Times Colonist Shows Its Double Standard

Times Colonist Shows Its Double Standard 2

The Times Colonist ran an article today, 03/09/15, which was critical of a decision by Metro Vancouver Transit Police.  It took the MVCT to task for releasing descriptive information about  a sexual assault victim.  Thus, the Times Colonist shows its double standard.

Showing its double standard, the Times Colonist is the same newspaper that painted the target on my friend’s back.

This is the same newspaper that stated that a victim was cooperating with the police in a home invasion case. The home invaders were a group that had just proven itself violent by the very act it committed. Did the newspaper really believe that they could not remember where they had invaded and/or did not know who it had victimized?

irresponsibilityTimes Colonist Paints Target on My Back

This is the same newspaper that identified me by name as a Confidential Informant. It even incorrectly stated the amount I was paid. It then refused for 850+ days to remove the article from its site.

The Times Colonist Paints Target on My Roommate’s Back.

First, this is the same newspaper that needlessly identified my roommate. Secondly, it used her name and identified her as a witness in the trial of Wyatt Prince for murder.

Where is my roommate’s apology for naming her? Evidently, the Times Colonist is too arrogant to apologize. Furthermore, its chief crime reporter, Louise Dickson, appears not to care who gets hurt. After all, why name my roommate and why refuse to take the article from the internet?

Of course, not caring about somebody is only if you are NOT a drug dealer. If you’re a drug dealer, the paper eulogizes you.

Therefore, the Times Colonist obvious believes others must be held to a higher standard than that which it reserves for itself. Others should not describe witnesses, but the Times Colonist can name them and talk about their relationship with the police.

Shame on the Times Colonist for its reckless behavior. And shame on the Times Colonist for putting innocents at risk.

My voice is limited; yours is limitless.

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