Victoria Judge Says Pot Shops Lie to the Public

Pot Shop Lie - Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

If you won’t listen to me about pot shops, maybe you’ll listen to a judge. Provincial Court Judge Christine Lowe stated this at a recent sentencing hearing. “The court is sympathetic to the “current state of affairs where businesses may be acting contrary to the law and, in doing so, lull some customers into thinking they are acting according to law.”  Folks that is typically polite Canadianese for pot shops lie.

That quote and some more to follow are from the Times Colonist, my least favorite rag, and Louise Dickson, my least favorite writer. Still, every now and then though they manage to report some news without mangling into a misguided bleeding heart editorial or factually incorrect story.

Here are two warnings taken from quotes within the article

They are from local defence lawyer Chantelle Sutton. They came after a brief trial in which her client was convicted of possession of pot.

pot shop lie, pot-on-display-in-jars
Pot shops violate the law by even having inventory. They break the law by selling pot, and you break the law by buying it and possessing it

Pot shops lie

“People who buy pot from medical marijuana dispensaries can still be charged criminally, even though the City of Victoria has implemented regulations for the storefronts”.

Pot shops are illegal

“This case is a warning to people — even though the dispensaries appear to be operating a legal, legitimate business, it’s an individual’s responsibility to get the proper certification from Health Canada.”

Chantelle Sutton had represented a Victoria man who had purchased pot from a local pot shop. The guy thought what he was doing was legal. He didn’t understand the laws about pot. Few really do with the confusion Lisa Helps has created around those laws.

Pot Shops Lie
Solomon deciding to split baby

A Solomon like ruling by the judge

Sutton’s client was obviously guilty of possession of the pot. After all, he had 15 grams of pot on him at the time of his arrest. However Judge Lowe found that he had been misled at every turn.

  1. Lisa Helps and the City of Victoria allowed the pot shops so he didn’t know pot shops lie. He thought they could legally sell pot.
  2. And if they could legally sell pot, he believed that he could legally buy it.
  3. He had a prescription from a doctor.
  4. He had a membership with Vancouver Island Compassion Society.

Accordingly, Judge Lowe found him guilty of possession, a matter over which she had no choice. Then she gave him an absolute discharge.

Man handcuffed behind his backVictoria Police are actively making arrests for pot possession

Then the article went on to say that VicPd are “selectively” making arrests. The word “selectively” carries with it certain connotations. It makes it sound as if police are targeting specific individuals based on like or dislike.

That doesn’t sound right to me. If the police are indeed “selectively” making arrests, I would think it might be to target those whom it saw purchase from a pot shop. Perhaps there is a clean up on the way?

The cops just might be planning on closing some of these pot shops

That would be a similar tactic to that which the Nanaimo RCMP used when it busted pot shops. Therefore the real purpose of these arrests might have been to gather evidence against the pot shops. Why just bust them for possession when they can also go down for “distribution“? The greater the number of charges they can bring, the better the chance of a seizure under Civil Forfeiture laws.

A quote about the illegality of pot
If you don’t want to believe Judge Lowe or me, how about the Public Prosecution Service of Canada?

Here are the simple facts about all pot shops

Only some 24 federally licensed growers are allowed to sell medical pot. Furthermore, these companies are NOT ALLOWED to sell non-medical pot. In fact, nobody is allowed to grow or sell non-medical pot.

Thus, any pot shop which sells non-medical pot had to have been purchased it from a non-authorized grower/criminal.

With these facts understood, when it comes to pot shops

  • The owners are criminals
  • The operators are criminals
  • Their suppliers are criminals who illegally grow pot
  • A portion of every dollar you spend with them goes to fund crimes committed by biker gangs or other criminals
  • People are dying because pot shops want to get you high, not stop your suffering
  • Some pot shops have brought violence to Victoria in the form of armed robberies and armed home invasions
  • Pot shops operate in a manner meant to deceive the public

Pot shops lie to get you hookedDo you remember lesson Number One taught to you by Judge Lowe? Pot shops lie.

Pot shops just pretend to be medical dispensaries. But the truth is far different.

In reality, they sell mostly recreational varieties of pot,and they often sell pot with known harmful medical effects. An example of this is the potent and highly addictive derivative of pot known as shatter.

Accordingly, they don’t care about your health. They don’t care whether they are legal or not. The only thing they care about is your money. And if you have to be addicted so they can get rich, so be it.

These pot shops are really nothing more than drug dealing criminals operating from a storefront


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  1. This article is misleading, over exaggerated, and outright false. Might I recommend you kill yourself and do everyone a favour?

    • Might I ask that you show me the false statements or misleading statements. Might I recommend that you take an English course so you don’t use phrases like “over exaggerated”.

      • Their suppliers are criminals who illegally grow pot. LIE
        A portion of every dollar you spend with them goes to fund crimes committed by biker gangs or other criminals. ABSOLUTE LIE.
        People are dying because pot shops want to get you high, not stop your suffering. LIE
        Pot shops operate in a manner meant to deceive the public. LIE

        These are all outright LIES.
        You are a biased, clueless, prohibitionist, freedom-hating, asshole schill.

        Your article is laughable, your POV is juvenile and without merit, and the fact that you would spend the time to write such drivel speaks volumes as to what a small, pathetic, self-important moron you are and how little you have to occupy your worthless time.

        What isn’t a lie is misleading or ignores facts that would alter the perception of any rational person.

        Fuck off, douchebag.

        What the fuck have you ever done for anyone?

        • It is ILLEGAL to grow or sell recreational pot. Therefore anybody doing either is a criminal. Ergo, their suppliers are criminals… Is that too logical for you to follow fool?

          They use some of the money they earn from sales, a percentage of each dollar earned, to buy their pot. Ergo, a portion of each dollar goes to re-supply. Since they re-supply from criminals, a portion of each dollar goes to biker gangs OR other criminals. Again, has this simple logic gone beyond your ability to understand, fool?

          People get high off their product, drive a car, and kill themselves or others. There have been multiple cases of this, one of them linked to in my article. Are you able to hit a link with your mouse, fool?

          Judge Lowe said they mislead the public. Additionally, they pretend to be clinics, even advertising they have doctors and nurses when they do not. Moreover, they tell people it is legal to buy weed from them when it is illegal to sell, buy or possess without a federal license. That is deceptive, fool.

          As far as your insults go, they give me strength. I might be worried if a fool like you agreed with me. Now run along and play little fool.

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