reported that a female victim of a home invasion was cooperating with the police. Finally, it misled the public about pot shops in Victoria.]

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