Victoria, B.C. Invites Terrorism With Blasphemy Day

Victoria City Council Picture with National Blasphemy Day Captiom

I thought Victoria was deeply proud of its Politically Correct attitude.  Then city council pulls this stunt and brings the city to the attention of Islamic terrorists. It declared Sept. 30 as a day to blaspheme all religions.  It is International Blasphemy Rights Day.   Thus there is no person of any faith who will not be offended.

Here is the official declaration of International Blasphemy Rights Day [Authors Note: I added the picture quote]

Nietzshe quote about the abyss
With this “Proclamation” Lisa Helps and City Council have become that against which they fight. They are now their own enemy. They are now “Divisive” instead of “Inclusive”.

WHEREAS freedom of speech is an inseparable element of a democratic society; and

WHEREAS Canada is a nation whose founding principles stand for inclusivity, multiculturalism, and free speech; and

WHEREAS the Charter of Rights and Freedoms entitles citizens to the fundamental rights and protection of freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expressions; and

WHEREAS currently in some theocratic nations, free speech is met with punishments ranging from detainment to execution;

NOW, THEREFORE I do hereby proclaim the day September 30th, 2016 as “International Blasphemy Rights Day” in the CITY OF VICTORIA, CAPITAL CITY of the PROVINCE of BRITISH COLUMBIA, the TRADITIONAL TERRITORIES of the ESQUIMALT AND SONGHEES FIRST NATIONS.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand this 22nd day of September, Two Thousand and Sixteen.

Lisa Helps

Blasphemy is a word specifically implying religion

Here is the definition according to the Merriam-Webster  dictionary.  “Great disrespect shown to God or to something holy.”

Diversity Chart
Here is a list of groups for Lisa Helps and City Council to mock so they are certain to offend everybody

I thought Mayor Helps believed that Victoria should be diverse.  I thought she believed in multiculturalism and inclusion.  If so, then why insult all of those who have chosen a religion to guide them?

As long as you are going to betray the values you have declared important to you, why stop with blasphemy of the various religions?  Why not continue on insulting other groups too?

  • What about a National Insult Ethnicity day?

  • Or perhaps, a National Insult Sexual Preference Day?

Farmacy Victoria Even-name-is-lieAs a momentary aside, Victoria has already suffered enough under our Mayor and Council

Since the current regime took office, Victoria’s “crime rate rise” is the third highest in Canada.  Accordingly, we now suffer armed robberies, armed home invasions and a growing number of downtown assaults.

Additionally, the city is a victim to an alarming number [I think 42 at last count] of what Lisa Helps refers to as Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries.  But the truth is, these are simply criminally owned, criminally operated and criminally supplied pot shops.

More than 90% of their products are designed, not to get people well, but just to get people high. Helps says she has plans to close many of them, but she doesn’t have the first clue what she is up against. These pot shops aren’t going anywhere, unless to court to sue the city.

Back to International Blasphemy Rights Day now

City of Victoria LogoVictoria thrives on its international tourism. Lisa Helps just mocked and insulted every citizen who holds a religious belief.  Additionally, she has just mocked and insulted every tourist or potential tourist who holds a religious belief.

She has declared that it is “good and just” to blaspheme the most sacred matters and symbols of their faithsShame on her!  As well, shame on those who voted with her in favor of this Proclamation.

I wish the damage ended there.  It does not.  No, it is far from ending there.  Lisa Helps and City Council have just put Victoria at grave risk of terrorism.  In fact, they have invited terrorism.

All religions have zealots and extremist thinking individuals or groups within their followers.  I only know of one religion though that currently has disciples steeped in violence, bloodshed and murder.

City council insulted all religions.  And in doing so, it has assuredly inflamed the anger of Islamic extremists.  They will gladly view this “Proclamation” as a pointed attack on them and on Allah.

Charlie Hebdo - Bloody Hallway
A bloody hallway at Charlie Hebdo Magazine

Do you remember what happened at Charlie Hebdo when it published a cartoon mocking Allah?

Our city government didn’t publish a cartoon.  It went further than that. At least in the minds of the Islamic extremists, it invited an entire city to mock Islam and Allah.  Thus, it has put all citizens of Victoria at risk.

To City Council I say, “You have just gone way beyond painting crosswalks pretty colors and allowing illegal pot shops.

Soon, one of these will have Victoria’s name on it due to the stupidity of Lisa Helps and company

I assure you that the terrorists have heard you and that they will accept Victoria’s invitation at some point

The same landmarks that make Victoria such an attractive tourist destination also make it an ideal terrorist target.

Potential soft targets are everywhere

We are the seat of government in British Columbia.  That means we have significant number of government officials.  As well, we have the Parliament Building itself. Also, there is the Empress Hotel.  Then there is our iconic harbour. And don’t forget about Buchart Gardens.  These and many other locations are now at greater risk.  I truly fear for Victoria because of this “Proclamation”.

Perhaps it is time to alter the reckless course that Lisa Helps has plotted for Victoria.  Perhaps it is time to replace those who voted in favor of this dangerous and offensive “Proclamation”.

Our city government has real city business to conduct.  It should not waste its time on issues of no concern to it.  And it should no involve itself in matters about which it hasn’t thought through the ramifications.


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  1. Wow. That is quite the tumble of incoherent nonsense. I found your frequent change of font size and style to be especially convincing, and not at all similar to that found on all the best (worst) conspiracy theory sites……

    • Really? How about if we set aside a special day to insult the Irish? And if not the Irish, how about anybody who studied philosophy? How would you feel about that? There was no “conspiracy alleged, only “IDIOCY” and “INTOLERANCE”. Thanks for your comment.

      • [How about if we set aside a special day to insult the Irish?]

        Blasphemy isn’t about insulting an individual. Could you at least understand the topic at hand?

        [There was no “conspiracy alleged, only “IDIOCY” and “INTOLERANCE”.]

        I’m aware of this. My point was that there was about as much careful consideration in this post as there is found in a website about chemtrails and alien mindcontrol…………….

        • 1. IT IS NOT BLASPHEMY UNLESS IT IS SPOKEN, AND UNLESS SOMEBODY HEARS IT WHO IS TO SAY IT WAS SPOKEN? Thus, blasphemy offends individuals who are religious, no matter the religion. You need to stick to the topic and understand that in my example to you, I equated the group defined as being “Irish” to the group defined as being “Religious”. I DID NOT mention individuals. Even a failed philosopher should be able to understand that analogy.

          2. You introduced “conspiracy” to the conversation in your first inane comment, not I.

          3. Then you continued on with your weird thinking, mentioning chem trails and alien mind control again, and you did this because you cannot follow the simple logic that states that Islamic extremists are TOUCHY about their beliefs in Allah and might be angered that a city would pass a resolution declaring that a special day had been set aside to blaspheme religions because Islam is a religion. Inexplicably, you cite my various font changes as your logic your to move from blasphemy to chem trails and alien mind control. Amazing! In what school of philosophy do they teach that?

          From your refusal to condemn a Proclamation of a blasphemy, one might opine that you agree with a day to blaspheme all religions. By the way, then Mr. Philosopher, is it cool if I declare a special day to insult the Irish or philosophers? You never answered that question, instead entering into some babble about individuals and blasphemy. Do you have an answer to that or do you have an answer that is to the point I made in my blog, or are you going to wander around with more non-relevant comments linked to aircraft and outer space?

          I ask because your ignorance and misdirected thinking are beginning to bore me, Irish or not?

  2. Show this insult you speak of.
    This proclamation doesn’t insult or mock anyone.
    I’m not really sure it does much of anything actually. Freedom of speech includes speaking out against one or any religion if you wish to.
    There should be blasphemy laws with in Canada.

    • I did NOT say the Proclamation itself actually insulted any group. I said that the Proclamation ENCOURAGES people to “blaspheme” all religions. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but this proclamation sets aside a special day to use that freedom to insult any persons of a religious ilk. Imagine, if a special day was set aside to encourage people to use their freedom of speech to insult anybody with “an alternate lifestyle” or anybody who was shorter than 5’8″. Do you think that would be correct and something government should be doing? Government has no business encouraging people to insult anybody. Thank you for your comment.

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