Victoria Admits Pot Shops Are Wrong

Victoria admits pot shops are wrong

That’s right folks! Victoria admits pot shops are wrong. After all, it says pot shops should not be seen by our kids. Also, it admits that pot shops can damage the downtown. Despite those admissions, Lisa Helps and the city council are proceeding with licensing pot shops.  In one breath, they tell you pot shops are wrong. But in the next breath, they tell you they intend to license pot shops.

If Victoria admits pot shops are wrong, why is the city allowing them? The city is supposed to look out for our best interests. Instead, it thinks it can pass regulations forbidding something bad from being bad. It’s ignorant, and it’s bad governance.

Victoria admits pot shops are wrongWould you like to see the admissions?

I will show them to you with a few questions.

  1. Does the city place restrictions on how far a dress shop or a beauty salon can be from a school?
  2. Does the city place different signage regulations on these types of businesses?
  3. What about dress shops or beauty salons; does it try to limit them?
  4. What about pharmacies?

These admissions of the dangers of pot shops are hidden in the proposed zoning regulations. Accordingly, you can see those admissions by simple logic. Since the City of Victoria is proposing that pot shops not be allowed within “x” number of feet of a school, it is making a statement that pot shops are unhealthy for our children. Is it not?

Also, the city is looking at special signage regulations that would make pot shops less conspicuous. That is an admission that high visibility of pot shops is harmful. If not harmful, why limit their visibility?

Victoria admits pot shops are wrongTwo-faced solutions are never solutions.

In addition to the two-faced solution that the city wants to enter into by licensing pot shops when Victoria admits pot shops are wrong, there are other problems. First, we are telling our youth they must follow the law. Then we tell them we are allowed to break the law. This is another two-faced approach which confuses our message. Secondly, in addition to being two-faced by licensing pot shops when Victoria admits pot shops are wrong, we are opening the city to lawsuits. Third, we are inviting even more crime to Victoria than pot shops have already brought us.

Vancouver licensed and tried to control pot shops. Now Vancouver is embroiled in lawsuits over those pot shops. Vancouver is actually involved in a “Charter” challenge over them. If we license pot shops this will be the future of Victoria too. But if we don’t license them, then we can close them.

If Victoria thinks pot shops will be run by honest people, won’t sell to youth, aren’t dangerous to youth and won’t hurt the downtown, why have special regulations?

Here is what pot shops will bring or have already brought to Victoria. This is assured because criminals will NOT obey laws. That’s why they are called criminals, and that’s why we have prisons.


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