What Gangford’s Near Future Looks Like

What Gangford's Near Future Looks Like 15

. It’s time that everybody understands exactly what is coming, what Gangford’s near future looks like. It is not rocket science.  It is simply a matter of studying patterns and history.  Before doing so though, we need to sort through some “public relations propaganda“.

Why Would The RCMP Mislead Us About Gangford?

Anybody who has read my book or has been reading my blog for any amount of time knows that I hate drugs and that I have a deep respect for law enforcement and the job they do trying to protect our children from “death by meth”, an absolute scourge which gangs love because of its high profitability.

mounties-32This is why I was shaken by the comment of the RCMP in its news release talking about the Devils Army opening a clubhouse in Langford wherein its spokesperson, Cst. Alex Berube said this.  “Significant resources from local and regional RCMP units are closely monitoring the situation.  They will take immediate and legally appropriate action in response to any alleged criminal activity.”

Folks, the RCMP does not havesignificant local and regional resources“.  Therefore they cannot be “closely monitoring” a situation with something that does not exist.

To understand the truth, you need to understand how any RCMP detachment is departmentalized

  • A detachment consists of many individuals who are assigned to various departments in order to do their jobs.  Each of those departments has specific duties for which they are responsible, maybe traffic, street crime, drugs, etc.  As these people are assigned to a particular department, they principally work within that department.  They only cross over to another department to fill in on a special assignment because of a very temporary shortage of the normal staffing within that other department might exist.
  • Policing is a twenty-four hour endeavor.  So each department has to staff around the clock.  That requires multiple shifts.  Each department and each shift has to suffer from the temporary loss of personnel due to vacations and sick days.
  • The West Shore detachment is stretched to the breaking point.  The population has doubled over the last decade with very little additional personnel having been hired (BAD PLANING STEW).

  • All this means that that on any given day or night shift that there might be five or six personnel to deal with the street crime, drugs, and the Devils Army.   It takes approximately five or six people to conduct a simple and effective surveillance.  Therefore the entire “street crimes” squad would be required to follow just one or two suspects.  This would leave the rest of the street crime unattended to.  That’s not going to happen.
  • Larger detachments may have more departments such as canine units, rapid response teams, etc.  The West Shore detachment is too small to have these special departments.  Instead it must draw upon other police departments from the surrounding communities when such personnel are required.
  • On the entire island, there are probably only one or two individuals whose job it is to monitor motorcycle gangs.  These motorcycle gangs are expanding to many communities as new “puppet clubs” are created and gang membership increases significantly.  This stretches resources even thinner.
  • Serving to further restrict the ability of the RCMP to rally troops is the disbandment of the Regional Crime Unit around Christmas time.  As I understand it, although highly effective, the Regional Crime Unit was disbanded because bs-meterof unequal needs of one community over another.  Those disproportionate funding issues caused an impasse which could not be resolved.

So, with all of the above, and with all due respect to the RCMP SPOKESPERSON, there are not and will not be “significant local and regional resources” applied to the Devils Army.  There will only be a quick show of force, lasting a few days.  It will simply be a dog and pony show to create a public perception.  However, vigilance cannot be sustained and the RCMP knows that.  You are being misled, perhaps with good intentions so you do not panic, but you deserve the truth, which is exactly what you will get here.

Here is the truth and here is the future Gangford

Welcome To The Future Stew Createdbigstock_Welcome_To_The_Future_Green_Ro_11944688

Sometime in the next two weeks there will be a motorcycle ride to initiate and celebrate the new Devils Army clubhouse.  There will be a party with lots of booze, lots of women and lots of patches from the Hells Angels and the Devils Army.




It will be about showing the solidarity of the two clubs in order to send a message to other gangs.  The message is that the Devils Army has “back up”.  In other words, if you mess with the Devils Army, you are messing with the Hells Angels.



 The Gang Wars & The Street Takeover

Gangs like the Red Scorpions and the United Nations will see this and will want to send their own red scorpionsmessage, that they are not going to just roll over.  Therein is the basis of the coming war.  Each gang will posture and take an action that the other gang cannot ignore without looking weak.  On the “street” it is not about appearing strong as much as it is about “not appearing weak”.

Some small time and mid-level independent dealers will be threatened or maybe beaten.  They might even be killed in order to squeeze out all the independents who cut into the gangs profits by their presence.  Warnings will be given that these independents must buy from this guy or that guy.  The initial fight will be for the hearts and minds of those independents, trying to recruit them, and if they will not knuckle under, they will be severely dealt with.

Hells_Angels_logoThe Devils Army Will Take The Initial Heat And The Hells Angels Will Temporarily Fade to The Background

The Devils Army will attempt to quickly grab a high profile in the community as the Hells Angels fade into the background.  The Angels do not want to be too closely associated with any violence that might be required of the Devils Army.

The Hells Angels have lost too many rounds in the courts lately.  That fact combined with civil forfeiture make them even more wary of affiliations that can be proven to be criminal associations, so the club will quickly take a backseat.

The show of solidarity in the ride and party will not be meant to impress the public.  It will only be meant to impress other gangs and the independents, and will soon be forgotten by the public.  However, it will be constantly on the minds of the other gangs as they fight for territory.


2775 Spencer Road

The number “41” on the outside of the clubhouse is a message of defiance to the police.  It is like holding up their middle finger to the police.  It says we are Hells Angels protected and there is nothing you can do about it.

“41” is code speak for Hells Angels controlled because nobody is allowed to use a numeric code for their club name without the approval of the Hells Angels.  “81” is the numeric equivalent of HA, meaning “Hells Angels”, the eighth letter of the alphabet being “H” and the first letter of the alphabet being “A”.

As nobody is allowed to use that code language without Hells Angels approval, the Devils Army is sanctioned by the Hells Angels.  The “41” is code for Devils Army, the fourth letter of the alphabet being “D” and the first letter of the alphabet being “A”.  This usage of a numeric symbol on the Devils Army signage is also a warning to others about whom they are really going up against if they decide to go against the Devils Army.

While I do not foresee it in the immediate future, do not be surprised if you awaken one morning to see that “41” changed into an “81”.

 The Three Piece Patch

The three piece patch of the Devils Army is also a sign of kinship and obedience to the Hells Angels.  No other motorcycle club is allowed to use a three piece patch without Hells Angel approval.  A three piece patch is a membership patch with a name of slogan at the top, a piece of art work below that and a name or slogan under the artwork.  Such three piece Devils Army patches have been seen in Haney, BC.


 The Devils Army Will Spread Its TentaclesEvil_octopus2_by_rafajija

As the Devils Army fights its fight with the other gangs, and as it targets independent dealers, it will spread its “street” tentacles. It will go after the prostitutes –as if prostitutes have not suffered enough already in their journey to the dimly lit street corner- forcing them to buy from Devils Army dealers only. The Devils Army will want control of prostitution.  It will victimize and beat the working girls in order to get that control.  Eventually it will impose a “street tax” on anybody wanting to work the streets in Langford.  In the same manner that it will go after the “working girls”, the Devils Army will also target the street users.  It will insist that they buy their dope through specified dealers, or else suffer the consequences.

Break-Ins, Petty Crimes, & Even Robberies Will Increasebroken glass

The result of this will be a rise in break-ins and other petty crimes, as well as as more dangerous crimes such as home invasions and robberies. This is something that Langford has already seen, but it is a trend that will continue. This increase will come because while it might be safe for Sally or Bill to owe Tommy for dope, it will not be safe for Sally or Bill to owe the Devils Army for dope.  Accordingly, Sally and Bill will do whatever they must do to pay the Devils Army.  That includes breaking into your home or car or committing armed robberies.

The Devils Army Will Muscle Its Way Into Legitimate Businesses

As the Devils Army continues to spread its tentacles, it will muscle its way into legitimate businesses such as bars.  It will force the sale of the business or a percentage of the business to it.  Owners selling any percentage may as well have sold it all.  That’s because any level of ownership by the gang is tantamount to complete ownership.  You need to understand the gang will act as the full business owner no matter how small its percentage, and the real owner will have no choice but to go along. sfl-dive-bars-we-love-20120702-027

The Devils Army will want to control all levels of “vice” within the community.  It will also open or purchase other types of businesses such as money lending enterprises, etc.  It needs places to launder its drug proceeds.  Think of any business that has high cash flow or that can hide cash easily, construction companies, mom and pop shops, etc.  So, there will be businesses starting up that are owned by gangs.

Family Men

I’m not saying you want to invite these guys for lunch.  However, most of these guys are family men who actually love their children.  They are not looking to target the general public.  targetThey have specific targets for specific reasons.  As long as you avoid making yourself one of their targets, you will probably be okay.

The general public will not be at immediate risk of violence.  That is unless it happens to wander into the wrong bar or smart mouth the wrong person on the street or happen to be in the wrong spot when violence erupts.  If you are not involved in crime in any manner and if you just go about your life, the only probable negative impact on you will be a few years down the road when you end up supporting the Devils Army by doing business with somebody you thought legitimate.

Your Early Risk Is Lowrisk

The risk to John Q Public will come in the spread of dope throughout your community and the various lower island communities.  This is because of the effects of that dope on the users who become more and more unpredictable.  You will need to be increasingly attentive of your children.  You will need to know more about their whereabouts.  People should go out in small groups, instead of alone.  You will need to make sure that your doors and windows are always locked and that the women about whom you care are not alone in parks or hiking trails.

Your Greatest Loss Will Be Peace of Mind

peaceofmind-sign16059669_xxlIn early months, Stew Young and the Devils Army will have only stolen your peace of mind and your innocence.  The price you pay in the long term will increase though as Gangford becomes Surrey.


Take a cursory glance at a map of Vancouver Island.  Look at the choke points to get to other communities.  They are the future targets of the Devils Army.  Among them is Sooke. It represents a choke point on the way to the more easterly communities of the lower island.

We will talk about the Devils Army expansion plans in another blog.   My next blog though will be about what can be done now in Langford.  After all, it is Langford which is now under attack.

In the meantime, please share this.  Sadly, I have observed a very low participation rate in “sharing”.  If that does not change you will have even more of Stew’s blah, blah, blah.  Worse, you will also have an ever increasing proliferation of gangs and drugs.

Even at this point, you can substantially alter the current course.  But only if you grab the helm or man an oar by sharing.  I can bring you the facts, but knowledge without actions will get you nowhere.  Pressure the city for a police plan and use your voice to get others “on board” by sharing.

Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page.

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    • More blah, blah, blah from Stew; nothing Stew says means anything; his every word is designed to mislead the public.

  1. Stew Young finally announcing this afternoon he is hiring more police to address increase in crime and violent attacks on women… 5 or 6 he stated to bring crime stats down. Crime has gone up 16% so maybe I need to hire 20% more police he said to get on top of crime and catch bad guys. Finally! Better than nothing. Really they need more than one or two more on a Watch. Only the rcmp know for sure but that announcement alone will boost morale in detschment and also instill some confidence in our city officials that they are listening to needs of the community and the people. Who knows what got through to him: our collective voices, this blog, the many feedback letters to city hall, media coverage, opening of HA clubhouse, crime stats, frequency of attacks against women, top cops demanding increase in resources etc. In any case we will take it but we want even MORE response from city hall. It’s not as easy and quick as we think as rcmp is federal and it will take a year or so before we see an increase in manpower as Westshore submits budget and E Division has to review and assess transfers etc. By the time the numbers are boosted by a few we will need even more members…

  2. The asians are the ones really taking over H.A is just just playing catch up on the island.the asians have huge dial a dope lines with multipul people working at the same time from vic to Lang.there lines probably make over 5 grand a day easy. crack & heroin 24/7 no way Devils army is going to able to push the Asians out of town the Asians are from Van & are pushing out all the locals

    • Trust me when I tell you that the Asian “dial a dope” operations pose no threat to any motorcycle gang. They will never put together a crew and rumble with the Angels, at least not on the island. On the other hand, any gang wishing to get at a delivery service can simply make an addict place an order and ambush the delivery person.

  3. What can we do? This is just ridiculous! This is a small town. It’s a nightmare!!! I feel for the members at westshore just spread so thin. Can we demand a town hall meeting or something? Rcmp media liaison will sugar coat as usual but we know what it’s like behind closed doors. Panic. Disorganization. Rush to gather resources from E Division and surrounding municipal police departments. They gotta bring back the regional pics unit but like you said it was one sided! Rcmp and Stew have to take care of these men and women in uniform!!! They deserve more to protect us!!! Man there will be a lot of stress leaves coming soon to all 4 watches!!

    • Thank you for your comment. I can hear your frustration as I read your words. Let me start by assuring you that there is a solution which if applied soon enough can avert this becoming a disaster. I will blog/talk about that solution next week. Absolutely, STEW YOUNG IS AN OBSTACLE! The problem is that Stew and crew have had two decades to cement their political position. That being the case, they will not change their positions overnight. In fact, the only way to sway them will be if they perceive they are on the wrong side of the majority of the people and believe that their power base is in jeopardy. To accomplish this, we need everybody to join and become a LOUD VOICE.

      What you, and everybody, who shares our concerns can do right now is to lend me your voice.
      1. This is the most important thing for now. SHARE my blog with everybody you know and encourage those people to share it with everybody they know.
      2. Write letters to all media, newspaper, radio and TV.and get your friends to do the same.
      3. Bury City Hall with your concerns and get your friends to do the same.

      We will weather this if you will do those things because we will overpower King Stew. It won’t be tomorrow, but we did not arrive here in a day, but it will happen when our numbers are large enough that we cannot be ignored. Until then, keep building our majority.

  4. Sadly this is all very true, exact words heard by members “they’re coming to take over!” Funny you bring up Sooke, they’ve already recruited some young Sooke boys. Who else would do their dirty work….or even renovate their new club house 😉

    • Sooke is a logical target as is Port Renfrew and Jordan River. I’m sad to hear about young lives at Risk in Sooke already. I used to live there and kept a horse in my yard. It is a beautiful area.

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