Victoria News Media And City Counsel Are Failures

Victoria news media

Victoria is facing what is perhaps the most important decision it has ever made. It is about to license pot shops to do business in violation of federal law. This seemingly simple decision has the potential to FOREVER change the downtown. Therefore, where are the articles and news reports by our mainstream Victoria news media?

With this as a backdrop mainstream Victoria news media gives more ink and more air time to a snake in its sewer drain. It’s absurd!

Victoria news media
Journalists have a “special obligation” to serve as “watchdogs”, but Victoria’s wannabe journalists cower in the corner

We have cowards, not journalists

I have included some of the tenets of the Society of Professional Journalists within this article. That’s because you need to see our mainstream news media for the failures they are.

Victoria News media
Victoria’s media turns a blind eye when journalists are required to hold those with power “accountable”

Mainline Victoria news media is a farce. They do not uphold the tenets of journalism. Accordingly, our mainline radio stations, television stations, and newspapers get an “F”.

These so called “journalists” are cowards. They are supposed to act as watchdogs? But they act more like lapdogs.

They refuse to report on any subject that might be controversial. It is as if they are afraid they might offend somebody in government. Are they scared that the politicians won’t give them interviews if they actually do their duty?

Victoria news media
Mainstream Victoria news media seem to love the cowards way out

Why are there no reports from our mainstream Victoria news media about the repercussions of pot shops?

I have grown increasingly disgusted by the mainstream organizations of the Victoria news media. They claim to be journalists. However, they seem as a far from being journalists as one might imagine. Frankly, Victoria news media are journalistic failures.

Where are the reports about the following concerns?

Sidestepping the pot issue for a moment, let’s take a further look at mainstream Victoria news media and another of its colossal failures

Journalists are supposed to “update” you, but have been silent for over a year on the Devils Army injunction

What is happening with the injunction against the Devils Army in Langford?

Where is our update? Suddenly the Times Colonist, CTV VI, CFAX, CHEK NEWS, etc. are all mute on that topic. Why? Are bloggers the only news media with journalistic integrity?

Are our major news media afraid of irritating Langford’s sometime mayor  Stew Young? Or maybe, they just don’t want to hold Stew’s feet to the fire? Do they not think you are entitled to this information? Or are they just too lazy to make a trip to the courthouse?

Victoria news media
Louise Dickson of Times Colonist never attempted to contact me and gave wrong factual information about me from third party source. Then she and her editors refused to correct it, leaving it on the internet for some two years

Times Colonist is one of the worst offenders.

Look the record, and this is just a few of its egregious actions

Victoria news media
Victoria news media is closing down their internet comment sections when they are supposed to promote the “open exchange” of ideas

You can’t fire these media outlets, but you can certainly change the channel, change the station or unsubscribe. I suggest you do so unless they start serving your needs and honouring their obligations.

Back to the pot shops now

Victoria news mediaYou don’t believe me about the coming lawsuits against Victoria despite the lawsuits in Vancouver? Or maybe you don’t believe that Lisa Helps’ pot shops want to take over the city? Read this!

Victoria hasn’t even voted on the bylaws yet, let alone issued a license to sell pot, and we already have this, excerpted from CHEK News. [You can read the entire article here.]

Marijuana “mall” could be blunted by Victoria pot shop rules

Drivers heading south on the Pat Bay are seeing a new sign this week. It’s an electronic billboard carrying a blunt message.

The billboard exclaims. “A euphoric shopping experience!” “The Great Canadian Canna Mall.”  It’s a Victoria business billing itself as the country’s first marijuana mall.

The mall is already up and running and wanting to grow

It currently boasts four pot related businesses and threatens to add many more.

“We are looking at taking over the whole building that will likely include a canna spa and an infused restaurant [or] pizzeria,”  owner Steve Omelus said. Additionally, it currently has a lounge for consuming pot. Of course, use of that lounge comes with a fee.

Does this really sound like “medical” weed to you? Of course it isn’t. It’s Lisa Helps pushing her agenda no matter who is put in harms way. Read what the criminals she wants to license are selling

Victoria news media
“Shatter” is 5 to 6 times stronger than marijuana and has caused psychotic episodes in users

Omelus openly admits to selling “shatter”. Shatter is a dangerous, highly concentrated form of marijuana. It is created by heat extracting the active oils in pot.

Thus, while pot or hash has a THC level of 12 to 15 percent, shatter is far more hallucinogenic. It has a THC level of about 80 percent.

Omelus also admits he is violating federal law. Still, he says if the city messes with him he will sue. Thus, he is threatening a lawsuit even though he doesn’t have a business license. Accordingly, with his ambitious expansion plans, can you imagine his behaviour when he gets a license?

Omelus said his likely approach would be to apply as a single business. And if the city doesn’t like it, and tries to regulate them out of operation the partners could spark a legal challenge.

Omelus knows Victoria is thinking about imposing a 200 metre separation zone between pot shops. Thus, his canna mall which is already violating federal laws, would also be in violation of the bylaws the city is planning on imposing.

So, Victoria is being threatened with a lawsuit and it hasn’t licensed the sale of marijuana to this criminal yet. Therefore, can you imagine how much stronger his case will become once the city starts licensing pot shops?

Victoria news media The city knows it will be licensing criminals to commit crimes. Just read the warning sign if you don’t believe me. It is a quote from the city.

It’s absolutely clear. If our elected officials proceed with their stated plans, they will be licensing criminals to run criminal enterprises.

You have the power to protect Victoria. It is time to do so

Accordingly, we have started a Protect Victoria GoFundMe page. The purpose of the page is to stop the city from its reckless actions.

Also, we are hiring a Victoria lawyer. We will instruct him/her to file for an injunction against the City of Victoria. That injunction will ask the courts to temporarily forbid the city from licensing pot shops to violate federal law.

Victoria news media
Every pot shop you see tells you Lisa Helps believes she is above the law

You need to join this lawsuit

This suit is open to the class of people who might be negatively affected by a pot shop. Accordingly, you qualify if you believe you will be damaged because of your proximity to a pot shop. This might be because you own a business, because you are a landlord or even because you are an employee. You can protect yourself and your business while you protect Victoria.

Join the lawsuit. Your time for action is now. It won’t cost you a cent unless you decide to donate. That said, we could use your donation. We need your help to protect Victoria.

Ptotect VictoriaAlso, if you are in favor of medical marijuana, please realize that the City of Victoria is destroying its credibility within the medical community by allowing regular pot to masquerade as medicinal pot.

Folks, I have invested countless hours and put up my own money to start this because I care about Victoria. Now, if you care about your business, it is time for you to make an investment.

Therefore, please do all of these three things so that you can help protect Victoria and yourself.

  1. Join the law suit
  2. Make a contribution to the GoFundMe page
  3. Share this on social media

It time to protect Victoria. It is time to take our city back. Join us, please.

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