Victoria Pot Shops Controlled by Devils Army

Victoria Pot Shops cartoon by Hal Hannon

I have been warning since May of 2015 about the coming crime wave from the arrival of the Devils Army in Langford. For months now the crime has been flowing from Langford to Victoria. This is a consequence of Mayor Lisa Helps decriminalizing pot in contravention of federal law. Now from inside sources, I have confirmation that the Devils Army controls Victoria pot shops.
Stew Young – Faking Toughness

Stew Young has done nothing to rid Langford of the Devils Army

Do you remember when Stew Young was strutting around and posturing for the media cameras about how if crime was up sixteen percent that he would hire twenty percent more RCMP?

I told you then that twenty percent more RCMP was not going to happen. I warned you that Stew was just fanning his peacock tail for the media.
More blah, blah, blah from Stew Young

Do you recall how next Stew Young was going to chase the Devils Army away with bylaw infractions?

Stew said it had worked in other cities. I dared Stew Young to name the cities, or even one city. I was met with a deafening silence. I also told you that his idea to chase the Devils Army away with a bylaw infraction was nonsense. I warned you that it was just another Stew Young ploy. He was attempting to pretend that he was working on the problem. He hoped by delaying the matter you would forget.
Where is Stew Young Now?

Now, Stew Young has faded into the background. He is allowing each city councilor to hold a six month position as an “acting” mayor.

So, Stew Young is running for cover. In doing so he is abusing the intent of the bylaw which authorized an “acting” mayor. It was INTENDED to ensure the city had leadership in the event of a tragedy or other event preventing the elected mayor from fulfilling his/her duties. It was not enacted as a method for preparing others to run for mayor after Stew Young decided to step down and hide.  This is just a ploy to create a dynasty that Stew Young hopes will give him control in absentia via cronyism.
Vancouver Island Drug Corridor

Do you remember when I told you about the Vancouver Island drug chain. I warned you the Devils Army was establishing its presence in Langford so it could distribute and control drugs on the lower island from there.

Now, thanks to Lisa Helps, there are 25+ pot stores in Victoria through which the Devils Army can sell the Hells Angels’ pot.

Do you recall the grown op bust in Langford about a month back? How about the burglary of the medical marijuana salesman in Langford? It’s all connected to a pattern.

The Devils Army is not vacating Gangford anytime soon. It has now expanded its reach to Victoria. This is thanks to Lisa Helps and her 25+ Victoria pot shops.

That’s right, I have confirmed through “street” sources that the Devils Army is now in control of three of the 25+ Victoria pot shops. They control those shops through “straw men”, people with no criminal record who pose as owners but actually do the bidding of the Devils Army.

Lisa Crime Wave 5This is just the beginning. Soon the strong arming will take hold and scare other pot shop owners into surrendering control to the Devils Army.

This is what biker gangs do. They tell owners that the biker gang now runs the operation. Then the owner has no choice but to knuckle under for fear of robberies destroying his/her business or to protect their families.

This is NOT the world of legitimate business. It is the DRUG BUSINESS and every pot shop owner in Victoria is already a criminal, so there is no need to feel sorry for them. There is a need though to protect Victoria from the likes of the Devils Army.

Navigating Our Medical Marijuana Dilemma 17From where do you think the recent crime wave in Victoria has come? Why did Victoria suddenly experience three armed robberies at pot shops and two armed home invasions of what were obviously drug dealers’ residences?

Can you not put two and two together? Do you remember when I told you that the only way to deal with the pot shops is to close them and start over with a clean distribution system? I warned that unless that is done that all pot shops would end up under the control of organized crime and motorcycle gangs. It’s happening!

The only way to end Victoria’s open invitation to gangs is to close down all the pot shops. Then wait for Ottawa to legalize pot. At that time, we can institute a viable distribution system that effectively locks gangs and criminal out.

Unless and until these shops are shut down, biker gangs like the Devils Army, and other gangs like Norteños and the Red Scorpions will continue to make a push from Langford to Victoria. They will continue to fight for control of Victoria’s marijuana industry., biker gangs and criminals must be removed from the marijuana distribution chain pot is legalized.

Say, “No” to pot stores in B.C. & to motorcycle clubs that supply them

You must clean out the old system before you bring in a new one. Existing Victoria pot shops must be closed down.

Standing in the way of a manageable marijuana distribution system are the current illegal pot shops that are springing up in anticipation of Canada’s federal government legalizing pot. These give entry to the criminal motorcycle gangs and other gangs which seek to get their feet in the door early and monopolize the coming legal pot distribution chain. They want to dominate the legal market just as they dominate the existing illegal market. They will use the tools of their trade, lawlessness, intimidation and violence. viable distribution system for both medical and recreational pot already exists.

By consulting with the RCMP and the Victoria Police, the respective warehouses that supply the pharmacies and the liquor stores can establish a viable list of suppliers to those warehouses from which the pharmacies and the liquor stores will purchase.

Of course, there will be some refinements needed within the liquor store and pharmaceutical distribution systems. But they will be just that, REFINEMENTS. Using those existing systems, there will be no need to re-invent the wheel. Here is how it would work.

  1. We would tap into the two already existing, secure, and well established distribution networks of pharmacies and liquor stores. These networks have proven effective rules and distribution systems that fit almost seamlessly into any sensible framework which would be required to govern the distribution of marijuana.
  2. In doing so, we would virtually lock the motorcycle gangs out of the distribution chain. Criminal organizations would have a very difficult time penetrating the purchasing operations of these companies.
  3. This solution would draw an absolute distinction between medical and recreational pot. Consequently, the medical profession will easily be able to understand the medicl value of correctly cultivated pot. This is because the two products will have a clear-cut distinction from one another within the distribution chain. This would benefit the medical user as pot would become more accepted by more doctors.
  4. It would remove the blight of Victoria pot shops from the streets where our kids and our tourists now see them daily.
  5. It would completely remove armed robberies of pot shops because they would no longer exist. The pharmacies and liquor stores would not be at risk. That’s because copious amounts of marijuana would no longer be amassed at a central retail location. This would lift a burden from the police, as well as an expense from the police, city governments and provincial governments while making citizens safer than they currently are. is under siege due to the policies of Lisa Helps.

And as sure as God made little green apples, her Victoria pot shops have brought crime.  Therefore Victoria will be transformed from a quiet and scenic tourist destination into an international hot spot to buy drugs. It will become a violence ridden municipality. It is already happening. You just need to open your eyes and see it. VICTORIA POT SHOPS



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    • I cannot name them without running the risk of further narrowing down the identity of my contact. Yes, I have made the police aware. It is not the habit of the police to tell me their plans, nor would I ever expect that it will be. Since the biker gangs love to control “vice” businesses, you should also realize that there will be a continued effort on the part of the biker gangs to use intimidation to take over pot shops which they don’t control. I strongly suspect the at least one of the armed robberies of a downtown pot shop was part of such an effort.

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